Steak and Lobster

I had some things to take care of today so away I go with Nikon in hand. I finally have a nice pair of flip flops! Passing by the Rampart Casino I grabbed a couple photos quickly. This is a… Read More ›


Today I took a very long joy ride around the valley, ending up many miles north of the city around Apex. I stopped by the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and other places for some random photography. But one particular area… Read More ›

Inside the Blue Luxor

Have you been inside the Luxor Hotel? When you enter the pyramid, walk to the centre and look straight up. This photo is not looking up, the place is amazing inside!

Strip Shots

I pulled these photos from my external backup hard drive this morning as I’m currently out of new material! 😮😎 Things you’ll see on the Vegas Strip.