Mom’s Bell

Each time I visit home I bring back with me a couple of small things that my mother had. This little bell is one of two things I brought back this time. I used the new Tamron macro lens for… Read More ›

The 1847 Courthouse

when I visit home I usually seem to end up downtown photographing the old courthouse. It’s because I want to try for better photos of the old structure. The courthouse was undergoing some work when I visited this past week…. Read More ›

Flower Box

Flowers above, flowers below! The side of my folks’ place in Michigan during my recent trip! ❤️

Blondie’s Chair

Or so she believes! This chair used to be in the house, my mother used it every single day whilst doing her crossword puzzles and other things. It’s very special to me to sit in this chair. Mother passed in… Read More ›

The Barn

This is likely the best photo I’ve taken to date of this old barn. This and another barn were once used for breeding horses. Today it houses old cars and some storage items. I used the 35mm lens on my… Read More ›

Blondie’s Face

How could you not love a face like hers! Blondie has been on the blog before, this is a very recent photo of her from just the other day up in Michigan. She is now over two years young and… Read More ›