Lake Mead Is In Trouble…

Have a look at the photo of a boat ramp along the shore of Lake Mead. I took this photo a couple of days ago with my sister in the truck, I wanted to show her how critically low the lake really is.

She was shocked! As she should be. You can easily see where the waterline should be, the lake has not been at full pond since the early or mid 198os! Yet, home building and the population of the city of Las Vegas continue to grow, Very sad and scary, isn’t it?

My sister was picked up about an hour ago by my niece and her husband, they are going to be heading south into Arizona now as part two of her holiday. I will take her to the airport in a few days. ❤️

The Strip, The Aircraft

Well, as things turned out this eve, my sister is experiencing jet lag and hit the sack eastern time zone style. So, I have some time to play here. I was in the cell phone parking lot while waiting for her flight to land and took advantage of the great vantage point! The Strip is nearby as are the aircraft departing. I hope you like these Nikon photos with the Nikkor 200mm lens.

Soon To Go Silent

My sister will be arriving tomorrow so this blog will go silent for at least two days. Stick around, I’m sure that I will have some great new photos from our travels to share with you! I am totally out of photos right now, so here is an old sunset photo for you. It’s 53F currently here, brr!

The Lion

I haven’t done a lion at Tivoli Village in a long while so here it is with a little processing. Sunny and 63 degrees are the forecast for this Saturday, a little better riding weather than yesterday.

My sister will be visiting me in a few days for about two days so when she is here, I will be taking a break from the blog so that we can get out of town to show her Red Rock Canyon and The Valley Of Fire State Park which is located well north of Las Vegas. It’s gonna be fun!

The Dog Wizard

These photos are from a few days ago on a bike ride. There was no dog training going on so apparently someone left this item behind. Sunshine and sixty degrees are on tap for the valley today, there may be a bike ride in-store today. On a different note – my dad has been in the hospital in Florida for two days now and is feeling better today according to my sister. He has fluid in the lungs which is going away quickly. Can I get an Amen! Dad is 94 years young and will be 95 next month! Love you, dad!

Michigan Blue

Michigan State Police vehicles have always been this specific color for as long as I can remember as well as the one big gumball on the roof and the word Stop on the hood. Nevada State Police cars look nothing at all like our cars do. Nevada cop cars are white and black which is boring!

I photographed this car in August of 22 while on the Woodward Dream Cruise with my dad, my son, and a buddy of my dad’s. Partly sunny and just 53 degrees today, still too damn cold to ride my bike.


My mother created this arrangement not long before she passed in 2012. Sadly, I no longer have it. Ex number three took it when we divorced in 2016. That was a really shitty thing to do. Take, take, and take. Marriage? Ha! I made mistakes too…

A Horse and Vegas Traffic

The traffic in this city never sleeps just as the Strip never sleeps. This little piece of Lake Mead Boulevard isn’t very busy, but drive it east toward the Strip and you’ll be swamped with traffic. The photo is from the iPhone on the bridge the other day. I showed my daughter a photo of her on the horse, and she said she doesn’t have this photo at home, bummer. So cute! I’m using old photos from a folder labeled for them…

The Crick, 2017

This is an old iPhone photo from 2017 in Michigan, the image has lots of pixel degradation but it’s still worth a repost. I did 18 miles on the bike today, it was a great ride at 66 degrees. I enjoy chatting with random strangers on my rides which is something ex-number three could never understand.

I say it’s a Michigan thing, a state where the people are much more friendly than those here in Nevada or California. New biking photos are up later today.

The 1966 Guest House

Years ago, I climbed around the attic of this old guest house and found newspapers from 1966 up there, it was stinky up there too. Many improvements have been made to the interior making it a great pad for me to stay in while I visit my family. It is a three-bedroom house and there is one bedroom that I never stay in because my ex and I slept in there. All three photos are from the Nikon D3300 body I had in 2019.

That old John Deere manure spreader looks great with flowers!