Ducks, Coots and Mountain Views

Alrighty, here’s the next set taken today while on the way to, and on the way home from, the pharmacy. I had run out of Metformin, that wonderful, time-tested drug that controls my diabetes.

As much as I detest these damned drug companies and their never-ended onslaught of television commercials, I am grateful for the research and availability of this drug that keeps me alive.

I stopped and hopped out of the truck to get the photo of the ducks and coots, as soon as I got to the end of the truck bed, an actual flock of Rock Pigeons flew right at me, some were so close to my head that I could actually feel the air being disrupted as the birds passed by me. Cripe, I could have literally reached out and grabbed them!

Sorry, no food from me you little bastards! 😂

Flocking, Flying

Good afternoon folks! Cabin Fever got the best of me early this morning so out the door, I went with Nikon in hand. Along the way to my destination, I came upon this woman feeding the geese, ducks, pigeons, and maybe a Coot or two at one of the four manmade lakes in this area.

I don’t find it proper to feed these birds, but I’m not one to holler at someone for feeding the birds one way or the other. Just don’t toss out any bread, lady. It’s another beautiful day today now that the damned clouds have moved east to where they belong. The temperature is around fifty-five too, so nice with a light jacket on.

Another Scorpion!

This time of year, the scorpions want to come indoors even though it’s not terribly cold in Las Vegas in winter. I was turning a bedroom light on for the night and noticed something new on the sticky pad.

Welcome to the Mojave Desert life!