Crazy Colours!

Early this afternoon I took a short joyride to this tasty restaurant for one of their wonderfully delicious burritos. Forget Roberto’s and Taco Hell, this is apples and oranges different. No photo yet, but the burrito isn’t cheap at $8.00 bucks a pop but it’s well worth every red cent. The beautiful mural is located inside this restaurant!

It’s about 83F right now with abundant sunshine, perfect. I don’t think the weather will be anything like this back in Michigan in a few days. It’s so weird too because I’m used to near-constant sunshine, palm trees, and mountains.

Return of The Noid

Do you remember the 1980s cartoon character the Noid? Domino’s Pizza created the character back then and this goofy guy has stuck with me all these years so to see a TV commercial with the Noid again was pretty funny and cool. The Domino’s franchise is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and my home state. Read about Domino’s history.

Are you annoyed by the Noid?

Thoughts on The Nord VPN

About two weeks ago, I installed the Nord VPN system on my MacBook, iMac, iPad, and iPhone. At this time I have no complaints whatsoever about the application. As promised by the company, the installation and setup process was almost too easy and the system just got to work right away.

I believe that most of, if not everyone that uses the internet today will agree that there are far too many sickos out there trying to steal your identity or commit any other evil deed that they can think of to hurt innocent people. Hence, the invention of the VPN system.

I do feel more secure while I’m online now, but also that none of us should drop our guard while online. It’s not unlike my being fully vaccinated yet I will continue to wear my mask and carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser while out and about. About the photos, this was yesterday morning at The Cracked Egg restaurant, delicious!

Lunch With Out Of Town Friends

Today I met with some online friends who used to blog here on WordPress and used Instagram too. We have known each other via the web for three years now. Since they were in town we met up at a fun restaurant next door to the world-famous Pawn Stars shop, the same one you see on the television.

This restaurant is owned by Rick Harrison who owns the pawnshop. The food there is absolutely delicious! We three had a nice chat about many things including WordPress. The other photos were taken on the way home from lunch. Today is so beautiful, sunshine and 85 perfect degrees.

I have several more photos from today to share, please stick around!

Cuke Me

I love cukes. Since eating pickles is bad for my blood pressure, why not eat them before they become riddled with sodium? The organic cukes have a better taste and texture than the others do, why this is I don’t know but there is a yummy difference. Splash a little bit of Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on them, bingo, a delicious snack! And some of you thought I ate no veggies. Canned veggies are OK if they are the low-sodium kind but frozen is good too.

Fire Up That Grille!

This morning I had some thin-sliced chicken in the fridge that needed cooking before it expires so I fired up the Weber gas grille in the backyard and got to work. I just couldn’t resist eating some of it, now there’s about half of what I cooked left on the plate, so juicy and delicious! I hope your Easter has been wonderful. I’m watching a local church here online as I type this post up and process the photos. He is love, He is Jesus, my saviour.