The Idiot

This video is about two years old, taken at the Calico Basin parking area. It’s quite obvious this idiot is on some serious drugs! And I certainly don’t blame the woman for having an attitude!

Mountain Chili

New schedule – I’m uploading just once or twice per day now, that’s the new schedule around here, I’ve got to slow the pace down! I have spent most of new years day being a couch potato but did head to the grocer for provisions including the mixin’s for a new pot of my favorite food! I did have a drive around too.

I’m going to head out to Calico Basin soon for a hike (my hikes are short and easy because of a heart issue) soon for some exercise and photography but not tomorrow…

I’m still dealing with doctor appointments regarding these damned kidney stones. I think one has moved a bit on the left side as I’m feeling a bit more pain now. I can’t get to that Lithotripsy appointment fast enough my friend. Anyway, this fresh pot of chili is still slow cooking, almost done! Have a bowl with me?

I Love Little Birds!

No matter the specie and colours, they are all such beautiful little critters. So free and happy! This morning I stepped outside in the backyard as I usually do, a small bird flew by my head very close in a serious hurry. It was a little dark blur! I’m glad he or she didn’t smash into my face! These cuties were seen in Calico Basin.

Desert Travel

I’ve found travel around the Mojave Desert to be very easy over the last six years living here. Since it usually doesn’t snow on the desert floor, the roads are in pristine condition compared to up north. The sights and sounds are always beautiful no matter where I go. Nevada is the most mountainous state in our union directly behind Alaska so you see them anywhere you travel in Nevada. Nevada love!

The Meadow at Red Spring

The Nikon had the zoom lens attached so I didn’t capture the entire meadow, it’s much larger than it appears in the photo. Red Spring is responsible for this lovely little oasis in our Mojave Desert, such a nice place to hang out for a bit!

Those Blue Eyes

They seem to be looking directly into the camera’s lens don’t they? I’m surprised the photo didn’t pixelate to death under such heavy cropping…