Replaced by A Chick-fil-A!

Bummer. Claim Jumper restaurants have some seriously good food, including very delicious soups. The closest location was along Charleston Boulevard. The remaining unit is located in Henderson, NV which shares a common border with Las Vegas. While Henderson is a nice city, I’m not going to drive way the heck down there.

I sent them an email about this, but like so many big companies today, they probably don’t give a crap about what customers say. For them, it’s all about what their bean counters say…

These are iPhone photos of the now gone location which has been replaced by a damn fast food joint. Hey, big fast-food today is much cheaper than real food, right? Can this contribute to our obesity problem in the States today?

Recent Grub

Recently, I’ve cut several salty foods out of my diet. The largest blood pressure raisers are my chili which I love and miss, but my black olives too among a few other foods. I’ve been purchasing much more fruit and veggies, both canned, frozen, and those that I can simply toss in the refrigerator. I want something healthier to munch on instead of tater chips or salty crackers.

This morning, I woofed down a yummy sliced cuke, complete with a splash of faux salt and black pepper. It’s been very different shopping for food these last two times! The eggs and toast were yesterday’s grub, complete with unsalted, I mean unbuttered toast. Today, I cheated for lunchtime and chowed down three tacos from Taco Hell. Not so good as Roberto’s, but they work!

A Chicky Lunch

Chicky, or Chicky Wicky as my mother and I called it, always makes a dandy lunch. All I used for seasoning was chili powder, faux salt, and ground black pepper. Along the way, I added just a bit of water, then later a bit of extra-virgin olive oil, and kept the pan covered to seal in the moisture. A different way to cook thin-sliced chicky but man was this delicious! I miss you, mom.