Watermelon at 60mm

I was chowing down one of my all time favourite foods this morning and wondered what it would look like up super close. I screwed the Tamron 60mm lens on and shot these images on the kitchen table where the lighting in my home was best at the moment. I remember eating watermelon as a kid on a hot summer day in Michigan long ago along with boating and swimming and sailboat races. And family members now departed.

A Beefy Lunch Today

One pound of ground beef slowly cooked in the backyard on the Weber grille, only a few spices and as little sodium as I can possibly put on the beef. Just a white onion, low-sodium ketchup and some delicious traditional yellow mustard. Two down the hatch, two in the fridgy for later this evening!

A Steak Lunch

Once in a while I grab a small pack of steaks for a quick lunch. I wanted to use the backyard grille but it’s just too windy. The grille will nearly blow out which isn’t good with the liquid propane gas floating about! I used the Breville, was a darn yummy lunch!