Wonderful Colours

These wonderful china pieces belonged to my mother, I brought them home to Nevada a couple years ago. She was, and is, an extraordinary woman with such beautiful taste in home decor. And the best mum a guy could ever have. I love you, mother.❤️

Six Paintings

Or six paintings via the Impresso application on my iPad this morning. This application seems a bit underrated to me because where do you see effects like this? Very few and far between. There is a version that will work on my MacBook Pro which is my workhorse machine, but they want $49.95 for it. No thanks, I’ll just use the iPad! It’s identical software. Happy Thursday!

Screaming Happiness

Good mid-day from my backyard, friends! Another beautiful, sunshiny day is underway in the valley. We’ve been blessed by Him to see yet another day. Let’s be happy and thankful! 🌴

Don’t they just scream happy!!

The Cross Atop

This photo was captured early this morning along Sahara Avenue on the way to the radio store.

Faith in The Neighborhood

This beautiful Catholic Church has been in this space previously, but was photographed from a different perspective. I am not Catholic, but I sure love the architecture and faith that this church radiates. 🥰🙏🏻