Why Does Terrible’s Always Card Me?

Maybe you’ve had this experience too but there’s a particular gas station chain here that always without fail, cards anyone no matter their age. No joke! For a long time, I would not purchase fuel or anything else from this company until fairly recently.

I am assuming that what the young cashier told me today about why this company cards everyone is true. I can’t be sure, but she seemed very serious and sincere. She claims that an older man, older than I was so annoyed that he wasn’t carded that he actually took this company to court and won his case!

If this is the truth, then shame on you, you old codger! You have screwed other people like me over with your ignorance. How did I get into this conversation, to begin with? By using my standard line that goes: I‘m actually seventeen, I put this face on every day just for fun. Yep, that’s what I say just because it annoyed the shit outta me.

No, it doesn’t actually make me angry, it’s just so bloody stupid. Maybe this is payback for those high school years and just after those days in Michigan where my buddies and I could always buy a couple of six-packs of Mickey’s Mean Green malt liquor at a local party store. Gabe the owner never asked us for ID, he just wanted our money.

Smart guy. I sent an email to the “everyone over the age of 60” is a crook and a liar company. They basically brushed me off like I was dandruff. Sit on it, Malf… Here’s the Terrible’s website if you care to see it…

The license plates are in the hallway that goes to the toilets…

Filthy Tables and Stripper Lessons

Yuck. I wish I’d have seen the filth on that table before I ordered yesterday! Taco Hell, I mean Taco Bell dropped the ball! Strippers don’t get me excited. The last time I was in such a place was back in the 1980s when some friends and I took our buddy across the border to Windsor, Ontario where we could drink legally as the age was 18 at the time.

I felt very uncomfortable in that joint but meanwhile, my friend’s eyeballs were popping out as the gal gave him the lap dance and whatever else she did. No thanks, that’s so cheesy! Here I am decades beyond those days and strippers are still cheesy to me! So demeaning and derogatory to women and that makes me mad. Thanks for listening…