Loop Trip

During yet another trip to the pharmacy, I decided to go west just out of town for some random photos for the blog. It’s a beautiful day again but a bit cool. I forgot that it’s Saturday which means the recreation lands out there are stuffed full of people. I stopped at Moenkopi Road instead of going farther in.

So here they are, there is another set yet to be processed behind this one. On a different note, my doorbell camera recorded someone trying to enter my home last night around 2AM. I am going to take the video to my local police station on Monday morning.

I have a great video of this asshole to show the police, I hope that I can help the police catch this guy. Maybe he has prior arrests. The police are your friends, people, regardless of what the current crop of young hooligans say.

Calico Basin Cuties

After receiving my first dose of the Covid vaccine this morning, I headed west out of the city for some photos. It was overcast which is not my favored lighting for photography. I only wanted to get a few more photos of these cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels, success. If only the damn wind would stop blasting!

A Painted Mojave Desert

Good morning from the desert, and here is you guessed it, another landscape photo from yours truly! I love the forecast for Las Vegas Valley today which is full sunshine and 77 beautiful degrees. Umm, gee, why did I stay here?

Landscapes Around Red Rock Canyon

Technically this area is due south of the canyon but you get the idea. Once again, I snapped too many photos but I also like to take a few extra photos since sometimes you think your photo is good, but it’s actually a blowout. I like to believe that I’m getting better at my hobby. If not, then I’m sure having fun regardless of screwing up! 😂🌴🌵

Exiting The City

After jumping on the 215 south, I exited at Charleston Boulevard westward. From that point, it’s just a couple miles or so to the edge of the city proper. You just pop out into the beautiful wild desert. From there, it’s several miles until you reach those mountains that run north-south.

Cute Critters and Lovely Views

As mentioned yesterday, I did take a short trip just outside of the city this morning. Your thoughts on the landscape photos using the Sony Mark 7 are most welcome. I also stopped at Calico Basin with peanuts in hand to feed the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. They are just so cute!

The little squeaks they make to communicate are cute too. At one point, they were literally at my feet, sniffing my shoes then looking right up at me as if to ask me if I have more food. It makes you feel so happy to have such sweet, innocent tiny critters trust you that much.

The New Trash

One of these photos shows someone’s face mask on the parking area pavement in Calico Basin. Why, people, why? Are these dolts attempting to equal the number of cigarette butts that cover America already?

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most littered item in this country? Someone somewhere needs that face mask, and you tossed it on the pavement. Such brilliance on public display. OK, I’m done, thanks for tuning in, my friends.

Scooting along, here is the next set of photos taken this morning under that dank sky.

Slightly Different Versions

The darker photo seems just a bit too dar so I whipped up a very slightly different version. Those pesky specks are still there. The camera may need professional services, and me some education on why this is happening. That’s what I get as an amateur photographer, right? 😂🤷‍♂️