Mother Made

These photos are several years old, my mother loved to create things every day in her craft room. She made a beautiful electric lamp for me out of an old oil lamp which is in my bedroom now. So many beautiful creations including the vase you see here. Sadly, my ex took this with her when we divorced which makes me unhappy. I’m glad that I haven’t spoken with her in six years… That’s all that I have left from marriage. Bitterness.

Tall Girl On A Tall Horse

Yesterday, my sister sent me this photo and some videos of my daughter on her very large horse, she was once again at another competition and doing extremely well. You go, girl! Sunny and 104 degrees today, I may try taking the bike out for a quick spin in the heat.

Happy Father’s Day!

LVPB wishes all fathers out there a wonderful father’s day. I love my dad so much, wishing I were there with him today but a phone call is the next best thing. I made this image sometime last year, it’s dad, old me, young me, and dad racing his outboard boat back in the day. I’ll send this photo to him again this morning.

Grungy Bullets And Liquor

That blue chair that Blondie is on was my mother’s, she spent many happy hours there doing crossword puzzles and watching her favorite TV shows. Those bullets and liquor have been sitting there for a very long time. Why I don’t know but the booze is probably still good, you can go ahead and test it! Sunshine and 108 degrees are the forecast for today, yet another toasty day in Las Vegas, a rainy day would be great for a change…