My Boy and I

Here is me in the bathroom the other morning being a dork and showing my addiction to photography by taking this shot not long after hopping out of bed! My boy is of legal drinking age these days, it’s kind… Read More ›

Pooped Pepper

Pepper is ten years old and has the hip issues that German Shepard dogs get as they age. With proper medication, she has been able to run a little and keep up with Blondie. Her quality of life is still… Read More ›

A Fur Ball with Eyelashes

Isn’t Blondie sooo cute! I’ve never seen a dog with eyelashes like hers, they must be the envy of many hooman women? I still want to bring her back home with me!

Blow Over

My buddy in Michigan sent me this video, I had to upload it because it shows very dramatically what happened to my father circa 1968 where his boat flipped, tossed him, hit him and broke a rib which punctured a… Read More ›

TD At Flint Bishop

I will be landing at this airport tomorrow afternoon again if the weather permits. This Michigan native doesn’t like the cold weather or snow these days, looking forward to seeing my family of course but not the white shit.

The Ornament

Leading the way on an antique car is this stylish hood ornament, we don’t make classy items like this today…