Unusual Cakes You’ll Like!

My buddy in Michigan sent this cool video to me this morning. I had zero idea a cake could look so incredibly real. If you didn’t look at them directly you may not recognise it as a cake! I’ve tried different code to align the video to center, it keeps fighting to stay left… Whatever.

Palmy Skies

These photos were taken yesterday around mid afternoon after a few rain showers had moved out of the valley. The palm tree looks really nice at this angle doesn’t it? This morning I made a food, water and beer run and found good success at a local chain market store. I added more water to the supply I have stashed and bought several new food items to add to my stockpile. Wow, how things have changed. I believe this situation will pass in time. Be safe my friends!


You read that title correctly! The other day in the grocery store I was hunting for Angel Hair noodles but guess what? Every. Single. Box. of noodles were gone except this one box of Wheat Lasagna noodles. What a crock. Without going on a rant about this I will say that cooking these noodles took much more time than Angel Hair noodles of course.

Is it any good? Well, I’ve never been a fan of Wheat noodles but they do work. It’s rather time consuming to break up the large, flat noodles as they very slowly soften in the 212+ degree water. This ‘dish’ is edible but eating the thicker noodles is an odd texture and takes a bit more chewing. Yuk. But it’s decent and filling. Honestly, I am grateful for this Lasagnaghetti.

It doesn’t look too delectable but it’s decent and keeps you going. πŸ™πŸ»

Amazon Can’t Deliver Peanuts On Time?

I had given up on getting these two bottles of unsalted peanuts that I can’t find in stores anywhere in town! What the hell, Amazon? I’m not a huge fan of this behemoth company but will purchase certain items from them occasionally. Then yesterday I received this email from them. OK, Amazon. I’ve drove by your mega behemoth warehouse in the northeast area of the valley a few times. And in all that space, there are zero bottles of unsalted peanuts? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‘

In The Kitchen

In the kitchen very early this morning the sun shone brightly through the old glass block windows and the front window. Since I’ve decided to stay home all weekend, I have to come up with something to upload! This is mostly because I’m a serious homebody, I mean why purchase this home if I’m not going to be here, right?

Anyway, my kitchen cabinets were rebuilt last year as the original 1996 wooden cabinets were taking their last breaths you could say. By the way, if you’ve followed along here long enough you already know that I tossed two Keurig coffee machines in 2019.

They are junk in my not so humble opinion, and I sent an email to Keurig about this telling them how dependable this plain old and simple Mr. Coffee machine is. That’s around three hundred bucks worth of coffee machine gone, that’s bullshit! Honestly, the coffee that the Mr. Coffee machine makes tastes much smoother and better anyway!

A Late Breakfast

After refilling a couple scrips at the pharmacy I had time before the doctor appointment for a bite. It was as tasty as ever, thank you Denny’s! I’ve loved a good omlette since I was very young…