Black And White Trees

I’m slowly burning through the photos from the park the other day. Why do trees look better in full black and white? Not gray-scale, but full black and white? They do to me anyway. The photo of the road is also BW since the sun wasn’t fully out so I flipped it. That damned mask was photographed today as I walked to my truck from the grocery store. Does human trash drop human trash on the parking lot? Come on, Americans, you can do better…

Cuke Me

I love cukes. Since eating pickles is bad for my blood pressure, why not eat them before they become riddled with sodium? The organic cukes have a better taste and texture than the others do, why this is I don’t know but there is a yummy difference. Splash a little bit of Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on them, bingo, a delicious snack! And some of you thought I ate no veggies. Canned veggies are OK if they are the low-sodium kind but frozen is good too.

A New Radio

This new radio is a ten-meter radio which transmits between 28.0 and 29.7 megahertz. It’s not an expensive radio but should work the band fine with 60-watt power output. I need to finish wiring the power connector today, then the CB antenna I have must be (the steel rod) trimmed down to be resonant at 28 megahertz. More fun with radio.

Chili Fries

The other day I ordered a potato slicer gadget from Amazon. It showed up yesterday as I was making a fresh pot of super spicy chili so naturally, I had to try the slicer out and make chili fries! The fries cook much better than slices. Talk about a delicious late-night snack, yum! Sunshine and 92F is our Las Vegas forecast today, not bad!

Grocery Store Beauty

Johnnie’s cupboards were looking very bare lately so off I went to the store early today. Each time I pass by the floral display, I’ve got to grab a few shots with the iPhone. Happy Friday, people. 😎

I Forgot The Battery

On a whim, I headed for Floyd Lamb Park once again today but forgot to get the battery for the Nikon from the wall charger. Call me senile? I also forgot that it’s Sunday which means that the park would be super busy which it was. Usually, I drive right to the entrance gate and booth but not today, I was at least ten cars back from the booth.

Driving through the park I noticed multiple groups of people all near the ponds, the geese, and other birds scattered among the hundreds of people. I hopped out of the truck and had a short walk but decided to head back to the truck and home. These days, everyone carries a backup camera with them in the form of a phone camera.

Frankly, I use my iPhone as a camera, as a social media device, and to arm and disarm my home alarm system more than I do to text or call family members. So on the way to the park, out comes the trusty iPhone, always ready to capture the photo. These photos aren’t Nikon quality so don’t laugh! I do like the simplicity of the camera though.

The Forecast

Nobody could complain about this forecast, could they? Certainly not me! Leaving the party store yesterday, I spotted yet another wasted face mask on the ground. Come on, Americans, you should do better than this. 😑

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