A Quick Lunch!

I’ve had a pound of beef in the fridgy for a few days that needed to be on my backyard grille soon before it goes nasty, so here it is. Yummy! I didn’t have any relish or whatever else but… Read More ›

Chili Time!

Chili has been calling my name recently even though I stopped making it months ago due to the salt content. Well, all I can say is I love making and eating my smokin’ hot chili! Burn me up baby! 😂😎

Baked Taters

Slice ’em up, lay ’em in the pan, add a bit of butter, pepper and No Salt. Yumz! I use the heck outta my counter top oven! I have a full range but this little beauty works dandy too.

Salt Burger

How about a burger with almost one half of your daily sodium intake? Well done, Burger King! Healthy junk food eh? A whopping 980 MG of sodium, a heart attack made just for you!

Getting Fried

A few iPhone 6 photos from the old apartment when I was making something for dinner. I no longer have that deep fryer as the Breville countertop oven does the same thing without the oil! I actually very rarely use… Read More ›

Chicken Soup

This photo is from my apartment days, I’ve not made this soup in about a year. If I can find enough low sodium options I may make another big pot of this delicious soup!