More Photos of Our Beautiful Mojave Desert

Here is the second upload for today, and the last too. This seems weird to not be posting five times per day! I do hope that more folks will stop by though with this new format. Not much is going on around here today, just a trip to the pharmacy and the grocery store for some chili fixings. See you tomorrow!

More Capsaicin Delight!

Those of you who follow this blog regularly know of my love for chili and that there’s always a pot in my refrigerator. Here is the newest pot which I think will have a slightly different flavor than the previous pot which is normal, but it still has that spicy deliciousness that yours truly loves so much!

It’s definitely air conditioning season again in Las Vegas since it’s currently 94F outside my front door and a cool 74 degrees inside. Hello, huge monthly electric bills! Stay cool out there, my friends!


I tried a search for the origin of this word but found nothing specific which is odd to me. I’ve seen the word used in movies from the 40s and 50s era if I recall correctly. Anyway, These silly photos mean that John is rather bored this afternoon! A new pot of chili is obviously planned, and tomorrow is the day. I recommend not putting fruits in your chili though… Yucky!

Lunch At Olive Garden

This bowl of soup was sooo delicious as was the chicken I ordered but forgot to photograph. It’s been a long time since I treated myself to a nice lunch like this but there’s a medical reason. High Blood Pressure! I’ve had to take two rounds of blood pressure medication this afternoon to keep it under 140. Like many things in this life, if you want to play, you’ve got to pay. What a drag it is getting old! But it’s delicious… 😂