Good Chicken Soup

Yesterday afternoon I put together a big pot of chicken soup which was delicious this morning! I tend to make the pot too large but it will stay good in the fridgy for a long time, looks delicious, right? 90 degrees is forecast for today, time to fire up the air conditioning again! happy weekend.

At Firehouse Subs

On the way home yesterday, I stopped at Firehouse Subs for a delicious steak and cheese sub. So good! Each location has a large mural in it, this one is a bit different than the location I usually visit. Each mural reflects the city and landscapes outside of the city. A portion of the company’s profits are donated to help firefighters, this company was founded by firefighters for firefighters. A delicious idea!

Super Hot Chili!

I wasn’t intending to make this fresh pot so damn hot but boy is it! I use Rotel in every pot I make, but I purchased one can of Chipotle, and one can of Habanero. Oops, there’s the temperature difference. Add that to the usual pack of Hot chili spices I add. Will you stop by my place and have your mouth scorched!

It’s such a beautiful day today, I have the windows open to let the fresh air flow through the entire home. It’s that rare and short time each autumn and spring when I can do this and it’s so nice. It reminds me of a Michigan spring but you can’t leave the screens out or the doors open because of the nasty mosquitos!

Shelled Peanuts

I got ahold of some peanuts and tore into them, it’s been a long time since I did this, it was tasty. The other photos are from yesterday’s bike ride. Yes, redundant photos, sorry! Today’s forecast is for 81 degrees and partly cloudy skies. Grocery shopping is in my future today, the cupboards are getting mighty bare!

Beef Burrito and Seasoned Rice

This lunch is as good as it looks! I add spicy sauce to the rice to further spice it a bit as well as the burrito. I haven’t been here in a while so it’s time, following this company on Instagram keeps me going back for more, haha! I wish it wasn’t almost $15 bucks though. Our windstorm is still rocking but not as bad as it was last night when the home was creaking in the sixty-plus mile-per-hour wind!

The Midnight Snack

I was burning the midnight oil last night, or should I say this morning so I popped my favorite frozen pizza in the countertop oven for sixteen minutes at 400 degrees for a quick fix of deliciousness. Today will heat up nicely in the valley with 88 warm degrees and full sunshine, I love the Mojave Desert!

Delivery Completed

Every other day or so recently, I have been dropping food and water off for a homeless man living on one of the pedestrian/bike bridges I cross on my rides. He was not there today but his blankets were so I pulled one down off of the rail and used it to cover up the bag of goodies I dropped off and then I left.

I’ve spoken with him a couple of times now and he seems a very nice man who is way down on his luck. I wish that I could do so much more for him but it’s not really possible. There is more I can say on this but I’ll leave it there. This country is ridiculous.

Our loser government is wasting billions on weapons and so much more while its citizens go hungry and die on the streets. Piss me off. I’ll stop right there before I get really angry here.

The other thing I want to vent about is that the last two, perhaps three times I’ve been out riding the bike I have been cut off and nearly avoided incursions with cars. I’m becoming very frustrated with this BS. Last week, I was even cut off in my own neighborhood!

I followed the driver down to the traffic light and gave them a good ass-chewing. Today, an ugly four-door pickup did the same thing just down the road from my home, and, I know who the SOB is too, he lives on my street! I am considering taking some time away from riding to let myself simmer down.

The bike needs another tune-up anyway, the brake system is acting up and something is out of alignment too. I’ll take the bike to the shop tomorrow. At least nobody can run me over while I’m behind the wheel of a 4000-pound pickup truck…

Lunch At Wahoo’s

After my teeth were spiffed up, I walked down the sidewalk a short distance to try lunch at Wahoos. I’d never tried their food so I grabbed two chicken tacos and brown rice to go. It was so delicious! I should have snapped a photo before I inhaled it. I really like the fun decor in this place too which also sports a beautiful bar and several large-screen TVs to satisfy the hungry and drunk sports nutters. I tried to strike up a conversation with the pretty bartender but she was not friendly at all. I felt as though I wasn’t there. Just another stuck-up wench!

Gray Peanuts and Blue Sky

That blue sky in the backyard was photographed two days ago, and those delicious gray peanuts a few days ago, yuck! They were an attempt at making those seasoned, spicy unsalted peanuts. Hello, trash bin! Partly sunny and 75 degrees today, a good day for a bike ride?

The Oops Chili

It’s really good chili, but I didn’t read the can label correctly and brought home with three cans of mild pinto beans instead of one can of pinto beans and two cans of dark red kidney beans. It does affect the flavor but it’s still okay. Just damn hot! I got some chores done today, wipe the truck down, prune the bushes and cut the little yellow berries off of the Mediterranean Fan Palm out front, a chore that needs to be done each spring because the berries draw vermin in like scorpions. The other photos are from the backyard while cooking.

A Dip In The Road And Tacos!

Everyone loves a good taco, don’t they! I should check this event out coming up next month, yum. The dippy photo is a full-zoom photo looking almost due north at the end of what is called the Las Vegas Range, mostly small mountains but Gass Peak is the highest at 6000 feet. What a beautiful day it is! I’ve been working on pulling and killing weeds in the pavers with weed killer and blowing off the droppings of dead frond pieces off of the faux grass in the backyard. It’s been a tough day work-wise but nobody else is gonna do it!