iPhone Photography

Flood Pants

If you are like me then you remember the days when wearing jeans or pants that were rather short were referred to as Flood Pants. I am guilty of wearing them! Say circa 1974-1977? Anyway, I like to ask Siri… Read More ›

Neon Museum 6

Here is round six from yesterday at the Neon Museum. I don’t know the story behind this true man of steel but he’s pretty cool. These photos show more than anything previous why using a phone camera sucks, there is… Read More ›

Neon Museum 4

Here is the fourth set from yesterday at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas. Again, I hope you guys can see something you recognise in some of the photos. These signs are very difficult to photograph because of the disconnected appearance… Read More ›

Neon Museum 2

Just one photo this time of the sign for the Las Vegas Club. The best information I could find, I hope it’s not misleading, is at this link. Las Vegas has such a long and rich history!

Tough Guy in the Men’s Room

This weird thing greeted me in an airport men’s room. So weird! I wonder who left it there? A child? Or perhaps an adult with an odd sense of humour! Public poopers are unpredictable…