Near Hoover Dam, 2018

Good morning folks, here are some oldies pulled from my archives. I haven’t been to the dam since before the virus came around so maybe it’s time for a ride down there again. Sunshine and 86 degrees are forecast for the valley today, Saturday will see 90 degrees, our scorching summer heat is officially on its way back!

Mojave Desert Grayscale

Using the Nikon Z50s built-in effects, I grabbed a few photos in grayscale mode. The images the camera takes are maybe a bit better than converting the image in processing, maybe. I played around with the looks in the Aurora HDR application too, changing colors and tones, and adding a vignette to one image. That wall you’re looking at is actually a portion of an ancient fault line that I sincerely hope doesn’t slip and release an earthquake! This area has been geologically active for millions of years, hence our beautiful mountain ranges.

Beautiful Geology

Good morning, here are some older photos that I took in Calico Basin about three years ago. The designs and colors are beautiful, aren’t they? The photos do them no justice really! 68 degrees and partly sunny are in store for the valley today, I may take a nice bike ride later. What are your plans this Humpday?

Mummy Mountain

If you look at this mountain long enough you may see why it’s called Mummy Mountain. See the head and feet? I took this shot while still in the parking area for the fossils hike. The damn powerlines are everywhere around Vegas so I thought why not just include them in the photo? It was so windy and cold (as it is this morning) that I didn’t want to hop out of the truck and walk into a field to get the lines out of the shot. Call me lazy! Partly cloudy, windy and 57 degrees are what Las Vegas gets today, where the hell is my warmer weather?

In The Desert, 2018

Rolling the clock back four years, these photos were taken in the state park near Red Rock Canyon and along an ancient fault line which are the cliffs you see. Sunshine and 72 are on tap for today, time for another ride today. The high temperature back home today will be just 16 degrees, too cold!

Higher Elevations and The Beauty of Calico Basin

Continuing with more photos from Calico Basin, the colors are amazing when the sun strikes the multicolored rocks. The other photos nicely show the change in elevation on the west side of the valley that can make your ears feel like they need to be popped! Cloudy and 53F are on tap for Las Vegas today, a forecast that I am not happy with! The winter months are my least favorite here, I may as well have a cabin back home in Michigan and go snowmobiling!

Cloudy Mountains

After picking up my medication from the pharmacy, I decided on a whim to have a drive west to the usual places I photograph to capture the clouds hugging the peaks, Please pardon the redundancy of these photos? The Nikon Z50 did a darn nice job capturing the beautiful colors and the clouds up there this morning, do you agree? It’s still so cold though at around forty-five degrees. Cold for this desert rat anyway! I’ll be glad when it’s warm enough for a bike ride…

Looking Down, Looking Across

Looking down from the west side of the valley from roughly 1000 feet above the valley floor, and looking across the lake toward the beautiful foothills to the west. I’ve sent my happy Thanksgiving texts out to my family, some are so slow to respond! It’s so great that I can talk or text with everyone in different states while my bum is planted on my couch! ❤️

I Just Don’t Like Them…

I don’t know why, but these photos taken yesterday are way too blue and I couldn’t get the level of blue down no matter what I did in processing. Irritating! Anyway, I wish my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving day today! Since my family is scattered about, I am alone today which is OK, I like my peace and quiet. It’s time to call everyone and wish them a wonderful day today and I’ll see you soon! Sunshine and 61F are on tap for today, the low 70s are back soon!

The Colorful Canyon

On the right side of the photo just below the center is some red rock which is a part of Red Rock Canyon but you can’t see the actual canyon because it’s below the ground level. To get to the canyon, you must stop at the toll booth and fork over around $13 dollars or so.

Passing by the entrance today, a sign stated that you must have a reservation to enter the twelve-mile scenic loop area. Thanks very much, covid. I’ve driven this beautiful loop several times over the years and think the fee is worth it. They also have a nice visitor’s center too with the usual tourist trap items for sale.

The hike down into the canyon is fairly long and I tried to do it by going down maybe one-third of the way and had a tough time climbing back up. This getting older shit really sucks!

Which Is Which?

I had a very quick ride out of town a bit ago but came home sooner than expected due to the rather thick holiday traffic out there. Phooey! I took about one-half dozen photos with the Nikon and the same with the iPhone 12. Can you tell which photos are which below? Unfortunately, it’s bloody obvious in my opinion. How’s your hump day going?

A Difference In Elevation

One of the reasons I love living here in spite of the previous post where an encounter with a rude person who tried to ruin my day, is the mountains and the sharp changes in elevation in the northwest area of the valley. The photo shows a sharp difference in elevation from the foreground to the valley floor far below, highlighted by the 6000 footer beyond!

Scenes From Lovell Canyon

It’s been three years since I last visited Lovell Canyon, a very nice wildlife area. If you go east up the ridge, you will eventually fall into the Red Rock Canyon area. And I do mean fall! About 1000 feet or more to the desert floor below. This is an ancient fault line, I wish I knew the last time it shifted. Read about Lovell Canyon.