Tiny People On Lone Mountain

Just one photo shows the tiny people atop Lone Mountain which is just 600 feet or so tall. Tall enough to die though if you were blown off the summit and rolled down on that very rough and tough rock! The other photos are just local peaks which are 5000 and 6000 feet with snow up there. The ski lodge near Mount Charleston has had to use its Howitzer to mitigate the chance of an avalanche. Yikes!

More Photos From That Fossil Place

This little series is almost over so hang on! I want to go back there and walk more and see what I can find. Sunshine and 55 very sunny degrees are in store for the valley today, it’s so nice to have the sunshine back! This Atmospheric River as the weather channel calls it is responsible for dumping so much rain and snow on the entire west coast it seems. It’s caused a lot of damage to coastal communities which sucks.

Really Old

These photos are from the fossils area, I can’t recall exactly what the dark spots are on one of the rocks but have seen them lots of times hiking. These rocks are millions of years old. It’s amazing to hold something so old in your hands. Humans are but a blink of an eye in geologic terms.

It Could Collapse On Me…

Or anyone but it didn’t. The tunnel is about ten feet long so it’s very tiny but the dirt above is probably very heavy. This material isn’t just rocks, it seems to be more like very old dried-up mud that is rock hard. The information board is a bit hard to read in the photo, sorry. I will go back to this place again to see what else I can find, perhaps some cool rocks which I did bring back with me yesterday. Learn about this place.

A Short Hike At Tule Springs Fossil Beds

Early this afternoon I took a short drive north to have a quick hike in this area where fossils that are millions of years old have been found by professionals in this field. It was a bit windy and I needed one more layer under my jacket to have been warmer so I stayed about half an hour. There are more photos of this coming. Check out that tunnel, I have no idea if it is natural or man-made but it was a nice shortcut.

On The Ground Or In The Air?

Thanks for tuning in. The bottom photo is 100% unprocessed sans the tiny watermark and was shot in Auto mode. Note how dark it looks, yet that could be a plus too, right? The top photo was shot in Manual mode, the ISO or the F Stop wasn’t set right as the image is a bit overexposed. This is easy to correct in processing, especially the contrast level and white and black balance. That’s how I do it…

The bottom photo confuses my brain in some way, was I on the ground or in the clouds? Note the dark ground at the bottom of the image though. I suppose that you had to be there? Stare at the photo… 🤣

Approaching The Snow Line

This is Kyle Canyon Road about 14 or so miles west of Interstate 95. From this point, you will need tire chains if there was a big blow moving through the range. That was not the case on this day, if it were I would have headed back down. No snow or road salt for my pristine truck!