Agave’ and Waterfall

Here are a few more photos from yesterday’s quick visit to Downtown Summerlin for you. I had a nice chat with my sister on the phone this afternoon and I feel bad for not being up in Michigan to help her with her yard work. It’s tough to not feel guilty but I’ve done nothing wrong of course.

Small areas of Michigan are being hit with the dangerous wildfire smoke from the Canadian wildfires, the smoke is drowning New York City, WashinKton, and other cities on the east coast. I feel bad for these folks and it’s nobody’s fault except for the possibility that some freak touched off these wildfires on purpose.

If it’s a lightning strike that started the fires, that’s nature doing what nature does.

A Waterfall at Downtown Summerlin

The waterfall at Downtown Summerlin is very tall and feels nice on a hot day when the spray flies up into the air. A high of just 81 degrees and a 30% chance for rain are up for today and man do we need the rain! Maybe I can get some rain photos and videos. How is your weather today?

Seven More Photos from Downtown Summerlin This Morning

There are several more photos from today that I will post tomorrow morning. The wind has suddenly become very wild this afternoon, I can hear it whipping past the house on either side as I sit here writing this, I miss those big windstorms we have during the winter months…

An Impromptu Shoot At Downtown Summerlin

After picking up my meds at the pharmacy I decided to head west to the Jimmy John’s restaurant for a turkey sub this morning, delicious! I was about one-quarter mile from Downtown Summerlin so off I went. One big mistake I made today was heading out without the 60mm lens.

The 211mm lens on the new Sony A7C was just too much lens for shooting in an area like this so I was very limited. I stopped by the Apple Store again to let myself salivate over the new iMac series, I want but don’t really need! It wasn’t quite 90 degrees so the upper 80s and a nice breeze made a nice walk this morning.

Sunny Summerlin

Here are some older photos of Downtown Summerlin. The size discrepancy of the photos is because I stopped using the 1024×768 format for the 1500×1000 for Nikon photos, and 1500×844 for iPhone photos. Can you tell that there is water over those rocks? By the way, I’ve decided to dock the Pedego bike for now because of the near-sunburn I got a while back is such that I better stay out of the sun for extended periods. I stuffed the bike into a spare bedroom, so sad! 😂

Somewhere In 2018

Good Monday morning, I hope you all have a great new week, my friends. A high of 88 degrees will fill the valley today, very nice! It has been a full year since the new heating and cooling system was installed in my attic, and today a technician from the company that did the work will be here to change the air filter. Finally!

Photos From Different Years

I am fully out of new material to upload today, so here are some nice older photos for you this morning for post number two of the day. I upload no more than five times per day now, it used to be much more often. Mostly sunny and 100 degrees are forecast for today, it’s currently 93 very toasty degrees outside.

The Painted Corridor

Two more clicks from yesterday, a different angle on the One Summerlin building, and a corridor inside that building that was processed with the Impresso application using the iPad Pro. I also used Aurora HDR to further process that image. It’s currently 104 degrees outside my home.