Chili Construction

My previous pot of chili was so delicious, so I tried to reproduce it and so far so good. I should start writing these specific ingredients down! How is your Friday going? I hope you have a fantastic weekend, my friends. I’m hoping for slightly warmer weather to make the next bike ride a little more comfortable.


Yesterday I made an experimental and small pot of chili which came out delicious, but it needs a bit of refining. Cooking the meat, I lifted the pot up to dump the meat on a plate as part of the process and earned that nice red spot! Damn, that hurt! Isn’t the Ransvaal cute? 🤪

Properly Balanced Chili

By that, I mean that the spice level is just right and the beans I used helped with that The last pot had beans with a spicy chili sauce in them which ruined that pot’s flavor but I ate it anyway.

It’s a shame to dump a whole pot of chili! Stanley Steemer is visiting my home this morning to clean my gross tile floor throughout the house. It’s become so grungy that I don’t walk barefoot on it lately. Yuck!

Sunny and just 104 degrees are up for today, I’m glad that the heatwave has gone leaving the valley within its much more normal temperature range in the low 100s.

Gyro Time!

And man it was sooo good! A crispy chicken gyro with delicious french fries, yum! As you can see in the weather forecast photo, Las Vegas is actually going into a small cooling trend which is wonderful. The lower temperatures are much more normal for summer here in my opinion. Here is their website.

A Takeaway Lunch!

Man, this burger and onion rings were so delicious! This local pub has excellent bar/pub food. The iPhone photos are candid so they aren’t great like the food was! It’s 93 degrees outside just now with 110 degrees in the forecast soon. This is my favorite time of year in Las Vegas!

Church Service and Chicken With Gravy

The chicken with gravy lunch was so delicious! I have always loved gravy on chicken and more! The church I attend is a big church with five thousand or so members. It can be a bit impersonal because of the many people, perhaps more so when you are attending by yourself. My ex and I used to attend this church which kind of hurts. It’s just never until “death do us part” in my life…