A Quick Desert Hike

Wow, man, it was really hot while shooting these photos this morning! Imagine doing this when it’s 112 degrees instead of 92! This is the first time I’ve taken the new Sony A7C body and the 28-60mm lens in the field. What do you think, did the new system do a good job?

If I were using the Nikon Z50, I’d probably have the zoom lens on but this camera works very well with a smaller lens for my type of photography. I saw two wild donkeys in that area but in this case, that 28-60mm lens was incapable of capturing them at that distance and the zoom lens was at home. Oh well!

On a different note, it seems rather odd to me to be uploading (posting) only twice per day, I am very accustomed to publishing much more content per day, so I need to post more photos per post, right? 🤪

Welcome To Vegas

This view is pretty darn high up, yes? You are looking west in this view. The photo is a part of the group of photos that were taken when my sister was here recently, we were almost home after seeing the Valley of Fire State Park and the long drive south back to Las Vegas through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. To the left of this view and out of sight is Frenchman Mountain. The Mojave Desert is so beautiful!

Tourists Visiting Red Rock Canyon

Many thousands of people visit our beautiful Red Rock Canyon each year. Winter is the preferred, favorite time of year for the rock climbers and hikers in that area which is roughly eight miles southwest of my place. To see Red Rock Canyon proper you need to make a reservation these days and of course, pay the fee to enter this beautiful 12-mile scenic drive.