That Stray Cat Is Back!

I think it’s a stray anyway but it looks pretty healthy doesn’t it? I was walking back home from the mailbox and saw him/her crouched down in the road, bad choice kitty! I went inside and grabbed the Nikon and was surprised that the cat let me get about ten feet from it before it ran to a nearby bush. Poor thing. I wasn’t able to call it to me either. I’ll bet that food would bring it to me. Go home, kitty if you have one.❤️

Eat, Drink, Bathe

How nice is this setup for my hummingbirds? They have been drinking away on the nectar as the level in the bottle is dropping quickly. I have a refill ready for the bottle too. The bath is kept clean and filled with fresh water as needed which it needs a bit right now. And, not one damn pigeon has been seen around the feeder either! How is your Saturday going? I am Mr. Couch Potato today.

Hummingbird Photos

My new hummingbird feeder has been up for three days now and has attracted hummingbirds and zero pigeons. if you follow this blog then you know what a disaster putting a seed feeder was. Those damn pigeons ruined any chance of feeding my favorite little birds. Pigeons are flying rats.

The 200mm lens is maxed out as you can see by the blurry photos but a 300 or 400mm lens is just too costly for this purpose haha! As best as I can tell, the golden hummingbird is a Ruby Throated hummer.

I have not been able to identify the other bird because looking at the different species, some of them look much the same and my photos aren’t definitive enough. I have seen four birds this morning and two this afternoon. I will try to sit in the backyard and wait to see if any birds will land on the feeder with me nearby.

Terrible Tent Worms!

These things are so nasty! When I could get one nest down on the ground I would light it on fire as they can damage trees badly. 58 degrees under a cloudy sky describes this morning. Blah! My internet connection has been down this morning which is very odd, this never happens here. Even my phone as a hotspot didn’t work. It could be worse, count your blessing, people. Read about Tent Worms.

So Darn Cute!

I have been in Calico Basin a few times this year and have yet to see these adorable little ground squirrels there again. Bummer! The donkey and cart have appeared in this space at least once before, I used white cardboard paper as the background. It was my grandmother’s, and I remember it from when I was a child.

Birds At The Feeder

Well, the birds have finally discovered the new feeder and it has been very busy today! I like all of the different little birds that can land on the feeder, but not the big fat pigeons on the ground eating the seeds that fall off of the feeder. They have to eat too of course but they are like vermin.

The 200mm lens just isn’t enough for a closer photo, a 300mm lens or more would produce much cleaner photos. The background is very unappealing, isn’t it! Sorry, but that is how it’s done here, chain link fences wouldn’t work well. You have to live here for a while to understand why this is.