This Is True

I do appreciate very much my home, it’s warm in winter, cool in summer, and resides in a beautiful valley surrounded by tall beautiful mountains. Life is good, God is good! Disclaimer, this is not my photo of course.

In The Church Auditorium

Good afternoon people, I hope your Sunday has been great. I grabbed a sub after church and headed home for the day and what a beautiful day it is! The sunshine photo was taken early today in the backyard, the other photos were taken very quickly during the music which is always wonderful. The singers are different from week to week as is the drummer and sometimes the guitar players. The sound system is so fantastic!

The Auditorium

This is the auditorium where church service is held, it was wonderful to be back yesterday. As you can see, I like to get there early to get an aisle seat. Funny thing though, I tried to record a video of the band playing which is great by the way, but the phone just wouldn’t record. Why? I also tried to take more photos but the camera would not take the photos other than these two. Very odd, why would the camera not take the shots!

Sunshine and 91F today, a hot day in the valley!

Things From The Past

I’ve been collecting photos of old stuff like you see in the photos, how many can you identify? There must be a few visitors to my humble blog that won’t know what some of the items are! Today is the first time I’ve been back to church since the final divorce. I attended the same church that she and I attended. It was difficult. It was painful but also joyous because He Is Risen! I had a wonderful chat with a woman that I have never met before who must have been there by His design, more I can add but I’ll spare you, and no, not what your thinking. She is married! She can help me with my diet and more things I need to change. Happy Easter!

He Has Risen!

Wishing my Christian followers a very happy Easter, Jesus is the reason for Easter! Not little rabbits as the TV commercials and others would have you believe. A rabbit can’t save your soul… God bless! 🙏🏻

Do You Believe?

I do and have been a believer for around forty years. I saw this sign early today while running errands. Sunshine and 64 windy degrees are on deck for today, the low to mid-60s will be here for the next several days which is wonderful!