Wrecked Eggs -n- Taters

Yummy! Super fast and simple to whip up! I was considering heading up the street for a greasy breakfast but just didn’t feel like leaving the house just then so why not create my own version of wrecked eggs -n- taters? It’s the same breakfast but it’s already paid for and I never need to tip me! And I’m not a cheap tipper either!

Around Vegas

Palms, Pines & Rocks

Five shots from yesterday with the Nikon and 70-300mm lens. That hike up the small ridge didn’t make my legs sore at all which really surprised me as I’m by no means in top condition! The BW photo is looking East toward Downtown Summerlin, the main office building is seen along with the flood channel retention basin in front of it. Two photos are looking toward Red Rock Canyon proper and the palms -n- pines are up the street from my humble apartment. More to come. Happy Thursday to you!

God, Mountains & Signs

Here are seven photos via the Nikon from today and yesterday. I hope your weekend is rockin! 😬

After The Rains…

I was disappointed with the clouds this morning after driving into Red Rock. I’d hoped for much more moody photos of the clouds crawling across and down the mountain ridges but the low pressure system had mostly moved away already. This is what I got this morning…

Better than nothing I guess. I expected some specific roads to be flooded and/or filled with gravel from the flooding. Nope, just a bit of light gravel across where the Washes cross after seeing the flooding around Vegas. Nope! All in all Las Vegas has fared far better than California did with the horrid mud slides within the forest fire burn areas in which I believe twelve people lost their lives.

While I dislike California for various reasons, I’d never wish such terrible things on anyone.