Casinos at State Line, Nevada

State Line, also known as Primm, Nevada is a border town right on the border between Nevada and California. I’ve not been down there in a couple of years though probably, should I have a ride down there again? That would be a nice ride and a good way to get out of this house. While I’m at it, why not hit the Seven Magic Mountains too?

On The Way Down

Good morning! Here are five more snaps from yesterday morning heading downhill on Lake Mead Boulevard. I can see the Red Rock Hotel and Casino all the way across the valley left of center, mid photo as well as the Queens Ridge Condominiums nearby. They are a solid ten miles distant. You can see so much further here!

Welcome to Las Vegas

Here are a couple iPhone photos from I think 2017 while I was waiting for my ride to Michigan via that nasty Chicago O’Hare airport. Not much to see here except the usual one-armed bandits and a Wheel of Fortune machine. McCarran International of course has tons of these bandits in many forms waiting to rob you!

Less Hazy But…

Not quite all gone yet. The coming winter should see the air clear up over the valley which will be nice for a change but for now, it’s sunny and ninety-five degrees. How was your weekend? If you are wondering what has reopened for business on the Las Vegas Strip, have a look at this link and this link for starters.

Frankly, I say it’s still a bit too soon for this. Have people forgotten how many people have died from this deadly virus? Is Common Sense still on holiday? I have to say yeah, it left America long ago…