Those Crooked Painters!

I won’t bore you with all the details, suffice it to say that I found out yesterday that the painters who painted my home inside, and the garage, were adding water to the paint. That paint peeled horribly in the… Read More ›

Big Beautiful Valley

This photo was taken inside the Scenic Loop drive, a twelve mile drive on a one-way two lane road. It’s a U.S. Fee Area so you’ll have to cough up about twenty bucks for the pass. The view is looking… Read More ›


What you see in this image is me heading downhill from the Mount Charleston, Lee Canyon and Kyle Canyon area. Above the Joshua Trees is another mountain rising up sharply, but many many miles east of where I am. That’s… Read More ›

Flags On The Boulevard

This is an older photo of mine, taken last year on the Big Boulevard as I call it. The American flag was a bonus, and note a little piece of a Spire at the Excalibur Hotel in the background too.

KLAS Tower

This is the aircraft control tower at KLAS, or Las Vegas. This shot was taken while driving which I do not recommend!

Snow On The Mountain

This is the first snow that has fell in Las Vegas Valley in ten years, so sorry I was here to witness it. It’s beautiful if it stays high in the mountains where it freaking belongs. Life in the High… Read More ›