In-n-Out Burgers and Chili Chicken

The burger sign with two palm trees is kinda silly, but I took the shot anyway. I’ve never had a burger from this place but I did have a good look at their website and the company history which is a long one. The chicken is the usual thin-sliced chicken my local store sells and it’s even better with my chili slathered on it. What’s your pleasure? Greasy hamburgers or chicken and chili?

Let’s Get Frying and Baking!

Here are some iPhone snaps from late last eve, I’m a late-night chef, aye? I really like these very thin-sliced, hand-trimmed chicken breasts the local store has every day, it fries or bakes very quickly and has a dandy flavor the way I season it. Wanna try a few bites with me? I also poured a bit of my new pot of chili over these pieces, always delicious. Nobody goes hungry here!