Photo Perspectives of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino

I snapped these photos yesterday directly after shooting the Downtown Summerlin photos. The locations are directly next to each other. I wish I could take the new Nikon Z6 inside this casino, I think it’s beautiful inside as are so many venues like this around Las Vegas.

I view this hotel and casino as being a Locals casino because it’s located all the way to the west side of Las Vegas Valley, nearly up against the western slope, no where near the Las Vegas Strip.

I’ve taken some very sneaky iPhone photos inside before but I always feel guilty as your really not supposed to do this, especially in the Gaming areas.

Drive Carefully

Do stop by again, thank you for your money! I was passing by the sign again so why not grab a photo… As usual there were dozens of tourists lined up for a photo in front of our world famous sign… I snicker every time I pass it!


Miss VGK

Miss Vegas Golden Knights is wearing the VGK jersey, I wonder who made it as it’s obviously larger than XXL!! You see a bit of New York New York and the roller coaster behind her.

Panning For Gold at The Nugget

These are iPhone photos of the same door both inside and out. I’d just finished that yummy Open Face Hot Turkey Sandwich and was heading out to continue my trek back to Las Vegas. I’ll photograph almost anything eh? 😎


This is an iPhone photo from inside The Nugget casino in Pahrump. The darn sign was lighting from left to right then all the letters stayed on for a second or so. I just couldn’t get the shot with all the lights on! No go on the Bingo!!