Frozen Veggies with Cream Of Chicken Soup

Welcome once again to bachelor cooking! As a kid I always loved cream of chicken soup, the soup love continues today for me in making this stupid simple dish on the range top. This time it’s mixed frozen veggies, other times it’s just broccoli florets but in any case it’s darn simple to whip up and so delicious after you’ve had couple brews. I forgot a photo of the finished dish!


I believe this veggie health thing has far too much to do with our obesity epidemic today along with other factors. Of course there’s no doubt that veggies are healthy! The price for healthier food is just way too damn high, add to this the current scenario in our world where we are locked down yet the TV constantly tells us that we should be couch potato warriors and basically be fat, lazy couch potatoes ready and willing to gain body weight to further the American obesity epidemic agenda. And at what cost? The pockets of corporate America.

The Diner Experience

If you are like me then you enjoy a random, unplanned stop for a breakfast or lunch at places like Denny’s or the Black Bear Diner here in Las Vegas and other locations. The friendly servers, watching the cooks do their busy work and of course that greasy food that tastes so delicious but probably isn’t all that great for your health! I miss this experience…

It Simmered All Night!

I usually don’t let a fresh pot of chili sit all night but I received the grocery delivery a bit late yesterday afternoon. I was keeping an eye on all of the ingredients on the kitchen counter every time I went in there for something. The temptation to cook was building!

Aww the heck with it! I’m not waiting until tomorrow morning to whip it up! This batch doesn’t taste wonky like the last one I dumped down the drain and is so damn spicy I can still taste it after I’m done! I am happy to have found all of the correct items too for delivery!

Fourteen photos in this set, in order.

Eggs, Toast and Coffee

Yum… I just love this kind of breakfast, I don’t have hash browns in the freezer but do have some crinkle cut fries which really isn’t the same. Those hash browns I get at a couple local restaurants are so delicious with all that butter they are drowning in! Not healthy but mm good!

Cooking Grease

Yesterday I ordered groceries online in the morning and received them later that day. The Picker texted me a few times as some of the specific items I ordered weren’t available so I accepted some comparable items. By the way, they will not deliver alcohol!

The meat you see in the pan is Angus Beef, not my usual pick which sucks even more because of all the damn grease, yuck! I always buy the 96/4 ratio. All the grease grosses me out, yuck, I had to dump the grease out once too as it looked like a fire hazard!

The burgers were good considering they are about 99% salt free, I put four in the fridge. I considered using the Weber out back but didn’t wanna miss my TV program so inside it was which was probably better for the grille, right?

Boiling Carbohydrates!

Spaghetti has always been a favorite food of mine since I was a kid, yum. These days I still eat it but shouldn’t because of the sodium and carbs but there are some foods I just won’t give up! The pot of chili I made a few days ago went down the kitchen sink drain last night as I suspect it was responsible for some unpleasant gastronomical experiences. Yuck…

A Light Breakfast

Toast is super easy, to cook the eggs I first spray the pan with a coating of Pam even though it’s a non-stick pan. I use the Power Boil portion of the stove to heat the eggs up quickly, then I add a bit of water and cover the pan up which steams the eggs on top, bingo. No flipping the eggs until they are white on top, then they are flipped. No loss of the yummy yolk! Mmmm good.


So a bit ago I made a quick trip to the grocer, got in and out as fast as possible. Dig this, the store had TP! I of course grabbed one four-pack and also as you can see found the items to make a spicy pot of chili, yum!

Lockdown Meals

I frequently forget about photos taken with the iPhone, here are three taken a few days ago. Lockdown food! My spell check doesn’t like the words Lock and Down put together but I disagree with that! Lock Down or Lockdown? Now for the gourmet food!

Unusual Cakes You’ll Like!

My buddy in Michigan sent this cool video to me this morning. I had zero idea a cake could look so incredibly real. If you didn’t look at them directly you may not recognise it as a cake! I’ve tried different code to align the video to center, it keeps fighting to stay left… Whatever.


You read that title correctly! The other day in the grocery store I was hunting for Angel Hair noodles but guess what? Every. Single. Box. of noodles were gone except this one box of Wheat Lasagna noodles. What a crock. Without going on a rant about this I will say that cooking these noodles took much more time than Angel Hair noodles of course.

Is it any good? Well, I’ve never been a fan of Wheat noodles but they do work. It’s rather time consuming to break up the large, flat noodles as they very slowly soften in the 212+ degree water. This ‘dish’ is edible but eating the thicker noodles is an odd texture and takes a bit more chewing. Yuk. But it’s decent and filling. Honestly, I am grateful for this Lasagnaghetti.

It doesn’t look too delectable but it’s decent and keeps you going. 🙏🏻

In The Kitchen

In the kitchen very early this morning the sun shone brightly through the old glass block windows and the front window. Since I’ve decided to stay home all weekend, I have to come up with something to upload! This is mostly because I’m a serious homebody, I mean why purchase this home if I’m not going to be here, right?

Anyway, my kitchen cabinets were rebuilt last year as the original 1996 wooden cabinets were taking their last breaths you could say. By the way, if you’ve followed along here long enough you already know that I tossed two Keurig coffee machines in 2019.

They are junk in my not so humble opinion, and I sent an email to Keurig about this telling them how dependable this plain old and simple Mr. Coffee machine is. That’s around three hundred bucks worth of coffee machine gone, that’s bullshit! Honestly, the coffee that the Mr. Coffee machine makes tastes much smoother and better anyway!

A Late Breakfast

After refilling a couple scrips at the pharmacy I had time before the doctor appointment for a bite. It was as tasty as ever, thank you Denny’s! I’ve loved a good omlette since I was very young…

East, North or South?

Your looking east here from a few hundred foot above the valley floor. Behind me are some small foothills at around three thousand feet or so. Which way will you choose? Head north, hop off at Ann Road, there are some great shopping opportunities and food options.

Head south, you’ll come to Red Rock Hotel and Casino at Charleston Boulevard along with great food and shopping in Downtown Summerlin! If you like, I can be your tour guide LOL!! 😎

Double Chicken Soup

This morning I decided to whip up another pot of chicken soup but in this batch I’ve doubled the noodles, carrots and onions. I used the usual 30% less sodium broth too. I think next time I’ll use a bit more onion and chicken but this batch is far better than the previous batch as it’s got much more substance but retained that nice smooth chicken soup flavor. Do you make your own soup?


The Good Mooed Tour

Heading into the grocer this morning I saw this gigantic faux cow selling an ice cream product. Having the Nikon handy on the seat I grabbed these photos of the big cow. I wonder how many hamburgers you could make from a cow this large? Several hundred I suppose! Mooooo. 😂