Peaceful Sounds and City Views

I really like the peaceful sounds of the woods around my folks’ place, happy birds chirping and so much beautiful green, far more than we have here in Las Vegas! The photos were taken on approach to the awful O’Hare International Airport. Yuck, but I got some decent ground shots and one not-so-good photo of Downtown Chicago. The video and photos are via the iPhone. The colors in the video are WAY off, sorry.

In-Flight Photography

The iPhone took these photos as the Nikon was stuffed in the suitcase in the overhead bin. Not super good photos but you do get a lovely view of one of our beautiful Great Lakes! It’s always nice to see these big beautiful freshwater lakes again, if not the largest on Earth they are very massive and beautiful.

I totally enjoy flying and have no fear of it. These aircraft are constructed to take the punishment of powerful turbulence and very hard landings, both of which were experienced traveling to and from Michigan this time.

iPhone Magic

I made an oops when I mentioned that there were no more Seven Magic Mountain photos. These were snapped on the way back to the truck, the iPhone did a darn nice job, didn’t it? I’ve been getting my things packed up for tomorrow’s departure for Michigan, it will be so good to see my family!

Corn On The Cob and Parking Lot Flowers

There were four cobs of corn and boy did I inhale them the other day! The tree flowers were photographed at a gas station/grocery store which is an actual grocery store only about 1/3 the size of your usual store. Yum!

The weather here today is insane! It was dead calm this morning but I knew a windstorm was heading our way at eleven or so this morning and it was a bit late!

Well, it has arrived and once again my house is crackling, the porch light on a chain swinging madly in the crazy wind. Then, I get a new weather alert stating that a dust storm will envelop the valley between 2 and 4 PM today. Wow man, I’m no longer in Michigan!

Good Chicken Soup

Yesterday afternoon I put together a big pot of chicken soup which was delicious this morning! I tend to make the pot too large but it will stay good in the fridgy for a long time, looks delicious, right? 90 degrees is forecast for today, time to fire up the air conditioning again! happy weekend.

Casino Center Drive

These are the last photos from yesterday while on the way to the Neon Museum which was closed until 3pm. So dumb. The roads in this area are in a grid system and are not as easy to navigate as the larger grid of roads that go north-south and east-west in the rest of the valley. Today’s weather shows clearly that the summer heat is well on its way back as seen in the photo on my TV screen. Summer is my favorite season here!

Climbing The Switchback

This is a super short video of the bike climbing a short switchback path that comes out of a wash where a trail runs right through it. You don’t want to be down there during monsoon season or if there is a rainstorm within say twenty-five miles. Flooding happens fast in the desert! I’ve noticed that the phone sounds like it is amplifying the sound of the electric motor located in the rear wheel hub. It never sounds that loud to me when riding so I’m sorry about it being so loud! That said, I will not go back to riding a non-electric bike.

I tossed the silly photo in because it reminds me of how I was during those married years. 😂

That Damn Wind!

It really does get to be annoying after two days of constant blasting wind! Today’s gusts hit 50mph according to the national weather service. The colors in the video are really bad, I have no idea why this iPhone does this, or, could it be the application called Pro Camera? Maybe I need a new photo application.

This photo application has far more options than the stock photo app that comes with the phone. This latest windstorm is supposed to pass by nine PM this eve, maybe tomorrow I can get a bike ride in… My sister and I swapped biking stories today about riding in heavy wind, it can be dangerous!

Riding Around Town

Today I headed south on a hunt for some new antennas for my truck, the ham radio antennas that is. I snapped several of these photos heading west on Sahara Avenue. In the far distance, you can see the giant fault line located near Red Rock Canyon. That’s about ten miles away!

Two photos were taken with the iPhone while I was figuring out why the darn thing wouldn’t take photos. If it had worked correctly, I would have more photos from inside the church Sunday. It was 91 degrees today, it feels great and a bit of a tease for the 100+ degree months that will arrive soon. Can you handle the heat?

Thank God for air conditioning!

The Auditorium

This is the auditorium where church service is held, it was wonderful to be back yesterday. As you can see, I like to get there early to get an aisle seat. Funny thing though, I tried to record a video of the band playing which is great by the way, but the phone just wouldn’t record. Why? I also tried to take more photos but the camera would not take the photos other than these two. Very odd, why would the camera not take the shots!

Sunshine and 91F today, a hot day in the valley!

Shelled Peanuts

I got ahold of some peanuts and tore into them, it’s been a long time since I did this, it was tasty. The other photos are from yesterday’s bike ride. Yes, redundant photos, sorry! Today’s forecast is for 81 degrees and partly cloudy skies. Grocery shopping is in my future today, the cupboards are getting mighty bare!