The Stratosphere Gets Closer

Are you tired of these photos yet? No worries, just one more set after this one. Approaching the drop, the Stratosphere Tower just gets closer and closer. I’d love to go back up there for some Strip photos, but that’ll have to wait I guess. The tower may be open, but I’ll be safe and wait a while. The tower will still be there…

On The Way Down

Good morning! Here are five more snaps from yesterday morning heading downhill on Lake Mead Boulevard. I can see the Red Rock Hotel and Casino all the way across the valley left of center, mid photo as well as the Queens Ridge Condominiums nearby. They are a solid ten miles distant. You can see so much further here!

So Terribly Dry

This set of seven photos show the desert just east of Las Vegas Valley. A totally barren landscape that believe it or not, was once a shallow sea over two hundred million years ago! Plate Techtonics ended that era and pushed up the mountains we see today, although they surely looked different those millions of years ago.

Charleston Blvd, Outside the City

You’ve seen photos like this recently, these are similar but looking in a different direction. The fault line is on the right. Charleston Blvd runs all the way from the east of Las Vegas to the west side of the valley, then continues west about eight miles then turns south toward the town of Blue Diamond, Nevada. A few short miles more, the road terminates at SR 160, or Blue Diamond road. Turn right, you’ll climb a few thousand feet into the Mountain Springs Pass. From there, you’ll head west then south toward Pahrump, Nevada.