Attempted Chicken Soup

Heading into the grocery store earlier, I remembered that I wanted to try making chicken soup again. I grabbed the basic ingredients and tossed it all together early this afternoon, it’s not the best I’ve ever had of course but it’s darn good. I need to add some kind of seasoning to enhance those I’ve already added. Just what I’m not sure. Yum!

Bachelor Cooking

This dish may not look super delicious but it was actually pretty darn tasty. The beef was super moist and tender, the noodles were boiled in beef broth giving them a great flavor. The sauce is just your standard alfredo sauce. The videos are from yesterday morning when intermittent showers were passing overhead. Sunshine and 81F are today’s forecast.



Making My Chili, Steps With Photos

I gobbled that last of my previous pot of chili this morning, the breakfast of champions! I had purchased the Fixin’s for the next pot yesterday so this morning I got to work on the next pot. I hope that this one is as tasty as the last. Sometimes they just have a better flavor even though I try to keep each pot the same. Time for a taste test soon!