Remembering The Storm

A few weeks back there was an all-day rain with cold temperatures and driving winds. I took two photos of the mountains to the west of my place, this is the other photo that didn’t make it here. I removed the street lamp post in front of the palm tree. I’ve had conversations with all of my family this morning which is so fun, my dad, son, and sister are having dinner together and I wish I were there! The consolation is that I will be flying up there in just a few days for the family Christmas!

Hurricane Damage and Vegas Weather

My sister sent me this very short video yesterday of Hurricane Ian’s damage being slowly cleaned up. It will be five years, maybe more before Fort Myers will be fully restored. She is working to get her home fully repaired and ready for sale, she has had it with Florida. This is exactly why I chose to remain in Nevada in 2016. Say no to hurricanes and Florida. Our forecast is a cold forecast, too cold for a bike ride today.

Morning Illumination

Happy Thursday morning, friends. I captured these photos very early this morning as the sun shone into the living room using the Nikon and 200mm lens. Sunshine and 66 cool degrees are on tap for the valley today. My dad called me this morning about a family matter, he told me that it was just 32 degrees up there. He joked that when I fly in for Christmas I will get another taste of winter and be glad to get home. That’s the truth! He says I made a good decision to stay in Las Vegas. I have to agree with him!

A Cloudless Sky

Such a beautiful day! Sunshine and 84 wonderful degrees. These photos are unprocessed. I spoke with my sister down in Fort Myers this afternoon, as expected she’s having a tough time because of the work needed to put the home back right and going round and round with the stupid insurance company. I have a hunch that the home will be sold when it is done and the area is restored but that’s going to be a while.

Ian Storm Damage and A Mountain View

I was talking with my sister on the phone today about several things including the damage to her home down in Fort Myers today. She sent me this photo showing the waterline. The garage was flooded, but the home interior has zero water intrusion or damage which is wonderful!

I sent that mountain view photo to her to show how nice it is down here while Michigan is far cooler but has many beautiful scenes with the trees changing colors. My photo was shot on the iPhone.

Stray Showers and 95 Degrees

That is the forecast for Las Vegas today and it did rain and thunder overnight which was nice. The big booms woke me up around two AM. I would much rather have this weather than what is happening to the entire state of Florida the last few days and the next several days. A family member has a home directly in the path of hurricane Ian. This home is on a canal that provides great access for the storm surge but I hope that the mangroves will help slow the surge down. Count your blessings, people. Happy Wednesday.