Mr. Bunny Makes a Run For It!

This morning, I was so surprised and happy to see this wonderful little bunny! I was concerned that he or she might get the crunch though by a dumb driver not paying attention. Gladly, this sweet bunny made it across the warm pavement and found shade under a Creosote Bush!

Popcorn Bird

This little cutie was photographed in Calico Basin about one year ago during one of my jaunts into the desert. It’s a fun place to photograph both birds and those cute little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. I did not feed the bird the popcorn, nor would I feed them bread, it’s not good for them! I want to head back out there, it should be no problem but it’s comfy at home.


These photos were taken from the patio of my old apartment about three or so years ago. I have some better software these days so I put it to work on these photos.

Pigeons can be pretty too…

Goslings and Ducks

Once again I had to head to the pharmacy today for those pills that keep my not so old body running, it sucks having heart disease, type two diabetes, and a messed up back. Anyway, I stopped along the little man-made lakes again for these fun photos. Note how large the goslings are now, wow! They grow like the weeds I remove from my yards every other day…


These ducks were very noisy as they waddled quickly toward my truck apparently expecting something to eat. People, don’t feed them, especially bread! It has no nutritional value for them.

The Itchy Burro

Or as I pronounce it, Burrah. This guy and others were grouped around the entrance sign for the now dead and gone Bonnie Springs Ranch. The last drive out that way the very large sign was still there. Why? You land developers suck!! But I don’t have an opinion… 😂😂

Unwanted Company

Directly after hanging up the phone with my sister and other family before her, I noticed this little piece of crap! I took this crappy iPhone photo of it, and this house was sprayed for these and other critters about 14 days ago. I called the company I use and left a message to call me Monday. I suppose scorpions here find humans to be unwanted company too!


Big Desert Critters

Here are two older images (they are all old since I’m not shooting new photos) taken near Red Rock Canyon two or more years ago. They roam in packs but this guy or gal apparently wants some solitude. These donkeys are completely wild but will take food from humans which is not only an incredibly ignorant thing to do, but is also very illegal. Should the authorities catch you feeding them or the wild horses, you’ve just earned a five hundred dollar fine. As you should!

Wilson Poses for Glamour Photos

This afternoon the sunshine was bright and cheery in the backyard so I thought why not get some promotional photos of him? He’s a bit famous now! These are actually iPhone 10 photos, I had some focus issues with the Nikon which is odd. I think it’s the proximity of the grass blades.

He’s so handsome!


Do you remember the old video game called Frogger? I played the crap outta that goofy game many years ago. This odd looking frogger was photographed somewhere in Georgia, and he’s on pavement too. Squish! Oh man, sorry about that! Ouch…

Looks Animated?

this is another derivative photo, it’s a bee on a flower I photographed a few weeks back at the park. Gently processed in iColorama, it looks as though it’s animated or a painting to me. 😬

The Slow Duck

After picking up some medications at the pharmacy I came upon this rather slow walking duck. I feel so bad for the bird! Apparently it’s sick or injured, perhaps both. There were several folks at the little park watching birds, and their dogs run them into the lake. Thanks for that! 😂

The Lone Cormorant

These photos were taken early today, I love the feathers of the Cormorant. Great color and so shiny! The water even looks inviting doesn’t it? It reminds me of the warm summer days of my youth in Michigan living on the lake. Memories always cherished. ❤️

The Beautiful Blue

On the way to my destination this morning I stopped and snapped these photos, so much blue! I have some bird photos coming up, wasn’t able to get as close to them as I’d like since I no longer have a zoom lens. That’ll cost some good money to replace on this Nikon Zed 6 camera… This camera has been well worth the high price I paid so far!

Bird Fight!

I recorded this video in Laughlin, Nevada probably five years ago. It’s fun to watch the battle but be aware that I no longer feed bread to any bird. I’ve read some articles about how bread just isn’t good for them. There were so many birds competing!!

I’ll Just Stand Here…

Yesterday I was setting at my kitchen table playing with a new police scanner I purchased and noticed that this cute little bird had been standing in the same spot for at least five minutes. I’ve never seen a small bird do this before, he was looking up and down and all around! Eventually he jumped under my Med Fan Palm then flew away. So cute!

Have a Beeutiful Day!

One reason I like to shoot at as high a resolution as possible is this photo which is seriously cropped down to get a good zoom or focus on the bee busily buzzing about doing it’s job. buzzzz!

The Bee in The Tree

Here are a couple more flower photos from today. I brightened these photos up much more than the previous images.  I was right up on the tree with the bee’s, managed to escape the stingers. 😬😎

On The Food Hunt

I suppose your tired of seeing these adorable tiny squirrels in this space but  I just love them! Always zipping about, turning over the dirt hunting for whatever they can find to eat. In this case, someone had tossed a bit of bird seed or whatever it is out there for them. I think peanuts are a no-no for them though if I recall correctly. These photos are heavily cropped but still held together.