Chicken Lunch

This breast needed cooking soon, or it needed to be frozen so I made lunch of it along with some macaroni salad. Yum! I like them fried on the range top or on the grill, but it’s too windy today for grilling.  The wind tends to nearly blow the flames out!

Egg Me

Good morning from the valley! I was up and around just before six today and stepped outside with a new portable weather station which told me the temperature at the time was eighty-three degrees. At six AM! One hundred degrees is forecast for today. My egg yolks were too solid again, maybe I should have had a bowl of chili instead… 😂

A Chicken Breast Lunch

Yep, just the chicken breast and a few 50% less sodium Lay’s Classic chips! I ate most of the chicken, the rest goes in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Less sodium chips, yay for Lay’s! Hopping around WordPress today, it came to mind that events around the world are having an effect on the blogging community. My stats have changed in the last two weeks, have yours?

Heat You Can Eat!

While at the grocer yesterday, I couldn’t resist grabbing the correct ingredients for another hot pot -o- deliciousness despite telling myself I’d take a break. I’m weak, sue me! This pot is a bit too hot though, it got to my poor tum-tum. I can tame the heat a bit though… How about some homemade chicken noodle soup next time? I have a new recipe for Scalloped Potatoes too!

The Mandolin Slicer

Some of you will remember a while back I sliced the heck outta my left thumb underneath with a knife while slicing a potato. Smooth move, ex-lax. Hence, I purchased this wonderful Mandolin slicer. I gave it a try yesterday afternoon right after it showed up, thank you, Amazon! It works so well! I’ll give it a try again soon, yummy!


A few days ago, my next-door neighbors texted me asking if I would like a pizza as they are making them today for a party they are hitting and made one for me, I said sure! OM Gosh!

This pizza oven is wood-fired which I don’t think I’ve ever had. It’s so incredibly delicious! Of course, I had to get the photos as I like to take food photos basically anywhere. By the way, these folks own a mobile pizza business they run from a trailer on weekends. I’m a customer!

Baked Chicken with Macaroni Salad

Today’s lunch was yummy! This chicken breast needed to be cooked soon or it would have gone down the garbage disposal in the sink. I ate the salad right out of the tub since I live alone, just like I chug milk right out of the jug.

My mother always knew when I was doing this when I was a kid. How did she know?

Should the chicken have been cooked on the grille outback, it would have had butter and a bit more seasonings on top but as-is, the flavor was great, and no butter was flaming up inside the Breville countertop oven. My Breville Oven.

My full-size oven under the range top has never been used after more than one year!

Hard Yolks

This morning I overcooked the yolks, no runny yolk to be soaked up with toast! It could be worse… I drove by one of my local favorite breakfast joints today to see if it’s open and it is! Omlet and Hash Browns soon… Yumz!

It’s Burger Time!

Yep, once again I’ve whipped up two delish burgers built with the 96/4 lower fat ground beef. And once again it’s far too windy to use the Weber grill in the backyard, grrrr!! At least this time I’ve got an onion to top off the burgers, yummy! I love to eat raw onions.

I was going to do a rare thing and stop by McDeath but then remembered I have fries and beef at home. Probably better for me than Ronald’s salt-saturated beef and fries. I drove out of the city briefly this morning to Calico Basin for some photos, those are up next.

No Onions, Dang It!

These two burgers were part of a four-pack, the other two went into my spaghetti from a few days before. Since they needed to be cooked soon or be tossed, I got to work with the frying pan. I really wanted some onions!

I’m going to the grocer at noon today, complete with the new face mask so I’ll grab a couple onions and lots of other items.

The shelves in my local store have slowly refilled with certain items that were hoarded by greedy people thinking only of themselves when this coronavirus hit us all.

Double My Heat!

Some like it hot, some not. It’s really hot outside today to the point that I will wait until dark or until the morning to attempt to reconnect my garden hose in the backyard. The damn threads have all but been stripped by previous owners of the home, hence I may have to have a plumber out to replace it since I’m not good with that stuff.

It doesn’t help either that the wall may need to be cut out around the pipe as the spigot is at the wall. That was a stupid move by someone many years ago. Why not change the other spigot too? At least it isn’t buried in the stucco!

Anyway, this pot of chili isn’t as hot as the previous pot I made but it will leave your mouth burning for a couple of minutes when you are done! Friday is supposed to be as hot as today, then a cooling trend into the nineties!!


Today I strapped the mask back on my skull and headed for Albertsons for some provisions, my cupboards were looking a bit thin! Of course, I grabbed the ingredients for chili! No photo of that yet. It will have it’s standard six hours slow-cook time at 7:30 tonight, yum!!

Chicken Food

I woke up this morning knowing what was for breakfast! I’ve got to hit the grocer today as my food stocks are a bit low. And that is the extent of my plans today…

Macro Grease

Here’s yet another oldie photo from when I had the Nikon D3300 and the Tamron 60mm macro lens. I was probably finding random items to test my skill with the new lens.

The D3300 was sold a few months ago directly after purchasing the new Nikon Z6 series body and it’s 24-70mm lens.

This June, Nikon will release the 70-200mm zoom lens for the new body and boy do I want that lens! I could pre-order it but I’ll wait until it’s available at my favourite local camera store.

A nasty, greasy mess!

Two Breakfasts

I admit it. I’m a guy who takes photos of his food in restaurants for which I’ve received several funny looks. Too bad my fellow diner, I’m addicted to photography! Deal with it… It helps keeps me sane, more so in today’s environment! These two photos were taken here in my home whilst in full couch potato mode, obviously I forget about photos I take with the iPhone. Yummy!


I have driven by this place a few times and never stopped in. The architecture is very odd which leads me to think that it may have been built forty or more years ago? The website has no information on its beginnings. Should I have been born and raised in Las Vegas I may have known this. They have very pricey steaks!