Another Visit…

Another visit to my doctor’s office this morning for a follow-up on the blood panel. No worries, I will live! Great results. I snapped these photos along the way heading home this morning, another beautiful day in the valley! My dad’s home in Florida was not affected by hurricane Ian, thank God!

Throwback To Black Coffee

I miss drinking coffee. High blood pressure prevents me from enjoying the buzz and aroma in the house which totally sucks! I’ve read many articles on this subject, it seems that there is no solid evidence one way or the other on this subject but I know 100% for sure that coffee does raise my blood pressure because I have a BP machine in the kitchen always ready to go. It’s a serious daily battle that I must win each day or in time, I’ll be six feet under before my time. Everyone’s system is different and there are so many different compounds in coffee that one diagnosis could never fit everyone. Would you like to purchase my mini Mr. Coffee?

Rolling Home After A Dentist Visit

I had an early appointment for my every three months checkup. Doctor B says my teeth look great including the bridge and two crowns. Unfortunately, I have two cavities forming that has got to be dealt with before they turn into a freaking root canal! I’ve had at least two and they are horrid!

I scheduled that for next month, oh joy. Anyway, I grabbed these images on the way home, I can’t resist photographing Tivoli Village or the Queens Ridge condominiums. If you want a condo in there, you’ll need to cough up a million or more for some of the residences. That’s a wee bit out of my budget!

Goofy Clicks

I found some forgotten, goofy photos on the Nikon so here are a few of them. My drug store called me this afternoon to tell me that I had a bag full of medications ready that they were gonna put back soon. Oh, really?

I had no idea! It’s a long story that you don’t want to hear but I did go pick up the back full of goodies that set me back a bit over $2oo bucks, that’s with insurance! What a joke, drugs, cars, trucks, food, and pretty soon the simple act of breathing will become more expensive too, right?

How about a toilet tax? $10.00 per flush. Oh, and gas over $5.00 per gallon now? Thanks, Joe!

The Pharmacy

Evert Tuesday morning I have to refill my pill bins with the pharmacy stored in my cabinet. It’s a pain in the arse to do but must be done. I am only 61 years young but seem to take the same amount of pills per day (just a guess) as someone ten or fifteen years older than me.

I don’t like having to do this but the alternatives are far worse! I’ve masked the bottles for my protection, haha. Sunshine and 77 degrees are on deck for the valley today which sounds lovely!

Plastic Heart

My cardiologist says that I will live but I will need another blood panel to get the specifics. A few months ago I learned that I actually never had Congestive Heart Failure. That diagnosis was given in 2002 so I believed that I had this disease for too many years which is so ridiculous!

I am actually on the very edge of heart disease which has been a major relief. It’s far too late for me to raise objections with the medical staff back in Michigan of course so, like many things in life, we have no choice but to go on with life. Grateful. I’m glad the doctor didn’t catch me taking these stupid photos!

Hospital View

I had to visit the hospital this morning to have a blood draw so out the door I went, basically directly after rolling out of bed. Bummer. I didn’t have an appointment so I expected a long wait, but the place wasn’t too busy so I got lucky and got in super fast. I snapped this photo while waiting for the elevator, sometimes called a Sky Coffin. Sunshine and just 52F is the too-chilly forecast for today. Come on, summer heat! Get back here, I miss you… 😂🔥🌴