Among My Mountains

Ahh yes, it’s so good to be home again among my beautiful mountains! The Mojave Desert is a very beautiful place to live. How was your Monday? I have two things on the agenda today which is nice after running around like a headless chicken yesterday. Sunshine and 58 degrees for today, hello, sunshine!

Bird House With A Metal Roof

These country birds have it pretty darn good, don’t they! They seem to have brought their own home all the way from California too. I guess they too got sick and tired of the taxes and statewide mismanagement…

Well, I’m heading home tomorrow after eighteen days away and I am so ready to go! But, it was very difficult to say goodbye to my dad this evening. A big hug, and  an I love you so much dad and off he went to bed. So difficult.

Feel The Heat

Last night, my sister and I went to dinner at the White Horse Inn again. On the way out of the restaurant, I snapped this photo quickly, the iPhone 15 did a darn nice job, didn’t it?

Walking near the restaurant outside you could smell the wonderful scent of a fireplace and see the smoke slowly rising into the crisp night air. Inside, the fire cast a warm glow and plenty of heat into the main dining area but nobody was seated too close to the fire.

The place smelled so good from the fire and the always so delicious food this place serves! We have never had a bad meal here. A high temperature of just 45 degrees is up for today, brr!

Should I wear long pants today? People give me a funny look seeing a guy wearing short pants at this time of year, but the truth is that I very much dislike wearing long pants because they make me feel hot and they are heavy and bulky. I wear shorts year-round at home. Click the pic for a larger view.

CaCa Weather

Rain and gray sky, that is all I saw all day today. It’s almost funny that I used to like living in my home state! The big left hand will always be home though, like it or not. Today was a very good day for my dad and tomorrow will be as nice because of what we have planned.

That said, after being up here for most of November, I am very ready to fly home soon. But then comes the worry. My sister will be short handed in helping our dad yet I still need to go home to take care of certain responsibilities. Caring for your elderly parent is nothing short of exhausting yet a labor of love.

Partly sunny and 41 degrees are up for tomorrow here, blah blah blah! 😑😂

Sarah’s Gang

This is another example of my mother’s very creative mind! years ago, her and dad traveled a lot to different car shows. Along the way mother would visit craft shows and shops to find things like what you see in the photo to decorate their home. Mother passed 12 years ago yet dad hasn’t changed anything in the entire home, Everything is as it was, this is called true love in my opinion after 64 years of wedded bliss. A high temperature of just 42 degrees is on for today, too bloody cold for this Las Vegas resident!

Meeting Marly

Marly, also known as Moose, is my daughter and her husband’s horse. You may have seen him and my daughter in previous posts and the many ribbons for the competitions she and they have won. Marly is a huge dude, a very strong and powerful horse!

When I fed him carrots and apples, it was obvious that I lack experience with these animals as I dropped the apple for fear of having my fingers amputated! It was a great visit at the barns today where they rent space for Marly.

Big hugs for my daughter and her husband, he’s a great guy and my entire family loves him! 30 degrees for tonight, and sunshine with a high of just 44 degrees for tomorrow, too cold!

Beauty In The Desert

In the middle of nowhere where Las Vegas is, you can find so much beauty in a city of over one million people crazy enough to want to live where the summer heat can exceed 110 degrees!

I love being one of those crazy people. My dad is home from the hospital again as of late yesterday which is so wonderful. I hope he stays out of there this time.

Sunshine and just 47 freaking cold degrees are the forecast for today in my area of Michigan. Las Vegas, I do miss you!

A Colorful Sunrise

This iPhone 15 image was snapped while driving to the hospital to be with Dad this morning. Talk about a very lucky point-and-shoot! 64 degrees was the high temperature today which is a bit warm for November but hey, who’s complaining? I am very tired today, it’s amazing how tired you can be after a day of hanging around in a hospital doing not much of anything. I’m sure that some of you can relate to this…

A Taste Of Home

Just one old photo from two or more years ago for you this early morning when it’s six in the morning, or three in the morning back home in my beautiful Mojave Desert. My dad is coming home from the hospital (again) sometime today. The man is a real fighter.

I’m doing okay and seem to be adjusting to the Eastern time zone which is a bit of a bummer because the Pacific time zone is in my future. This wreaks havoc with your sleep pattern! How have been lately?

A Michigan Morning Sun

This morning was cold at 32 degrees which left the grass frosty and the air crispy, it was nice. I am having real problems trying to upload and download anything from my iPhone to my cloud storage and back down, so I may have to cease daily posts for a while which sucks.

Perhaps every other day or something but this is so ridiculous! The upload/download speeds are around 600kbps tops which just won’t work for photography files. Welcome to what is basically dial-up. The 5G cell system isn’t worth two cents!

This is so frustrating since my home internet is 50mbps up and 300mbps down. Also, the camera setting is wrong, it is saving in the wrong format, I am really screwing it up! Our family Christmas today was so wonderful, it’s very rare that we are all in one place.

As family passes, our gatherings get smaller and smaller and this really hurts.

The Village Blue Sky

These are photos from my last bike ride before I headed north to Michigan, that beautiful Mojave Desert blue sky is wonderful isn’t it! Today will be a wonderful day because it is our very early family Christmas! It’s so rare to get everyone together, lots of hugs, smiles, and great food are to come.

We are having this even earlier this year at my dad’s request due to his health. I am very slowly getting used to the Eastern time zone again after being home in Nevada and the Pacific time zone for three weeks. This is really tough on your bio-clock as I call it!

Cloudy and just 46 cold degrees are up for today but at least there is no snow in the forecast, yay!