What’s The Name of This Range?

I don’t know either, I forgot! And, I can’t find it specifically either with an extensive search which is odd. Anyway, the big clouds under a much bigger sky make a beautiful photo. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was quiet as usual and relaxing.

Just right of center about 2/3 the way down the photo you can see some much lighter-colored rock. In this area is Red Rock Canyon proper, it can’t be seen unless you are directly on or near its edge and it drops way down! Think of it as a giant gash on the surface of the earth. Ouch!

A Bone-Chilling 12-Mile Ride

Somehow, riding the Pedego eBike seems much colder this year than last even with blue jeans and three layers on top. The ride was about half as much fun because of the 55F temperature. Add to that the windchill factor. Brr! This photo was taken a few days ago near Calico Basin as I was heading home.

So Darn Cute!

I have been in Calico Basin a few times this year and have yet to see these adorable little ground squirrels there again. Bummer! The donkey and cart have appeared in this space at least once before, I used white cardboard paper as the background. It was my grandmother’s, and I remember it from when I was a child.

Little Fuzz Balls

These cute little fuzz balls are on a Creosote bush, aren’t they attractive! The wind wasn’t blasting in Calico Basin which allowed me to get a clean photo of them in manual mode. I took about forty photos out there this morning, so a few more photos are coming up. I used the 140mm lens for this photo, the other photos were taken with this lens or the 200mm lens. I hope that your Thursday is going well. Click the pic!

Seed Pod Up Close

The heat has kept many hikers, rock climbers, and whoever else out of Red Rock Canyon apparently. I took a ride out to Calicl Basin this morning and saw just three cars in the parking area. Taking a short walk, I saw zero Golden Mantled Grond Squirrels and very few birds. The heat really did a great job, didn’t it!

I took very few photos today, pulled three out for this post, and tossed two of them as being too fuzzy. There are still plenty of Joshua Tree seed pods on top of the trees, some of them are decayed like this one pod. It’s currently 100F outside and a very comfortable 73 inside, perfect for assuming the couch potato mode.

Cuteness Overload!

Since I was in Calico Basin the other day, I of course must photograph my cute little friends called Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels! Those little hands and feet are tiny, this time I was armed with proper seeds for the squirrels instead of tossing peanuts. The squirrels prefer the larger black seeds which are sunflower seeds, not sure, and the rest of the seeds are perfect for the many birds that live there. Learn more about this squirrel.

Concrete View, Desert View

These photos are from yesterday’s ride west of the city. The weather got weird last night with the continuing high winds then rain moved into the valley but didn’t dump much which sucks. I awoke to sunshine and blue sky, but the temperature had dropped sharply to the upper fifties from the low to mid-seventies.

Sunshine and 72 degrees are online for today which is nice but the eighties are coming back in a day or two. I have a doctor’s appointment today, such fun.

California Quail

These birds are very attractive and have the sweetest call and sound as they scurry about. They seem to cluster together under the thick scrub brush too, all the while making those cute sounds. The tuft feathers on the head are attractive too. This link takes you to a page with lots of information about these very cute birds.

I would like to have better photos than these, they aren’t as close or sharp as I would like…