Blondie the Labradoodle lives with my dad in Michigan, I made her head the feature haha!

Police Officer

This dude is a mannequin at my folk’s party room in Michigan. He has a full body in police uniform but this shot was just his head with the Nikon, last Christmas. His hand is on his police pistol… Do… Read More ›

Dart Board

This dart board hangs in my dad’s man cave in Michigan, the fridgy is always well stocked with pop, beer and liquor along with snacks nearby. Don’t mind the shotguns in the corner… Click the board, looks better bigger.

Missing You

I miss you mother. We all miss you mom. God called you home six years ago, and six years we have missed you dearly. We will be together again one day mom, and we will walk across Heaven together full… Read More ›

Lapeer, Michigan

A little city I am very familiar with after the decades! While processing these photos I was struck by the contrasts in life style between Michigan and Nevada. The colour of the sky, the road conditions. Funny looking traffic lights…. Read More ›

South Branch, Flint River

This smaller river flows into the Flint River which eventually flows into the Great Lakes system. This is my folk’s place in Michigan where I had worked for twenty years doing lawn work and more. A little Nepotism never hurt… Read More ›