The Linq Wheel

Much more to come from this shoot today. The Linq Wheel is incredibly huge! Seeing it from a mile away or more as I always do simply doesn’t give you a true idea of how large this mechanical beasty really is. And I can pretty much guarantee you I’ll not be riding the thing because honestly, going up the Stratosphere Tower scares the chit outta me!

Fremont Street, Last Set!

I snapped waaaay too many photos on Fremont Street the other day!

Seven on Fremont Street

Actually I have several more photos to go from the shoot at Fremont Street yesterday. It’s Saturday and I don’t have any plans other than taking a couple walks around here today. Tough schedule but… I was just thinking this morning about how much time has passed since I had my last (and final) job. About nine months now and I can say honestly that I don’t miss working. Especially when that last and final employer was verbally abusive. And younger than I. Call me Sir, asshole, I’m gone! Sorry but that was infuriating…

Fremont Street

Today I drove to Downtown Las Vegas to photograph the people and sights there. It’s always a place full of sounds and energy. I’ve been there just once before, sometime last summer, 2017. There were as usual, a few scantily clad women walking about, selling whatever, probably show tickets and drinks. One gal had most of her bum (and body) hanging out in the cool crisp air. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay here…

Its really easy to find Fremont Street and park. I used the parking garage for The D but there are other options. Using The D parking structure, you can walk right onto Fremont Street directly from your car. I am going to assume that the lack of big crowds today is due to the cooler weather and this being Friday. I won’t go down there at night, or to the Strip either. Way too many nutters! More to come from Fremont Street.