Deep in The Valley

These photos were taken about three years ago on the way home from a visit to Lake Mead, maybe from Hoover Dam too. It’s obvious that I’m at the very eastern edge of the valley, the ground drops off very sharply on this road and continues west across the valley. Frenchman Mountain is to my left at around four thousand feet feet.

The Subdivision Entrance

I really like this image, it’s appeared here before but it looked a bit different. It is part of a structure at the entrance of a new subdivision on the west side of the valley, near where Charleston Boulevard exits the city proper and heads west into the open desert.

From Start to Finish

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Good late morning from Las Vegas. I’ve been very busy today with catching up on things I’ve let slide including grocery shopping, hence the photos. Some of the photos are not in focus which sucks, I think the iPhone would have done a better job than the Nikon!

I’m a bit burned out on blogging lately which is also why I haven’t uploaded anything earlier. Maybe an upload twice per day would be better?

In this batch of home-brewed chili, I’ve used all of the same ingredients usually used, no variations such as black beans instead of dark red kidney beans, it takes very little to change the outcome of the flavor. I hope you like the way I build a pot of chili!

A Downtown Summerlin Memory

A very nice photo in my view, taken I think two years ago. This is a wonderful outdoor mall with tons of retailers and restaurants. It was so nice to simply wander this place, people watch, take some photos and have a bite of delicious pizza. A bit too greasy, but so delicious! Or, sample other tasty delights. Number three and I used to wander this place, today, I go it alone.

Life goes on regardless, what matters most doesn’t change…

The photo is visibly degraded to save storage space, thanks, WP.