Birds At The Feeder

Well, the birds have finally discovered the new feeder and it has been very busy today! I like all of the different little birds that can land on the feeder, but not the big fat pigeons on the ground eating the seeds that fall off of the feeder. They have to eat too of course but they are like vermin.

The 200mm lens just isn’t enough for a closer photo, a 300mm lens or more would produce much cleaner photos. The background is very unappealing, isn’t it! Sorry, but that is how it’s done here, chain link fences wouldn’t work well. You have to live here for a while to understand why this is.

In And Around Calico Basin

These photos were taken yesterday before the flash flood warning was issued for the Spring Mountains. The rain came over this area about four hours later, I can see the rain cells to the west of my home.

I wanted to get some photos of those adorable little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels but they were once again not to be found. Apparently, they are very smart and hide somewhere from the powerful desert sun.

Perhaps underground in little tunnels, smart! There were no birds either in the area where I get the photos of the squirrels, not even a California Quail which I always see there.

I’ll have to wait until autumn to get those photos. How is your Thursday going?