Old Utensils

I purchased this little bucket of knives, spoons and forks several weeks ago. A couple days ago I purchased Tarn-X to clean them up – way too much for me to want to work with! So back in the bucket… Read More ›

Coffee Keeps You Focused!

I purchased this one-cupper a few weeks ago as it’s far smaller and fits in my kitchen much better. I also tend to drink just one cuppa per day, anything more and my brain becomes scrambled and I get jittery!

A Pot of Heat

So here’s the next pot of heat! I use the same basic ingredients in each pot, but there are always slight variations in the flavour of the chili. Regardless, it’s my own super simple recipe that’s simply delicious!

No Talking

This couple sat at the table for several minutes never saying one word to each other. Hmmm….