Hoover Dam

The President’s Dam

It’s a bit odd how Hoover Dam ended up with this name, you can read about this right here. Such an amazing feat of engineering considering the available technology of the 1930’s. So many amazing and brilliant people dedicated to… Read More ›

Nearing Hoover Dam

The topography around Hoover Dam is very steep with deep canyons and sharp rock. I’m going out there when the weather cools down which is coming soon gladly. The 90’s are coming in the next few days! Our scorching summer… Read More ›

Railroad Pass

This is Railroad Pass which these days is more about the ninety five freeway which has been rebuilt and greatly improved as it passes through on the way to the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial bridge and into Arizona… Read More ›

Old Hoover Dam Photos

I need to get back out to Hoover Dam soon before the full-on summer heat returns to the area. It can be incredibly hot in Black Canyon during the summer months! I’ve been here six years, the heat out there… Read More ›