The NFL Draft in Las Vegas, 2022

I rarely view any television news but did so this afternoon to get the scoop on the goings-on on the Las Vegas Strip. I watched two TV stations’ coverage as the big day approaches tomorrow. It’s true what they said on the TV, no city in the world can host big events like Las Vegas can!

There’s even a large stage that’s temporarily I’m sure built over a portion of the water of the famous Bellagio Hotel Fountain. The announcer said that as many as 600,000 out-of-state people may show up for this huge event. Now, as a local, I very rarely visit the Strip because it’s always chaotic enough.

Imagine adding 600,000 more bodies into an already crowded area that is getting busier now because of the coronavirus apparently fading away which is fantastic of course. As for yours truly, I live here so nothing changes! There’s no bloody way I would go anywhere near that mega crowd! Image source.

Unfortunately for these people, the wind tomorrow will be gusting over forty miles per hour!

Casino Center Drive

These are the last photos from yesterday while on the way to the Neon Museum which was closed until 3pm. So dumb. The roads in this area are in a grid system and are not as easy to navigate as the larger grid of roads that go north-south and east-west in the rest of the valley. Today’s weather shows clearly that the summer heat is well on its way back as seen in the photo on my TV screen. Summer is my favorite season here!

I Tried To Visit the Neon Museum…

But the damn place doesn’t open until three PM which is ridiculous. I visited the museum about two years ago when the hours were normal so I made the assumption that it would be open when I got there before noon. So ridiculous. I don’t go anywhere at night as a rule but some night photos would be very nice. I can’t use my Nikon for the photos because a few years ago, some European tourists took some photos, took them back to their country, and published them in a large magazine or something like that. Hence, I and everyone else must pay for the sins of these Europeans. So nice, isn’t it? So, I grabbed some photos along the way through downtown Las Vegas, passing the very nice Fremont Street along the way. Thanks for nothing, Neon Museum!

Las Vegas Boulevard, 2018

Here are a few old photos that I took along the Vegas Strip before the terrible virus hit the world. The Strip is back in full swing now but I wonder if it will still draw the 40 million tourists a year that it used to? The image quality is not so good in these photos, I hope that my current photography looks better than this! And, isn’t it kind of funny that I live fifteen minutes from the Strip but I never venture there these days? Crazy tourists!

Walkin’ The Strip 2019

Here are some older clicks for ya this morning when I used the Nikon D3300. Nobody knew what was coming at the world like a freight train out of control in 2019. I haven’t considered doing any photography down there since the virus came along as I find it way too risky even though at this point the Strip is back in operation. You only get one life, right?

Would you like to see more Vegas Strip photos on this site?

The Colors of Excalibur

Here are some old photos of the Excalibur hotel spires along the Las Vegas Strip. The last time I was in this place was when number three and I were still married. I liked the horses in the big show that the hotel puts on in the big arena. They served large turkey legs and stuff you may think are period-correct. Read about the Tournament Of Kings.

The Sony RX100 Mark 7

On today’s joyride, I used the Sony for some random shots. I am impressed with the zoom capability it has as shown in the photos of the Strip, but overall the quality isn’t up to par with the Nikon Z6 body but both cameras are mirrorless. I have some photos taken with the iPhone 12 of the Strip too, I need to get them on the desktop.

Here’s A Random Set…

All the way from 2018 I give you a random collection of photos this afternoon. The little dinosaur was found in the parking area at Calico Basin, someone’s child is crying somewhere! But, it does point out that there are still live dinosaurs in the Mojave Desert. The old aircraft might be a McDonell Douglas aircraft. And the trash at the garbage bin was right in front of my apartment back in 2016, I despised that apartment and still do. Apartment life sucks!

Treasure Island Resort seems OK, I’ve never been inside the place. The Stratosphere Tower was likely photographed heading south on Las Vegas Boulevard, well north of the main venues, you are probably familiar with. Finally, the photo with the building in the foreground is the One Summerlin Building, located in Downtown Summerlin. Many of the big-name resorts are visible in the distance which is much further away than they appear in the photo.


Here are some photos fresh and hot from the Nikon and a 50mm lens this afternoon, zero editing, that’s why you can see a few boogers in the photos that I normally remove. Such a beautiful day today with a nice breeze and seventy-nine wonderful degrees! I have another fresh pot of my homebrew chili slow-cooking right now, yum!

Loose Slots And A Beautiful Life

Loose Slots. Is there a wee bit of sexual innuendo here by using a woman in the advertisement? That link will explain what a loose slot is. Gladly, I have never been a gambler, even living in the biggest slot ripoff city on the planet for nearly ten years now.  The other photo was taken at a breakfast joint somewhere along Charleston Boulevard. Is life still beautiful after over one year of dealing with a pandemic and all of the tragedy and suffering it has caused?

Valley Views And A Bowling Alley

Here are some photos from this afternoon’s ride around the town. I have wanted to take up bowling again as it’s been a couple of decades since I rolled a strike. Taking a walk through the Santa Fe Casino was too damn stinky for me, that place apparently hasn’t invested in a smoke control system for their gross casino.

Everyone in the casino was wearing a mask though which is good but they don’t filter out the stench. Inside the bowling alley, I was disappointed to see several bowlers not wearing masks which leaves me wondering why the management apparently disregards this behavior. Well, the entire place looks well kept anyway, and the lanes are beautifully shiny.

Folks not wearing masks had me consider waiting until the situation calms down significantly. And that landline telephone! I just had to get a photo of it as they are very rare in Las Vegas. I remember when they were five or ten cents to place a call, this old thing asks 50 cents!