Adding Lantana to The Backyard

Last night, I thought about adding some color to the two pots on either side of the yard. Last year, they had Indian Blanket flowers which looked great but died off. Lantana is commonly used here for both homes and other places such as office building complexes. It’s easy to maintain according to the folks I’ve spoken with, we shall see how they do as I follow the watering guidelines given to me at the nursery. It will add a nice pop of color to the backyard.

With luck, the Lantana will spill over the edge to the ground.

Desert Wildflowers

I have zero idea what plant this is but they grow wild around the desert. This plant was photographed in Calico Basin the other day. Others were drawn to it too, wondering what the heck is this wonderful flower saying ooooh and ahhhh!

Wild Flowers in Calico Basin

Two oldies of yellow wildflowers in Calico Basin located west of Las Vegas several miles. A favorite place for photography and hiking as well as rock climbing. I’ve seen countless cars from the States and Canada that have apparently come to this rock climbers paradise.

The Oleanders

This flower I do know! I’ve mentioned before recently that I do not like these damn flowers as they are toxic to pets, and make a hell of a mess in my backyard when the flowers finally croak.

Gladly, my neighbor very recently cut them down along our common border, or block wall actually as that is what we use here instead of chain fences. I’m so grateful that I let him use my rubbish bin to help him get that crap out of his backyard that much faster! Thank you, neighbor!


These iPhone photos were taken yesterday while walking between the pharmacy and the party store. They are great looking flowers of course yet I strongly dislike them. Why?

They are poisonous to pets, and I am sick of pruning these damn things away from my side of the lot line in the backyard. The neighbour is being a lazy jerk who doesn’t know that these are bushes, not trees that have grown to fifteen or so foot tall.

Wake up buddy, get a damn clue about home maintenance!

Tiny Flowers

The tiny flowers bloomed on a bush along my driveway, I didn’t know the bush would produce them. The palm photo was also taken today when it was nice and sunny and about 72 degrees. Now it’s overcast, super windy and there are rain squalls over the valley that are shooting bolts of lightning to the ground. Our weather is on drugs…

Have a Beeutiful Day!

One reason I like to shoot at as high a resolution as possible is this photo which is seriously cropped down to get a good zoom or focus on the bee busily buzzing about doing it’s job. buzzzz!

The Bee in The Tree

Here are a couple more flower photos from today. I brightened these photos up much more than the previous images.Β  I was right up on the tree with the bee’s, managed to escape the stingers. 😬😎

The Bees in The Trees

This afternoon I took a short wander in the truck, stopped by a local park. These gorgeous trees were almost begging me to photograph them. Getting very close, it became very apparent that all of these trees were covered in cute little bees doing their pollination thing. A wonderful sound to go along with the lovely flowers that are madly blooming! Buzzzz!! I have a few more of these to upload.

The Bloom

Early this morning I noticed my neighbor’s tree has begun it’s bloom again. Of course I had to grab a few photos! Homes in my neighbourhood are very close together so this tree is almost too large for it’s location.

It’s just the way some neighbourhoods are built here. My home was constructed in 1996. I took some photos of this tree last year as it bloomed, beautiful! What I do not like about this tree is in autumn, it has these huge squishy berries that go splat when they hit my sidewalk thereby staining the concrete.

Out comes my stiff bristled garage floor broom and a bucket of water as soon as possible to scrape the damned stains off. The tree is both beautiful and a pain in the ass!

I love my new Nikon Z6!


Tiny Little Bugs

After snapping those bug photos earlier I snapped these flower photos, note those teeny tiny little bugs enjoying their teeny tiny little day and life. What do bugs think about? Do bugs even have a brain? Sadly, I must say that some folk around here have less than a bug’s brain… Especially behind the wheel of a car.


The Indian Blankets are still managing to grow in my backyard, I had to prune away several dead flowers again then gave the plant it’s every other day watering. This little bug was hanging around the plant today so I grabbed the Tamron 60mm lens and got to work. I snapped over one dozen photos of the flowers and this bug but most of them went into File Thirteen. Oooops! Some days ya just can’t get a decent photo…

In a couple days I will be heading out of town for about one week. I’ll be in Michigan for a day and a half or so, then fire up the big rig (not mine) and be heading south for Florida. I’ll fly back to Las Vegas from that big city on a yet to be determined date. I’m looking forward to the trip, I’ve not drove this route in a few years. So, new photos (or very few) will be added during this time. I may take the iPad which would be far easier than using the phone should I upload anything. Should I take the Nikon? Or just use the iPhone?

Ain’t he just so cute?

Pushing Back Up

All the flowers died off so I cropped them back a week or more ago, they are slowly coming back! No green thumb have I my friends, I’m trying to save them anyway! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ»