This is an iPhone photo taken at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. This a bit like a rear entrance to the casino and food area on the south end of the building. Good food, everything is always clean and neat. The hotel is on the 215 freeway and Charleston Boulevard. Do have a visit!

The Gray Valley

This is the northern area of Las Vegas Valley with the Stratosphere Tower standing tall. Which is the proper spelling – gray or grey? I say the way to spell gray is gray, aye? ðŸĪŠ

Queens Ridge, The Next Set

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you’ll recognise this large, beautiful condominium building on Rampart Boulevard. As mentioned in the previous post, I took a different route home from another pharmacy run.

I pulled into an empty public bus pullout and snapped these photos. If you want to live in this building, you will need about one million and more for some of the condos. As with many things in Las Vegas, it’s going to cost you a very pretty penny!

Sun Coast Casino

On the way home from the pharmacy today, I took a longer way home through some wonderful areas in Summerlin with large, beautiful homes. Even the many roundabouts were beautifully landscaped! No photos as I pretty much need to keep my eyes on the road. Along the way, I went through the parking area for the Sun Coast Hotel and Casino.

I had to take a photo of the blocked off and closed parking area. Still closed. As far as I am aware of via searching local media here, the Strip will begin reopening sometime this June. It will be great to see everything back up and running yet so sad because of the thousands of lives lost around the world to this evil thing.

A Samurai Inside The Bellagio

Taken about four years ago, I was lucky to capture this very nice display in the Lobby of our beautiful Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The beautiful glass designs on the ceiling are indeed Chihuly Glass! I will visit there again when the Corona virus is gone.

The Tut Returns

He’s been dead for thousands of years now but he has once again returned to this space with some new processing! Those magnificent Pharaohs, so impressive…

Below are the lyrics to Steve Martin’s legendary song.

King Tut (King Tut)
Now when he was a young man
He never thought he’d see (King Tut)
People stand in line to see the boy king. (King Tut)

How’d you get so funky? (Funky Tut)
Did you do the monkey?
Born in Arizona
Moved to Babylonia (King Tut)

(King Tut) Now, if I’d known
They’d line up just to see him, (King Tut)
I’d taken all my money
And bought me a museum. (King Tut)

Buried with a donkey (Funky Tut)
He’s my favorite honkey!
Born in Arizona
Moved to Babylonia (King Tut)

Dancin by the Nile, (Disco Tut)
The ladies love his style, (Boss Tut)
Rockin for a mile (Rockin’ Tut)
He ate a crocodile. (Ooh)

He gave his life for tourism. (King Tut)

Primm and Ivanpah

Primm, Nevada is right on the Nevada and California border and about forty minutes south of Las Vegas on the fifteen freeway. It’s a small place with a couple casinos and a fuel station. Last chance for fuel for a long way south!

Ivanpah is a huge solar plant which I personally dislike as much as those ugly wind turbines.

The bright glow is light from the thousands of mirrors focusing on the top of one of three towers that heat water and make steam which generates electricity. Good old coal, hydro and oil are much better, tried and truly dependable power sources for we humans.

The Spires of Excalibur

This is a really different photo, I love the colors and architecture of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. When I first moved to Las Vegas, the now Ex and I attended that really fun show they have very often where it’s Jousting and other fun things in the program to watch while you are served the most unusual foods. Foods that were made back in the day. The waitresses wear period correct costumes too, I recommend a visit when the world restarts. I’m not sure where I was exactly when I took the shot but it was taken with the old Nikon D3300 body.

The Face of Bellagio

The Bellagio is so far my favorite place along the Strip, when this virus has run it’s course I should head back down there for some photography, but I best ask first about using a full size, real camera inside rather than an iPhone ten. I’ve been told before that my Nikon isn’t welcome, especially in the casinos which I understand why.

Some time last year I did a shoot at the Neon Museum which has a huge collection of signs which once lit up the Strip long ago. It as really fascinating! I brought the old Nikon D3300 with me but was told I couldn’t use it there.

I was pretty well shocked. The reason given was that in the past, a foreign company or photographer had brought a full size camera in, taken several high quality photos and took them back to Europe. Thanks, asswipe. He screwed everyone over, going forward. So my Nikon stayed at the front desk. Grrr! Visit the Neon Museum.

Circus Circus and The Stratosphere Tower

Here are some oldies from about three years ago taken on the Las Vegas Strip with the old Nikon D3300 body. I have never been inside the Circus Circus casino or hotel before but have been in the Stratosphere casino and to the top of the tower a few times. Honestly… That tower creeps me out big time because on a windy enough day it has a very perceptible sway to it!

The Resort

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino is located on Charleston Blvd at the 215 freeway which is a long way from the Las Vegas Strip. More of a locals casino, it has all of the usual things inside including some really good dining places. If your in the area, stop by!

Photo Perspectives of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino

I snapped these photos yesterday directly after shooting the Downtown Summerlin photos. The locations are directly next to each other. I wish I could take the new Nikon Z6 inside this casino, I think it’s beautiful inside as are so many venues like this around Las Vegas.

I view this hotel and casino as being a Locals casino because it’s located all the way to the west side of Las Vegas Valley, nearly up against the western slope, no where near the Las Vegas Strip.

I’ve taken some very sneaky iPhone photos inside before but I always feel guilty as your really not supposed to do this, especially in the Gaming areas.

Drive Carefully

Do stop by again, thank you for your money! I was passing by the sign again so why not grab a photo… As usual there were dozens of tourists lined up for a photo in front of our world famous sign… I snicker every time I pass it!


Miss VGK

Miss Vegas Golden Knights is wearing the VGK jersey, I wonder who made it as it’s obviously larger than XXL!! You see a bit of New York New York and the roller coaster behind her.