Deep Fried

Several days ago, I ordered a low-dollar deep frier since I’ve missed having freshly fried taters at home. Last night, I put this little baby to work, and as you can see, it did a dandy job browning and crisping these little white potatoes. I had an almost full bag of taters, but they were getting a tiny bit soft so I tossed all but two. I’ll buy them just two at a time instead so’s not to waste them which sucks. They were soo deliciousness!

The Noob Pot

Here is my next pot of deliciousness made yesterday! There’s zero chicken in this one, just my usual recipe made just the way I love it. If you’ve followed for a while then your aware of my love for chili since I was a child. Yum! Never believe that chili is just for chilly weather. ❤️

Have Pig Will Cook!

As I suspected, the rubber gasket inside the valve of the tank/pig I got yesterday was defective. A new tank this morning sealed up just fine, hence I brought these chicken patties out and tossed them on! Yum. They cook differently than a regular chicken breast does.