Statues and Tracks

A couple shots from last year along the Vegas Strip. I’m dealing with some pain today in my right wrist and I’ve no idea what I did to cause this! Some things are a little difficult to do with pain… Read More ›

Panning For Gold at The Nugget

These are iPhone photos of the same door both inside and out. I’d just finished that yummy Open Face Hot Turkey Sandwich and was heading out to continue my trek back to Las Vegas. I’ll photograph almost anything eh? 😎


This is an iPhone photo from inside The Nugget casino in Pahrump. The darn sign was lighting from left to right then all the letters stayed on for a second or so. I just couldn’t get the shot with all… Read More ›

Gold Town and Pahrump Nugget

While stopped for lunch yesterday at the Pahrump Nugget, I grabbed a few photos outside of both casinos. The Nugget has a dandy restaurant near the Bingo hall, give them a try. As with any casino, they stink inside. Thanks,… Read More ›

Lima Victor

Lima Victor is LV or Las Vegas. Phonetically speaking of course! This is a building on the Vegas Strip.

Fabulous Colours

Here is a rework of a recently uploaded photo I took last week on the Linq Promenade on the Vegas Strip. The colours are much augmented and an overlay was added for a bit of a vintage look. It’s just… Read More ›

High Roller Five

Here are the last five photos from my visit down to the Las Vegas Strip a few days ago. Finally done! I take one hundred plus photos when out and about shooting, by no means do they all make the… Read More ›