Oops, Again

On my morning ride to the ham radio store, I passed this stupid sign again. Oops! Honestly, I carry plenty of regret for the many things that happened during those married years regardless of who done it. I am just so very grateful for how my life is today, in spite of the coronavirus.

Always count thy blessings!

Before COVID

In the days long before the evil befell us, I took this iPhone photo at an event in Downtown Summerlin. I’ve had enough of this bullshit, have you? I’m simply being honest…

Theft Of Services

I believe that this is called Theft Of Services. A brilliant mind deposited this large quantity of household goods into this private bin, leaving no room for the store to dispose of its rubbish. Some folk are just born to be assholes… Ya never know what will pop up on this blog, eh?

Michigan Memories

Yep, it’s an iPhone photo…

This iPhone photo was snapped in 2017 at my daughter’s wedding reception at my sister’s home. She and I grew up on this lake, such wonderful years, so many great memories. Sister purchased the home from our folks and have lived there for many years now. I usually visit the lake once a year but not this summer. Dammit! I’m sick of this bullshit. And you?

A City Shut Down

This photo was taken today during a quick joyride. Will Las Vegas ever be the same? I’m glad I was able to be here to experience the city before corona was let loose upon the world. Evil.

Not a good photo without a telephoto lens…