My Chicken Soup

Yesterday I suddenly felt like some chicken soup so to the grocer I went. I changed this pot up a bit by adding double the carrots and one entire sweet onion. Maybe corn would work too, or another veggie but the flavor is just so good that I actually had three bowls this morning! Maybe some Chili for lunch? Stop on by won’t ya, have a bite?

It’s So Good…

Yep, I whipped up yet another pot -o- deliciousness! This batch has that better balance of flavour than most of my pots do regardless of being put together either exactly the same, or with small variations. Mmmm…

The colours aren’t right with these images, sorry…

Two Roach Coaches

Back in the day at my job one of these mobile kitchens would pull into the shop with plenty of food freshly made, but the food wasn’t always that good either, hence the name Roach Coach came about. Mmmm roaches! No, I never saw any roaches and the food did hit the old spot being midway between breakfast and lunch! 😂

Frozen Dinner

Late last night I used up the last of a bag of frozen crinkle-cut fries and heated up these frozen chicken and broccoli things which are actually very delicious! Imagine that – frozen dinners that are actually good!

The Nutmobile

Coming out the grocer yesterday I say the Nutmobile again! I saw this funny thing a few months ago somewhere else in the valley. And guess what? I loooove peanuts! As long as they are unsalted of course which is actually quite nice because you can actually taste the peanuts!

Not those millions of milligrams of sodium. So I was was walking to my ride when I saw the giant peanut and wanted a photo so out came the iPhone which snapped the very fuzzy photo! Dang!!

The Ingredients Are Mixed Up!

Yum! I polished off the last of that huge pot of chicken soup today so off to the grocer I go for many things besides chili ingredients. Tastings before it heats up are telling me this pot’s flavor will be better than my previous pot! It’s still true folks, chili isn’t just for cold weather.

That First Bowl…

That first bowl was sooo delicious that I was totally compelled to ladle up another bowlful of chicken soup deliciousness! For this big pot I chose to not add any spice at all which is usually just ground black pepper and/or a few drops of Cholula sauce which gives the soup an extra bit of kick. Yummmzzz!! LOL! 😎

Chicken Soup – The Next Attempt

Well here I go again attempting another pot of yummy Chicky soup! This pot is slightly different in terms of the quantity of veggies and chicken, yes I cheat and use the canned chicken! I’m sure chicken that’s actually cooked the proper way would taste better and have a better texture too, it’s OK to call me lazy haha! Yum!!

Turkey, Smashed Taters and Gravy

Well well, I found another food photo on my phone again! I’m one of those folks who takes photos of a meal before devouring it, is this weird? Nah, it just means that this is one of my more favorite meals of all time, there’s nothing quite like mashed taters and gravy! And of course sliced turkey breast with stuffing too. 😋

A Late Night Burger

A couple nights ago I had some serious munchies going on so I took two store-made burger patties and mashed them together to create one big mega burger. As you can see in the photos, it was a chunky burger and so delicious! I like my burgers simple, just catsup, mustard and onions but if there are other options on the counter I may plop them on top too. Do you like to fry up a big fat burger late at night too? It’s soooo good!

Cooking Success and Fails

As I whipped up something to munch for breakfast this morning I thought about things I’ve tried to make, some good some bad. The chicken breasts aren’t hard to make of course, but the round black bricks could have been used as weapons! These photos are at least a couple years old. Breakfast bisquits, anyone?

A Black Bear Omlette

Or is it spelt Omlet? Either spelling is rejected by my spell check. I did a quick search for the correct spelling and didn’t find much about which is correct. It’s been spelt either way and other ways too. Anyway, I found these photos on my iPhone this morning, I’m very good at snapping photos with the phone and totally forgetting about them. The Black Bear Diner has great food, this huge omlet is no exception. I’ve never had a bad meal at this place, I wish it was much closer to my home. Are you too a fan of this delicious breakfast?

Photos: Outside view, the menu then the meal!


Some of you really liked the flags at the park yesterday so here are the remaining photos I wasn’t going to use. This morning we have sunshine and a temperature hovering around 47 degrees at the moment. I’ve got some important business to handle today then a ride to the grocer for the ingredients for another pot of chili! I’ve made chicken soup a couple times recently, the second pot being much better but I’ll stick with chili again.

Mountain Chili

New schedule – I’m uploading just once or twice per day now, that’s the new schedule around here, I’ve got to slow the pace down! I have spent most of new years day being a couch potato but did head to the grocer for provisions including the mixin’s for a new pot of my favorite food! I did have a drive around too.

I’m going to head out to Calico Basin soon for a hike (my hikes are short and easy because of a heart issue) soon for some exercise and photography but not tomorrow…

I’m still dealing with doctor appointments regarding these damned kidney stones. I think one has moved a bit on the left side as I’m feeling a bit more pain now. I can’t get to that Lithotripsy appointment fast enough my friend. Anyway, this fresh pot of chili is still slow cooking, almost done! Have a bowl with me?

Watermelon at 60mm

I was chowing down one of my all time favourite foods this morning and wondered what it would look like up super close. I screwed the Tamron 60mm lens on and shot these images on the kitchen table where the lighting in my home was best at the moment. I remember eating watermelon as a kid on a hot summer day in Michigan long ago along with boating and swimming and sailboat races. And family members now departed.

A Beefy Lunch Today

One pound of ground beef slowly cooked in the backyard on the Weber grille, only a few spices and as little sodium as I can possibly put on the beef. Just a white onion, low-sodium ketchup and some delicious traditional yellow mustard. Two down the hatch, two in the fridgy for later this evening!