Old Utensils

I purchased this little bucket of knives, spoons and forks several weeks ago. A couple days ago I purchased Tarn-X to clean them up – way too much for me to want to work with! So back in the bucket… Read More ›

A Pot of Heat

So here’s the next pot of heat! I use the same basic ingredients in each pot, but there are always slight variations in the flavour of the chili. Regardless, it’s my own super simple recipe that’s simply delicious!


This place has really good wienies, a nice change from the usual burger joint, their wieners can be found around the city! It’s all about that wienie!

Spicy Goodness

Well, Billy from the appliance repair place stopped by yesterday with the proper factory-built replacement fan for my refrigerator and got the thing back up and running. Thanks Billy! Five months old and the thing broke down. Not good, Frigidaire!… Read More ›

Home Things

Just a few photos of things inside my home. I’m stuck here you could say as I have to wait for the appliance repair dude to show up. It seems my five month old brand new Frigidaire refrigerator decided to… Read More ›