Still In The Desert

Are you tired of these photos yet? I took too many photos the other day! Today’s forecast is for very comfortable temperatures between 86 to 90 degrees and sunshine. Very nice!

They Better Notta!

They better not have! I came across this terrible sight the other day while getting some recent photos of the Joshua trees. Why? Why the hell do this? If they were actually ignited in this location, it’s a miracle that the desert wasn’t set afire! It’s still true, folks, some folk have zero gray matter inside that skull… I added another sunset photo, and a couple of photos taken the other day when I came upon that box of spent fireworks.

Red Rock Canyon Proper

In this image, you are looking west and at what I believe is the east end of the canyon proper. You can not see the canyon as it’s only visible when in front of you. Basically a major cut or gash on the surface of the desert. It’s huge, really huge, and worth the entry fee into this BLM managed park which also has a thirteen mile very scenic and beautiful drive. At the moment, I don’t know what the entry fee is though, sorry.

The Last Landscapes

This is the final set of photos from a couple days ago just outside the city. I’ve seen this landscape many times of course, yet never tire of this beautiful view. Or, the beauty of the Mojave Desert I’ve seen far away from Las Vegas north to south. As you’ve read here today in another upload, I miss my family so much, yet I’ve never regretted my decision to remain in Nevada and Las Vegas after the third and final divorce which was in 2016. Single is better!