Bring Back Common Sense!

If common sense were to suddenly reappear in America and elsewhere, the world would improve greatly. It’s such a shame that I feel as though my generation was the last generation to be blessed with it.

Yay for we baby boomers! I’ve never understood why people wear a baseball cap backward, what the hell is the goal?! To look stupid? πŸ˜‚

Vegas Weather

I think this is a pretty good forecast for the next few days, can you agree? I put the funnies in there for grins. I think the kid is correct, he chose the smallest numbers, right? And, I wonder if anyone has passed out like the old couple did in the gondola at our Venetian venue on the Strip? Maybe you need to reconsider your retirement plans! A quick question for you: would this site look better in pure white?

Radios and Toots

I’m kinda bored this afternoon after whipping up a fresh pot of chili which I kinda screwed up by purchasing all pinto beans and no kidney beans. Oops. I grabbed the silly horse photo from Instagram today, yeah, I have an odd sense of humor, but it’s true, isn’t it! My daughter loves horses, should I send the photo to her? πŸ˜‚