What’s Left…

Bonnie Springs Ranch was a nice place to visit. Today, some former employees are possibly still searching for work. Thanks so much to those greedy land developers who will eventually build homes here. Last I checked, you can’t take your… Read More ›

Scooter Train

So today I got my bum off this couch and took a ride into the desert. Such a beautiful day, I just gotta get outta here! I snapped tons of photos of course, here is the first set. I’ve seen… Read More ›

Dumpster Rules?

Aye? Since when do these Bins as I prefer to call them need rules? Read the sign, someone apparently spent a bit of time removing letters from this sign. Duuh. It reminds me of those warm air hand dryers in… Read More ›

In Permanent Dry Dock

Not too far from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway I passed by this poor boat looking all smashed up and broken. Honestly, this pisses me off on at least two levels. One, it’s obviously dumping your rubbish in the desert!… Read More ›

The Morning Photos

A few photos from early today as I headed for the doctor office to collect my records. Several years ago in Michigan I requested all files and information from a doctor office as I transferred to a different doctor. I… Read More ›

The Joy of Apartment Life

Imagine yourself living in a one bedroom apartment for over two years with this view being fairly common as people move out month by month. I can’t really explain the deep frustration I felt with this situation as it unfolded… Read More ›

Site Restored

I put a bit of a dent in my day today by making the choice to try the WordPress Business plan. Words of advice: don’t try it. Now, I understand that not everyone will have issues with the plan but… Read More ›


I’ve enabled that damned Business plan from WordPress, and am having it removed. It’s a joke. It’s messed up the way the site looks and now every page loads incredibly slow. Do yourself a favor, don’t try it! I hope… Read More ›