A Late Night Burger

A couple nights ago I had some serious munchies going on so I took two store-made burger patties and mashed them together to create one big mega burger. As you can see in the photos, it was a chunky burger… Read More ›

Cooking Success and Fails

As I whipped up something to munch for breakfast this morning I thought about things I’ve tried to make, some good some bad. The chicken breasts aren’t hard to make of course, but the round black bricks could have been… Read More ›

A Black Bear Omlette

Or is it spelt Omlet? Either spelling is rejected by my spell check. I did a quick search for the correct spelling and didn’t find much about which is correct. It’s been spelt either way and other ways too. Anyway,… Read More ›


Some of you really liked the flags at the park yesterday so here are the remaining photos I wasn’t going to use. This morning we have sunshine and a temperature hovering around 47 degrees at the moment. I’ve got some… Read More ›

Mountain Chili

New schedule – I’m uploading just once or twice per day now, that’s the new schedule around here, I’ve got to slow the pace down! I have spent most of new years day being a couch potato but did head… Read More ›