Birds And Buildings

I’m using up some older photos here, the hummingbird feeder has a lot of traffic as does the smaller one nearby. The One Summerlin building looks great in the sunshine, the sunshine that I will be missing next month! The long-range forecast for my area of Michigan shows a high in the 40s and a low in the 50s with bouts of rain and snow. Typically crappy Michigan weather…


I had put new sticky pads down all through the house recently on the day the pest control company sprayed inside and out. I found this nasty little critter stuck next to the front door this morning, it would have lived longer if it stayed outside where it belonged. They really are gross-looking, aren’t they!

Hummer Capture!

This is the best photo I have taken of a hummingbird to date, I captured the tiny cuttie while taking photos of my bike in the sunshine since it now has two coats of the same wax I use on my truck. I’ll post those later today. I can’t think of anything else to do today…

Trapped At The Front Door

This is why I have multiple sticky pads throughout my house. This scorpion is very small which means that its venom is much more potent than the larger, older scorpions. Probably a trip to an ER. The traps also catch lots of small bugs too as you can see. I know this is gross and I don’t like it either, but it’s better than sleeping with bugs. Maybe Nevada should be called the creepy crawly state? 😂

Refilling A Hummingbird Feeder

My sister sent me the sugar shaker device so that I can easily and accurately mix the proper amount of water and sugar to feed these beautiful tiny birds, I love them! This is a sticky job that needs to be done in a sink or tub, otherwise, your hands get really sticky.

I recommend using a bucket to move the feeder into the house and back because this sugar water actually leaves a slightly dark stain on pavements! It’s currently 106 degrees and I actually worked up a sweat refilling the feeder and hand-scrubbing one of the birdbaths out.

They get some nasty marine growth in just three days so it needs a drain and scrub every third day. Yuck. I use the Reverse Osmosis water for the feeders now instead of the city tap water which smells like chlorine!

A Bigger Zoom Is Needed!

The new Sony A7C camera is wonderful, I actually like it better than the Nikon I’ve used for years. The body came with a kit lens that is 28-60mm which I have used most of the time.

I picked up a 210mm zoom lens for the body which works well but it’s not enough to properly capture the birds in the backyard as you can see. The birds look distorted, almost not in focus.

A 300 or 400mm lens would be more than I want to spend on a new lens so I’m stuck at 210! Sunshine and 110 degrees are on tap for the valley today, the scorching continues!

The Grasshopper Invasion Of 2019

Boy oh boy do I remember this! The grasshoppers were literally everywhere you went, walking, driving you were going to see them everywhere! This summer, the number of grasshoppers seems to be at a normal level which is nice. I used the iPhone yesterday to capture this nice clean photo of one, they have different colors than the grasshoppers back home in Michigan. Our high temperature will be 110 degrees today, slightly cooler than yesterday!