Good Morning My Flower People

Just two more flower pics from yesterday for ya! Daily high temps will fall into the 80s later this week so it appears that the fall cool down is beginning which means the eBike will be back on the road more. 93 degrees is up for today though. Happy Monday!

Biking Pics

Just two iPhone photos from today’s 14-mile ride. The new battery did a great job too. Some of you may have noticed that LVPB was down for a few hours today, well, that is because of yours truly.

There was a weather widget in the sidebar that was decommissioned by the builder and my admin panel alerted me to this. I deleted that widget and looked for a new one in the Plugins pages. I chose a widget that hadn’t been tested for the current version of WordPress, and that is what took the entire site down.

I’ll take the hit for this, I wasn’t being careful with choices… An email to the folks at JetPack got the site back up. They deactivated the rotten plugin that I could not access due to the specific page I needed could not be loaded. Having the Business plan has its moments, eh?

Not A Mellow Yellow!

More like screaming yellow! I captured this view with the iPhone 12 while waiting for someone to be done with the ATM this morning. My feet were actually stinging from the powerful desert sun in my flip-flops as I waited. The newest forecast for the valley shows that a high of 111 degrees will be the norm for the next few days… Thatis has been a bit hotter than normal summer so far. How hot is it in your neck of the woods?