From Start to Finish

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Good late morning from Las Vegas. I’ve been very busy today with catching up on things I’ve let slide including grocery shopping, hence the photos. Some of the photos are not in focus which sucks, I think the iPhone would have done a better job than the Nikon!

I’m a bit burned out on blogging lately which is also why I haven’t uploaded anything earlier. Maybe an upload twice per day would be better?

In this batch of home-brewed chili, I’ve used all of the same ingredients usually used, no variations such as black beans instead of dark red kidney beans, it takes very little to change the outcome of the flavor. I hope you like the way I build a pot of chili!

It’s Taco Time!

Well, it was taco time yesterday roundabout noon! The tacos are as good as they look and I’m sorry that they weren’t made in my kitchen. I’ve made tacos at home a few times, I’m due for another visit to the grocer soon so I best grab the Fixin’s, right! Tacos make everything OK.

Mmmm ready for destruction!!

Carbs On a Plate

A late-night snack, compliments of the Breville!! I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple days now, it’s rather boring. I don’t know what else to add to the blog besides photography of course and I am not a writer in any way.

When blogging becomes a chore, then perhaps it’s time for a change. The virus has certainly changed my habits regarding the blog. I simply don’t want to go out and about that much anymore because it seems too scary and dangerous.

I find that Instagram is much more interesting and enjoyable because of the high level of interaction with my 200+ followers. That’s not a ton of followers but that’s OK. Because of this, I have considered closing this blog down more than once.

And ya know… Almost nobody would give a shit LOL!! 😂 Now shut up and eat your fries…