Reflections Of Michigan

Well, I am almost out of photos from last month’s trip home to Michigan. I spoke with my dad this morning, he just got home from an antique car tour and is gearing up for the next one. And, this man is 94 years young! An incredible man, love him so much! I just got back home from the grocery store which cost me $181 bucks which means that living by one’s self is far cheaper and simpler than the life of a married man! That fresh pot of chili (John loves his chili) will be done slow-cooking at eight PM this eve, delicious!

New Chili, New Crockpot

A few days ago, I tossed the six-year-old crockpot and replaced it with this new, larger unit. Works great, and it’s actually too big for the normal-size pot I make so no more overflowing when the chili is cooking.

For this pot, I left out the usual spicy package of powder I use and replaced it with a super hot can of sauce with habanero peppers and other spices. Yum! It is super hot and burns your tongue nicely too.

I also added as an experiment, dashes of Oregano, Thyme, garlic powder, and onion powder even though there are two whole small yellow onions in there already. Delicious! Call me Chef John, right?