Just a little fun with our wonderful English language. Where I come from back in Michigan, we grew up using the word Cripes which is an actual word. My mother used it frequently as did my grandparents. Occasionally, I will let slip this word in Vegas which can earn me a funny look from someone. I get a laugh from this! What? Do you know what a Party Store is? They don’t seem to call a 7-Eleven or similar a party store either. I love my native language! Do you play with your words too? Well cripe, why not?

Common Sense?

Like the meme says, you can’t buy it! For years now I have never understood why guys and galls wear their caps backward. Look at the guy in the photo, he is using his hand to block the sun which is what the cap is supposed to do. Is he just following the trend by wearing the cap backward? Probably. Hey bro, turn your cap around, knucklehead! Do you wear your cap backward too? I just can’t do it, it looks so wrong! πŸ˜‚

Bring Back Common Sense!

If common sense were to suddenly reappear in America and elsewhere, the world would improve greatly. It’s such a shame that I feel as though my generation was the last generation to be blessed with it.

Yay for we baby boomers! I’ve never understood why people wear a baseball cap backward, what the hell is the goal?! To look stupid? πŸ˜‚