Fuel Stations the Las Vegas Way

Some stations in Las Vegas are nicely landscaped with palm trees and other landscaping like this one. Many also have several one-armed bandits located inside too. It seemed so weird to me at first, these days I pay them no attention except for the people parked in front of them watching their money go down the old slot… Drop your money in my slot, I’ll put it to better use! Damn, did I just say that?

Steak and Lobster

I had some things to take care of today so away I go with Nikon in hand. I finally have a nice pair of flip flops! Passing by the Rampart Casino I grabbed a couple photos quickly. This is a lovely casino inside and out. Perhaps more of a Locals casino as is the Red Rock Casino a bit west of here. But Seafood? Oh hell no. My rule number one: If it doesn’t look good, don’t eat it. And Lobster is a bottom feeder too! Gross.

A Different Angle of The Strip

On the way to the Neon Museum the other day I was passing over a high bridge and thought to grab the Nikon for this photo, I was very surprised with it’s clarity considering I was moving along at forty-plus miles per hour. Point and shoot!

Rampart Casino

Just the entrance sign! Rampart Casino is a great casino, the casino proper doesn’t stink to high heavens with cigarette smoke like some do, the rest of the place is clean and well maintained. I recommend if you want to lose your money! Hey, what else are casinos for anyway? I have NEVER gambled in my life by the way… 😎

American Airlines Battles the Crosswinds

You can’t tell in these photos but this aircraft and every other that passed directly over me on approach this morning were cocked a bit sideways as they approached the runway. As you may have already read on this blog, the valley has been in a strong wind event for two days now as a powerful low pressure system makes itself known. I commend every pilot everywhere for having the skills and confidence to take on the crosswinds. So much responsibility! And the balls to do such a thing. Much more to come!

In The Distance

In the distance is the Queens Ridge Condominiums and the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. Suncoast is a funny name as we have no coastline anywhere near Las Vegas! They are about five or six miles south of my location.

Molly’s Gaming and Spirits

Molly’s is another local privately owned casino, there are several more but Molly’s seems to be everywhere. After six years in Las Vegas, I’ve never once put one single red American cent in those damned one armed bandits! Regardless of being Molly’s or one of the big casinos on the Strip, don’t make them more wealthy!