Loop Trip

During yet another trip to the pharmacy, I decided to go west just out of town for some random photos for the blog. It’s a beautiful day again but a bit cool. I forgot that it’s Saturday which means the recreation lands out there are stuffed full of people. I stopped at Moenkopi Road instead of going farther in.

So here they are, there is another set yet to be processed behind this one. On a different note, my doorbell camera recorded someone trying to enter my home last night around 2AM. I am going to take the video to my local police station on Monday morning.

I have a great video of this asshole to show the police, I hope that I can help the police catch this guy. Maybe he has prior arrests. The police are your friends, people, regardless of what the current crop of young hooligans say.

Back To The Valley Of Fire

I really need to take the ride north to the Valley Of Fire again, it’s been a long time. The rock formations and colors are crazy beautiful there. There are two ways to get there. The fastest is taking the 15 freeway north from Las Vegas. The most beautiful way to get there is to take Lake Mead Boulevard east until you reach the boundary of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and head north. Eventually, you will come up to the park gate entrances.

Drone Days

Should I spend the money on another drone? I sold my first drone because I was frustrated with too many rules and regulations. I suppose this ‘hobby’ is completely run by the fools in Washington by now since these people always believe that they know what is best for the lot of us. Oh hell no they don’t!

On another note, did you find some changes in your Site Admin this morning? I did. No, the legacy editor I’m using via a plugin wasn’t taken away thank God, but the left sidebar has been altered to make you use a different Stats page which actually works better. Gee, WordPress did something right?

Double Whammy at The Dentist Today

I had an appointment for a cleaning this morning, but the new crown for one of my teeth was also there so just before the cleaning, the doctor came in and cemented the permanent crown in place. Good fit, all done. The cleaning went well too, I really like the professionalism of this office.

Here are some Nikon photos that were taken on the way to and from the office with the 24/70mm Nikkor lens. As predicted by the weather service, there were spotty showers around the valley, you can see the different cells around you easily with the lack of heavy forest woods around you. My ride didn’t get dorty though, yes!


Hello folks, this morning I’ve dove deep into my archive for photos since I have nothing new this morning other than to mention that the forecast for the valley today is mostly sunny and 77 degrees. It’s tough to deal with…

A Snow Capped View from Floyd Lamb Park

There is at least one other photo of the mountains taken from Floyd Lamb Park on the blog, but I don’t think that they are color versions. In any case, I just turned around and saw the mountains near Mount Charleston in the photos. From my home’s location, this view isn’t possible because of the foothills you may have seen before here. Both Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peak are just under 12,000 feet, but I think of them as the same altitude ASL. That’s around 2.5 miles high, nothing like the Appalachian range back east, those are foothills to me.

Cowboys and War Heroes

I’ve pulled some old photos again for the blog today since it’s another day on the couch. The cowboy photo is an iPhone image from a local car dealership that was replacing a broken part on the truck door. I had to have this done twice as one of our lovely windstorms had ripped the door from my hand and flew open too hard for the plastic bit to handle. Note to truck manufacturers, you can’t use plastic for everything!

The two war hero photos were taken at the Ranger Station along Kyle Canyon Road on the way up to Mount Charleston. It’s a nice building with the usual touristy odds and ends for sale. Outdoors is this memorial, and a couple other items honouring these war heroes. Thank you for your service, I honour you and yours.

The milage sign was obviously taken well outside of Las Vegas Valley. I may be wrong, but I think this is north of Las Vegas, southbound on the ninety-five freeway. How about another day trip, wanna ride along with me?