A Steak Lunch

Once in a while I grab a small pack of steaks for a quick lunch. I wanted to use the backyard grille but it’s just too windy. The grille will nearly blow out which isn’t good with the liquid propane… Read More ›

A Quick Lunch!

I’ve had a pound of beef in the fridgy for a few days that needed to be on my backyard grille soon before it goes nasty, so here it is. Yummy! I didn’t have any relish or whatever else but… Read More ›

A Hot Dog Lunch

While hitting Lowe’s yesterday looking for a Gazing Ball, I saw this hotdog and sandwich shoppe across the parking lot. Feeling a bit hungry I took the walk over there to check the place out. I’ve been fancying a dog… Read More ›

Pop -n- Coffee

Here in the Desert Southwest people refer to Pop as Soda, this sounds so dumb to me! I use the word Pop in restaurants, I sometimes get that look which says your not from here are you? No, I’m not… Read More ›


This was once on the wall in my apartment kitchen – I removed it. Uhg.

Chili Time!

Chili has been calling my name recently even though I stopped making it months ago due to the salt content. Well, all I can say is I love making and eating my smokin’ hot chili! Burn me up baby! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž

Missin’ Makin’ Chili!

A few months ago I stopped making my homemade chili due to the sodium content. Well, I’m wanting to round up the ingredients for a fresh pot soon! Maybe today? Would you like to try a bowl? These photo are… Read More ›