Apartment Life

The joy continues today. Yesterday I stopped by the main office to show someone a photo of this. The manager of the complex was shown my photo. As you can see, this new management company doesn’t give a shit about… Read More ›

No Puppy Mills!

On the way to the camera shop this afternoon, I spotted this awesome group of humans sporting these wonderful poster board signs that ask passers-by to not purchase animals from places that purchase animals from the mills. Wonderful! I totally… Read More ›

Today’s Bible Lesson

Today’s Bible Lesson In today’s world with President Trump getting hit daily I decided a little Bible Lesson might be appropriate. Remember what Jesus said: “Goats on the left, sheep on the right” (Matthew 25:33). Jesus also told Peter that… Read More ›


A new TV commercial on my local cable provider associates Christmas (Real meaning – Birth of Jesus Christ) with making purchases at this big box store. Music in the background inserts the word(s) Hallelujah. Seriously? Surely you jest… Shameful. ✝️