Coots and Turtles

I was wondering why there were so many coots all huddled together as I approached. Someone had put down something for the birds to eat which is very much against park rules, shame on them! But I did get some decent close-up photos via the Sony RX100 Mark7, the Nikon stayed home this trip. This little bugger works so well that I’m almost tempted to use it exclusively but that wouldn’t last. It was 70 degrees and breezy today and I felt cold!

Geese, Ducks, Coots and Turtles

There are many kinds of critters at this park, the goose was literally three feet from me so I got as good a photo as I could with the 200mm lens, too close for a sharp photo. The cute turtles stayed put as I slowly approached the log then one dropped in the drink right after I clicked the shutter. How about that foot sticking up to catch the sun’s warmth? The Coot swimming away from me has a bad right foot, it was very sad to watch it hobble to the water’s edge then just fall into the water, plop. Poor little bird, I wish I could help it. I wonder how it was damaged? A turtle?

A Short Visit to The Park

It is so beautiful outside today that I decided to head back to the park for some bird photos again. I was a bit disappointed though as there weren’t many birds there in terms of species, mostly ducks, geese, and plenty of coots. The turtles were a nice surprise though, I thought they were Snapping turtles but they look more like Painted turtles basking in the warm noon sunshine. My sister and I had turtles as pets when we were children.

Beautiful Birds and City Views

I’m slowly winding down the bird photos from the park the other day, the city views were taken today while I was in a not so busy area of the park where I could play around with the CB Radio equipment that I very rarely use. Actually, it’s more fun to use than the ham radio gear. I started my radio hobby in 1979 actually, which was my senior year in High School. I have another radio being delivered in a couple of days, it’s not a CB radio, rather it’s a ten-meter radio for the ten-meter ham radio band at 28.000 to 29.900mhz. Radio and photography, great hobbies!

Geese, Ducks and Coots

Not feeling like sitting on the couch all day today I headed out for a joy ride that ended up taking me back to the park again. This time, the park wasn’t jammed with tons of people, allowing me some peace and quiet to get some decent photos with the Nikon and 24/70mm lens. It’s si beautiful today!

Coming up in the next set from today, I have some photos of very aggressive geese, or are they ducks, fighting. I was surprised to see how vicious these birds can be.

Just A Bit More Cuteness

Here are the last of the photos that were taken yesterday in a very windy, blustery Calico Basin. And what do I see when I woke up before the sun today? My palm trees swaying like crazy people outside. Damn, another windy day? I don’t mind the winter windstorms, but they can get annoying. Mostly sunny and 68 is forecast for today.

Calico Basin Cuties

After receiving my first dose of the Covid vaccine this morning, I headed west out of the city for some photos. It was overcast which is not my favored lighting for photography. I only wanted to get a few more photos of these cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels, success. If only the damn wind would stop blasting!