Somewhere In 2018

Good Monday morning, I hope you all have a great new week, my friends. A high of 88 degrees will fill the valley today, very nice! It has been a full year since the new heating and cooling system was installed in my attic, and today a technician from the company that did the work will be here to change the air filter. Finally!

Photos From Different Years

I am fully out of new material to upload today, so here are some nice older photos for you this morning for post number two of the day. I upload no more than five times per day now, it used to be much more often. Mostly sunny and 100 degrees are forecast for today, it’s currently 93 very toasty degrees outside.

The Painted Corridor

Two more clicks from yesterday, a different angle on the One Summerlin building, and a corridor inside that building that was processed with the Impresso application using the iPad Pro. I also used Aurora HDR to further process that image. It’s currently 104 degrees outside my home.

A Ride To The Apple Store

The cables that charge my iPad and iPhone were not charging the devices because of how the cable bends where it goes into the connector, time to replace them. So, off to the Apple store I go, I don’t use aftermarket stuff. More costly but you know it will work correctly.

Of course, the Nikon and 140mm lens had to go on this quick trip. I took about 40 photos, here is the first set. It’s still humid for Las Vegas, and zero rain so far today.

Warby Parker

I asked a greeter out front why Warby Parker doesn’t offer much newer, more modern-looking frames. The guy seemed stumped, offended, or something because he didn’t have an answer for me. Whatever… Their frames look like those worn when I was a little boy in the 1960s.

I like the reflections in the Apple Store photo, there is a huge TV on the back wall which is what you see in the rectangle indoors. The One Summerlin building is directly behind me. The Free People sign is the name of the retailer, I’ve never heard of this brand but all people should be free!