Just West Of The City

Heading south to the pharmacy to pick up those wonderful blood pressure pills, I decided to take Charleston Boulevard west and get some pretty rock photos, I took about thirty photos, and here are a few of them. There is a large juicy rain cell just south of my home just now but I don’t hear any rain on my skylight! This monsoon season has fizzled out which really sucks man…

A Rocky Day

Continuing with photos from yesterday, I wish that you could ride with me through this beautiful place with its amazing geology and so many colors of rock. At the junction where you choose to go north or south, it’s 47 miles north to Overton, or a bit less to the Valley Of Fire State Park where you head west from the lake and head for the fifteen freeway and south to Las Vegas. Turning right at the junction will take you to other places on the lake shore, and also to Hoover Dam.

Beautiful Rocks, Distant Views

This is the continuation of photos from yesterday. The one large boulder is inside the Valley Of Fire State Park, such a great place. The photo showing the road disappearing into the distance is the road that runs from the fifteen freeway into the state park which is several miles from the freeway. In one photo, you can see the bathtub ring that shows how terribly low Lake Mead is. Today, Las Vegas has 104 degrees in store. Hot!

Once again, WP seems to have ruined the colors and quality of my videos!