Go West

Here’s my view yesterday whilst out and about taking care of things, a damn nice view isn’t it? Mojave Love!

Chili Made My Way!

If you’ve followed me for a while then you already know about my appreciation for good home made chili. This morning I decided to hit the grocer for ingredients for this newest pot. Each pot is slightly different even if… Read More ›

Cloudy Mountain, Sunny City

Here’s another photo from yesterday. It’s sunny today but rain fell last night bringing most of what was left of the leaves on two trees down. That’s good news! Maybe two more efforts with the leaf blower and this will… Read More ›

Las Vegas’ Finest!

iPhone photos of some of our finest people here! Well, the truck anyway, I said thanks for what you do as I passed the firemen heading into the store. A job only some could handle doing but not me! The… Read More ›