I Tried To Visit the Neon Museum…

But the damn place doesn’t open until three PM which is ridiculous. I visited the museum about two years ago when the hours were normal so I made the assumption that it would be open when I got there before noon. So ridiculous. I don’t go anywhere at night as a rule but some night photos would be very nice. I can’t use my Nikon for the photos because a few years ago, some European tourists took some photos, took them back to their country, and published them in a large magazine or something like that. Hence, I and everyone else must pay for the sins of these Europeans. So nice, isn’t it? So, I grabbed some photos along the way through downtown Las Vegas, passing the very nice Fremont Street along the way. Thanks for nothing, Neon Museum!

Just Go Home!

Here are a few more iPhone photos from today. The photo with the Costa Rica graffiti just grinds my gears. Does this person miss home? Then just go home! We won’t miss ya. Nobody is going to stop them I assume… I have my own ideas on how to stop graffiti but I’m sure Y’all would not like to hear them.

Delivery Completed

Every other day or so recently, I have been dropping food and water off for a homeless man living on one of the pedestrian/bike bridges I cross on my rides. He was not there today but his blankets were so I pulled one down off of the rail and used it to cover up the bag of goodies I dropped off and then I left.

I’ve spoken with him a couple of times now and he seems a very nice man who is way down on his luck. I wish that I could do so much more for him but it’s not really possible. There is more I can say on this but I’ll leave it there. This country is ridiculous.

Our loser government is wasting billions on weapons and so much more while its citizens go hungry and die on the streets. Piss me off. I’ll stop right there before I get really angry here.

The other thing I want to vent about is that the last two, perhaps three times I’ve been out riding the bike I have been cut off and nearly avoided incursions with cars. I’m becoming very frustrated with this BS. Last week, I was even cut off in my own neighborhood!

I followed the driver down to the traffic light and gave them a good ass-chewing. Today, an ugly four-door pickup did the same thing just down the road from my home, and, I know who the SOB is too, he lives on my street! I am considering taking some time away from riding to let myself simmer down.

The bike needs another tune-up anyway, the brake system is acting up and something is out of alignment too. I’ll take the bike to the shop tomorrow. At least nobody can run me over while I’m behind the wheel of a 4000-pound pickup truck…

The Vegas Strip From The iPhone 12

I snapped this shot yesterday to send to family members, I think it looks damn good considering the focal length of the iPhone. Nothing compared to the 18-140mm Nikkor lens! I wish that I could bring myself to just go down there for something different for this website.

The first roadblock for me is the lack of easily accessible and free parking. A few years ago, we Locals had to show ID to get free parking. Today, and before the pandemic, the greedy corporations that own these venues on the Strip began charging everyone for parking. Seriously?

They are worth billions I’m sure, yet human greed reigns supreme here in Sin City. Then, of course, we have the remnants of covid still hiding, lying in wait for another victim. That’s just too scary for me man… Call me paranoid or a chicken shit, but I want to live as long as I can!

Goofy Clicks

I found some forgotten, goofy photos on the Nikon so here are a few of them. My drug store called me this afternoon to tell me that I had a bag full of medications ready that they were gonna put back soon. Oh, really?

I had no idea! It’s a long story that you don’t want to hear but I did go pick up the back full of goodies that set me back a bit over $2oo bucks, that’s with insurance! What a joke, drugs, cars, trucks, food, and pretty soon the simple act of breathing will become more expensive too, right?

How about a toilet tax? $10.00 per flush. Oh, and gas over $5.00 per gallon now? Thanks, Joe!

I Got Popped!

Sitting on the couch watching the tube this afternoon, I heard an odd sound, certainly not one of the regular sounds the house makes. I got up and looked around and even checked outside through the living room window. What the heck?

I happened to glance down at the bike and noticed that the rear tire didn’t look quite right. I gave it a squeeze and sure enough, it was flat! Dammit! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow? I wonder how much it will set me back to replace the tire and the labor cost? I’ll let you know if you are interested. I’ll give the shop a call now…

The Homeless Sleeper

I took the photo of the homeless man sleeping yesterday along the Lone Mountain Trail. He’s still there today, apparently, still, sound asleep. My passing by did not roust him at all which has me wondering if he’s alive! So very sad. I did 14 miles today and increased the deep color of my farmer’s tan!

This Was A Big Surprise!

Imagine my surprise very early this morning when I took a bowl from the sink that had been soaking all night in soap to find this evil creature in the drain! I said aloud, oh my Lord, there’s a scorpion in my kitchen sink!

I haven’t seen anything inside this house for literally weeks including scorpions until this morning when I was still half asleep. It’s a damn good thing that I didn’t happen to put my hand down there.

I grabbed my pliers from the garage toolbox and gave the little bastard an airlift to the pavers outside the garage, dropped it, and gave it the crunch. Damned nasty critters!

Beautiful Las Vegas

Yes, it’s another photo of the beautiful fountain at Tivoli Village. A beautiful photo under an almost always blue sky, I chose well in staying in Las Vegas. I’m feeling very frustrated this eve because of the constant battle with my blood pressure. I’ve been battling this BS since 2016 and once in a while I just get angry, sometimes it seems like this body is trying to kill me! Almost any food can raise my blood pressure and I’m sick of taking my blood pressure several times per day and heading for the little pharmacy in my bathroom cabinet. If you aren’t dealing with this BS every day, consider yourself blessed! Now, let’s go check that blood pressure again…