We humans, possibly not the dominant specie on this planet are always on the move like colonies of ants.


Heading down from Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountains, you’ll pass through different life zones from Alpine to Desert zones. The bottom photo is misleading because there is a small mountain closer to you, yet in the far distance, the… Read More ›

Hoover’s Dam Wall

This is the main wall of Hoover Dam, taken from the much newer Pat Tillman Bridge that crosses the Colorado River. The dam looks a bit rough doesn’t it?

No Snowstorms Here!

I’m so pleased to see this beautiful view most days around Las Vegas. More so watching the north and east being pounded by early snowstorms recently. I seriously hope that my trip to Michigan soon for our family Christmas up… Read More ›

Gass Peak from Miles Away

Gass Peak is the highest point along the Las Vegas Range at almost seven thousand feet and is the northern boundary of Las Vegas Valley. I snapped this shot today on the way home with a new microwave oven. I’ve… Read More ›

California Mountains

In this image I am heading north toward Pahrump, Nevada. The mountain range in the distance is actually across the state line in California, I do not know the name of this beautiful mountain range.

Desert Parking

I occasionally park in this little dirt lot as it offers access to two hiking trails that are easy enough for me regarding my health. The scenery is great and the breeze is almost always blowing. I used to fly… Read More ›