A Father’s Love

At six AM sharp this morning, my phone pinged off, waking me up from a deep sleep. Who receives phone calls at six AM? Not me, not usually so the way my head works I assumed that something shitty had happened back east with my family. Thank God I was totally wrong! What happened? I’d had a text chat with my dad a few days back, he had been trying to reach me for three days and texting usually works great. So he called. Yeah dad, I’m fine! Not sure why the phone hasn’t been working so I’ll go to my phone company store today and ask some questions. But it’s so nice to feel the family love from so far away from – home.

A Dog in the Man Cave

Basically a repost with a twist here, my father’s dog Blondie who is less than a year old in this image. And of course the obligatory man cave photo for this upload. Is man cave one word or two? Mancave or Man Cave?

Well, I’ve got a tough Monday morning in progress going on here with breakfast in my belly and still working on my first cuppa caffeinated goodness.

I want to make the run up to the Valley Of Fire via the Lake Mead route but just can’t get thrilled about the fuel costs for this rather long run.

My truck has a 262 cubic inch V-6 power plant which uses far more fuel than that four cylinder Nissan had with it’s ridiculous rubber band transmission which couldn’t handle the altitude of Mount Charleston! I hope you have a great Monday!

The Captain’s Chair

This is my sister’s boat in Michigan, I snapped the photo with the iPhone last August while at my daughter’s wedding reception. I grew up on this lake and know boating well, having been driving them on this lake when I was just fourteen years young. I tell ya, if time could be rolled back, this is where I’d want to be circa 1968 through 1976. The best years of this older fart’s life! So it’s always a major treat to return here, it settles my soul and grounds me. Judy Garland was right – There’s no place like home!

Downtown Lapeer, Michigan

These are the last of the photos from my recent trip up north to Michigan. In recent years, many businesses have left this nice little downtown area for the busy main road which is M-24 just a short distance to the west. I get it, it’s all about the dollars and cents. But during my recent visit it was great to see that many of the empty buildings on the downtown corridor have new businesses in them.

This matters a great deal to me since I’ve spent over twenty years of my life in this nice little town with it’s friendly people and a much slower pace of life. The contrasts between life there and life here in Las Vegas are many and of course very obvious. Life in Las Vegas is always in a state of Mad Rush. Life happens at a much faster pace here and most of the time I really don’t mind it…

Still though, I’ve found myself being angry. Angry about one specific thing about life here that has always been a stinking point with me. Las Vegas drivers. This is somewhat augmented by the fact that people here on the west coast are simply not as friendly as folks back in Michigan. It’s in lock step with what my ex wife said about why she left California years ago. Too much traffic, too many mean people.

But I refuse to cave to something like this because living in this city is a far better life on so many levels as opposed to my life back north in Michigan. It’s all in the head isn’t it? Head games? Perhaps, but the solution to feeling like that is an attitude adjustment. An adjustment in your perception of what happens around you. There are so many nice people in Las Vegas. Think positive! Kick negative to the curb, the traffic will run it down!