Today’s Travel

Here are four iPhone photos from today in the Spring Mountains, or The Springs as I call them. ❤️ Beautiful Mojave Desert views ahead! Heading west on Lee Canyon Road Heading south on the 95 freeway toward Las Vegas Upbound!


This is my dining room tonight. Lovely, isn’t it? Home painted first, then furnish. 👍🏻😎

The Crossing

The Canadian National Railway crosses a rural road in Michigan. Just a bit up is M-21, a State road that runs east-west. Cam: Sony RX100.

The iPhone X-S

As mentioned in the previous post, I purchased a new iPhone yesterday. It was time to replace my iPhone 7 which by the way works just fine but I had the bug for a new toy. The difference between men… Read More ›


It’s been a few years now since I hooked up a Three-Point hitch to the back of a real farm tractor. Need your dirt flipped?

The Yellow Restaurant

This coney joint has been at this location longer than I can remember, but it wasn’t always painted this brilliant yellow colour either. It’s a hell of a colour contrast to it’s surroundings – typically gray Michigan skies. Repaint the… Read More ›

The White Horse Inn

This beautiful old building is called the White Horse Inn, located in Metamora, Michigan. I’ve had a dinner date here once many years ago (big deal right?), and my mother and father had their 65th wedding anniversary here too. We… Read More ›

NYC Railway

This retired car is in Lapeer, Michigan and was repainted during the 1990’s. Time for a new paint job.


This poor restaurant located on Lake Nepessing has been open and closed so many times over the years that I lived in this Michigan county. It’s a great location with a beautiful view of the lake, and boat docking too… Read More ›

Mum’s Clock

This beauty plays several songs in place of chimes, a beautiful clock. Sorry the image is a bit fuzzy, I couldn’t clean it up more.