May Fifth, 2021

Early last year, I hopped on a big jet plane and flew home to Michigan for a quick visit with the family, great fun! Here are just five photos from what must be 200 photos taken. I used the tiny Sony RX100 Mark 7 camera which I have since sold. I’m not going to hop on the bike today because the damn wind is once again howling, welcome to winter days in Las Vegas! That’s OK, my bum needs a day off from that seat. I did see a guy riding a road bike this morning though on Lake Mead Boulevard complete with his very colorful riding outfit and super skinny bike tires. Not an electric bike, hah!

Truths Of Days Of Old

In my view, if you remember these things then you are very lucky to have lived those years. The meme that mentions giving you something to cry about is related to a conversation I’m having with some brainwashed dolt on Instagram this morning. This person believes that disciplining your child is abuse.

My reply was that we grew up having respect for our parents, elders, and people in general. The politically correct army has brainwashed this poor bastard and I feel sorry for him. This kind of thinking will only lead to more anarchism. I am so grateful that I was born in 1960 and have such great parents and family. Amen.