Alternating Current to Direct Current

Not that anyone cares about this stuff, but I’ve made some nice upgrades to my miniature ham radio base station. No outdoor antennas per the HOA rules, so this is my only solution at the moment, sans installing a vertical antenna in the attic.

Neighborhood iPhone Photography

It’s been perfect weather for walking, so I’ve been walking my neighborhood instead of driving anywhere. It’s kind of hard to believe that tomorrow’s weather will be one hundred percent different with rain showers and slightly cooler temperatures.

Another Las Vegas Windstorm

This isn’t a great video, but you get the idea. Forty-five+ mph winds have returned to the valley which is zero surprise for me. Winter in the valley seems to make these powerful windstorms more frequent. According to the local NWS weather stations, there are some strong low-pressure systems coming this way. Perhaps a spit of snow may be seen down here in the valley too which is odd. I have seen some areas of the valley with a tiny bit of snow including my place. Not normal in my view. 🌴😎

A Chicky Lunch

Chicky, or Chicky Wicky as my mother and I called it, always makes a dandy lunch. All I used for seasoning was chili powder, faux salt, and ground black pepper. Along the way, I added just a bit of water, then later a bit of extra-virgin olive oil, and kept the pan covered to seal in the moisture. A different way to cook thin-sliced chicky but man was this delicious! I miss you, mom.