Creosote bushes thrive in this part of the Mojave Desert. I don’t know why they have this name but creosote is not something you want hanging around in your chimney flu, it’s great for starting house fires…

Oleander Blooms

I snapped these photos last eve while waiting for a sunset photo which didn’t happen… The flowers look nice but my neighbour seriously needs to prune this tree which is actually a bush!


Here’s another pretty find from my desert walk yesterday! Not sure what this is but it looks nice. ❤️

Yellow Flowers and Desert Views

Hi all! I took a brief stroll in the desert today and took several photos, here is the first set. So beautiful today with temps in the seventies and a light breeze to accompany that beautiful sunshine. Mojave beauty!

Joshua Tree Blooms

During my short walk in the desert this morning I came across a Joshua Tree that seems to be ready to burst with big buds or pods Like I saw last summer. I’ve not seen them at this stage so… Read More ›