Sony Pics

I had to make a quick trip out today, so I grabbed the little Sony RX100 pocket camera for a change. It does a very nice job I think, but during processing, they process differently if that makes sense… It’s a heck of a lot easier to take with me than the bulky Nikon Z6!

The photos are good but not quite Nikon quality…

Walking Among the Beauty

It’s always very enjoyable to walk among the Joshua trees, Yuccas, and desert wildflowers. Stop, listen. What do you hear? The gentle breeze blowing through the trees? A distant bird screeching? Maybe you’ll see a few Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels scurrying about in search of a meal. And of course, watch out for any snakes or scorpions. Mojave Desert love! ❀️

Money Man Visits The Desert

Of course, I had to take this little fella with me, and it didn’t take long for him to become rather warm as he’s made of cast iron! It was so peaceful out there today with far fewer people. I would rather have all the extra people there though than that damn evil virus. Be safe, friends!

Into The Desert Heat

I took a drive out of the city for a little while today to the usual places I like to visit, please excuse the redundancies. Today there was much less traffic out there than the last trip out about one month ago which is great. There is usually a little less traffic in summer due to the heat, but it’s even less now which I suspect that damn virus is responsible for.

Without a zoom lens, it’s very difficult for me to capture good photos of those sweet little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. Only one attempt to photograph one was slightly useable. This amateur photographer can’t justify $2600 bucks for that 70/200mm zoom lens for the Nikon Zed 6 lens. Unless someone wants to help with the cost, haha!!

This is round one of about sixty photos taken today. While outside in the sunshine, I grabbed a couple photos of the truck with the new wheels for insurance purposes as suggested by my local insurance dude. It was very hot out there, even at 3200+ feet above sea level!


This photo makes me think about the millions of years these mountains silently stood here, always watching. If only they could speak to us…

From 2017

From 2017 around Pahrump, Nevada. I was likely heading into California for Death Valley that day. One of those day trips that I do miss taking. So many places to visit… I see a big difference in these Nikon D3300 photos verses the Nikon Z6 mirrorless body. The Z6 is so superior.

Desert Drive

Here are a couple photos from the other day along Charleston Boulevard, and at the Red Rock Scenic Overlook. Are you tired of the desert photography? 😎🌡

Beautiful Nevada

While flying the drone I used to own, I stopped for this photo along a hiking trail in the far southwest area of the valley along SR160. The mountain in the distance is Mount Potosi, the camera doesn’t capture the actual height of the mountain though. It looks like a little bump or hill doesn’t it? The old Nikon D3300 body was used for this photo, not sure which lens though.

The Bank Opens at Ten

And I wasn’t aware that since this terrible virus the bank hours are now ten AM instead of nine. I hung around inside the building between the doors and the gate for several minutes before an employee kindly let me know about the new hours, thank you, mam! So off I went on a short joyride and captured these photos which you may have seen before.

The Mountainscape

This photo is from one of many rides into the Spring Mountains since I moved here in 2013. It’s always beautiful up there driving so high above the desert floor! I don’t go up there in winter.


About noon today I decided it was time to get the heck out of the house, so north I went. I ended up at one point as far north as you can go on Jones Boulevard, then began wandering south toward home. Looking at the photos, it’s easy to notice how hazy the valley is. There is a Fire Advisory and a Wind Advisory right now with winds up to fifty miles per hour.

The fire advisory is due to the extremely low humidity at five to fifteen percent, coupled with the strong wind gusts. Any fires that do ignite will certainly move very swiftly as it consumes the very dry scrub and anything else in its path. Gladly, there have been no fires around here since 2013 when I moved here and Lovell Canyon was burning badly.

Certainly not my best photos!

Mojave Rain

Here is another rainshower photo from the same set as the previous upload but without a lightning strike. Having grown up in Michigan, I can tell you with all certainty that the way the air smells after a good soaking is different than in Michigan but it’s a very pleasant smell. Ahhh!

No Picnic

Visiting Calico Basin yesterday, I found the picnic tables all wrapped in the plastic tape as though it were a crime scene. You can walk past them though, and on to the boardwalk higher up. The virus knows every inch of the planet…

Westward Out of The City

After picking up some needed medications, I headed west on Sahara Avenue and eventually connected with Charleston Boulevard which will take you out of the city proper. Hello Calico Basin, it’s been a while. It’s so wonderful to be out of the house again!