One for the haters. Too bad. I snapped this on Spring Mountain Road near the Strip, waiting for the light.

Seven Venues

At minimum there are seven different venues visible on the Vegas Strip in these images, taken from the 15 freeway. I do not recommend taking photos at speed!

Tower Marks the Spot

From my perspective, the Stratosphere Tower marks the very north end of the Las Vegas Strip. This photo was snapped a couple days ago I think from near the southern base or end of Lone Mountain using the Nikon and… Read More ›

In The Distance

In the distance is the Queens Ridge Condominiums and the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. Suncoast is a funny name as we have no coastline anywhere near Las Vegas! They are about five or six miles south of my location.

The Strip Today

I snapped several photos of the Strip today at one location, this is one of them. The haze is rather heavy today… That’s a baseball diamond in the fore ground, the Strip is at minimum seven miles distant.

Heading South on The 215

Here are three more shots from early today, I’m heading south on the 215 freeway after visiting the bike shop where I recently purchased my new Kona bike. I purchased a GPS device for speed and distance and a small… Read More ›

Up The East Side

Up a good bit higher than the valley floor as you can see. You’re looking west toward Red Rock Canyon and the Red Rock Escarpment as well as the Spring Mountains. I pulled these photos from my archive since I’ve… Read More ›