Busted, With No Shame

As I headed home yesterday I went through an alley that I use frequently to avoid the traffic in the parking area out front. About twice per month, I see people ‘dumpster diving’ in these bins. It’s sad and I really do feel bad about this. It could also be an economic indication as well as a result of job loss due to the damned Covid virus.

As I passed this person standing on some plastic trays, she looked at me, I looked at her. Her gaze seemed to me like ‘what the hell are you staring at?’ kind of look. She had two partners who were also raiding the bins. Do they have no shame? Do they simply not give a rat’s ass what other people will think about them? Again, it’s so sad.

Shortly after this, a store employee appeared from the building, walked over to them, and began a conversation with these people I noticed as I was slowly driving away. Obviously, this isn’t healthy for the people and is perhaps illegal too as it should be. I felt as though I should offer them some cash which I rarely carry, for a decent meal.

They Goofed My Food Order

It’s no big deal, right? The restaurant doesn’t make a proper hot turkey sandwich, so I asked them for their standard turkey sandwich and fries, and to simply place the gravy over the top of both the fries and the sandwich.

So simple, right? Well, when I got back home and popped the top of the styrofoam container, I got a surprise. Seriously? They had put the gravy (mmm gravy) on the sandwich only but under the top piece of bread! Duh.

This may have happened for various reasons:

  • My mask could have muffled my speech
  • The restaurant was fairly busy at the time
  • The people employed there may not be native English speakers, common here
  • They don’t understand how we Yanks eat up north

In any case, the sandwich was a disappointment which is very unusual for this restaurant. And I left a nice tip too! Hey, I’m trying to keep our mom-and-pop businesses open to keep we the people fed. It’s no big deal, right?

Some boring iPhone photos, taken while waiting outside, mandatory.

Recent Eats And A 1950s Tire Change

My buddy back in Michigan sent me this video about car racing tire changes then and now, it’s astounding how much faster these folks can do this today, wow! The yummy hamburgers had chopped up onions and seasonings mixed in before cooking. The deep-fried taters were the most recent victim of my new $35 dollar Fry Daddy deep frier. Yummy!

Baked or Fried, Always Delicious!

I got down to some serious cooking yesterday with thin-sliced chicken breasts that needed to be cooked. The three baked pieces were gobbled up right away, so good! I should try dropping a small piece in the new ‘Frydaddy’ deep frier next time. Yum! 😋😋

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Fry Daddy Returns

At the grocery store yesterday I walked down the aisle with the small appliances and saw this little fry daddy. I had one like this many years ago and made an impulse purchase. I had a larger unit that I didn’t really like, it’s now in the bin at the road this morning. This tiny thing deep-fries potatoes way faster than the big unit did, thank you, Mr. Fry Daddy! Yep, a new food post.

For The Health of It!

Here’s a tasty snack I started making a few weeks ago. It’s so simple as you can see in the photo, it’s just these totally delicious pumpkin seeds and unsalted Planter’s Peanuts. Tip, don’t use those cheap peanut brands of peanuts such as our store brand at my local grocer, the difference in taste is obvious to me, anyway. Planter’s peanuts have a richer, bolder flavor to me.

I purchased these pumpkin seeds and unsalted peanuts from Amazon since not one store around here carries either. How do I measure the quantity of peanuts and pumpkin seeds? Simple, I don’t! Just grab roughly one handful of either and plop them in the bowl, then mix them up fully. Next, I add my favorite salt substitute and just a wee bit of black pepper.

Finally, I add just one little teaspoon of Bertolli Extra-Virgin olive oil. Go ahead, stick your hand right down in there, and once again give the seeds and peanuts a really good massage to mix them up nicely. I then allow the mix to sit for a while, about an hour so that the seeds and peanuts have plenty of time to absorb the tasty olive oil. Wash your hands and enjoy!

Big Blue and Some Yellow Too

These are iPhone photos from yesterday, those Taco Hell tacos just can’t compete with good old Roberto’s Tacos! While I was on that ridge yesterday, I took photos with the Nikon, Sony RX100, and the trusty old iPhone 10. I have no desire to upgrade to the latest iPhone at all. Speaking of iPhones, I am going to my carrier’s local store to see if I can get a better monthly price.