Water Pics

I thought the title to be appropriate since there is water in each photo, but these photos really challenge the capabilities of the iPhone 12 or any other iPhone in my opinion. I think I had to over-sharpen them to get somewhat close to the sharpness I am looking for.

The result is the way these photos look, I really need to start taking the new Sony A7C on these rides with the 28-60mm lens. The camera has to be wrapped in a towel to protect it from the many bumps and occasional slams the bike takes on my rides.

Sunshine and 90 degrees are on deck for the valley today, I’m not riding today since I got a bit cooked yesterday. My farmer’s tan is looking fantastic though, haha!

Scenes From Recent Rides

There is plenty of color in this next set taken along the paths I ride. On today’s ride, I did 12 miles which included a stop at the shop where I purchased my Pedego Element bike in late 2021.

The bracket that holds the phone mount wasn’t hanging onto the handlebar, after about thirty minutes of trying different gaskets under the bracket, we managed to make the damn thing stay put. I grabbed several photos today which will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

I skipped putting sunscreen on today and man did my legs and arms brown up! The funny thing though is that my tans are always top-notch farmers tans!

A Bridge, A Tunnel and Other Things

On today’s bike ride I didn’t take many photos so here are all of them in one post. The water in the detention basin is what is left from several days ago when we had a serious downpour. The bike path runs along the basin for maybe one-quarter mile before I turn right and head for Tivoli Village.

The photo of a construction zone is actually the backside of Tivoli Village which was apparently left for a later date and time. My eBike has some seriously fat tires! Today’s ride was twelve miles, the standard distance on most rides since I generally ride the same trail each ride. How is/was your day?

In Town, Out Of Town

In town, the high will be 89 degrees, out of town could be warmer in the open desert, Happy Thursday folks. The photo of the fountain at Tivoli Village had a good makeover in the Prisma app on the iPad. I’m still trying to get used to a two-posts-per-day format here and honestly, I don’t like it.

Grayscale and Color Mixed

All of the grayscale photos were shot on the iPhone using the Lenka grayscale application, the other photos were shot using the new Sony A7C camera which was wrapped in a thick dish towel to protect that expensive body and 28-60mm lens.

Taking the bike ride today was very much a spur-of-the-moment decision since it wasn’t yet 90 degrees, it was a very nice ride.

The only bummer was that when I was crossing over the road on the pedestrian bridge, there was what looked like a middle-aged man passed out on the bridge as the very busy road below flowed with its usual heavy traffic and noise.

This is a great place to live but Las Vegas of course has its unfortunate citizens like any other larger city in this country. So sad… There are 15 photos in this set, more than my usual number.

More Photos of Our Beautiful Mojave Desert

Here is the second upload for today, and the last too. This seems weird to not be posting five times per day! I do hope that more folks will stop by though with this new format. Not much is going on around here today, just a trip to the pharmacy and the grocery store for some chili fixings. See you tomorrow!

A Super Fast Bike Ride

And a darn fast ride it was! It was fun too, I just never ride that fast, along the way I came upon an older gent on an electric trike. I had a hard time catching up with him and his cute cat in the bag on the front. We had a quick chat then I took off and was so surprised to see him pulling up behind me again, twice! It was so darn nice this morning that I couldn’t resist a ride, at some point, it will be much too hot.

Moody Clouds and Our Flag

The moody sky is a recent capture, the beautiful blue sky with our flag way up there is a bit older but still a beautiful view. Sunshine and 94 degrees are up for today, basically a repeat of yesterday’s weather. It’s Friyay again, have a dandy weekend, friends!