How Low Can It Go?

This is some seriously dry weather recently! This area of the Mojave Desert has been on a fire alert recently due to the extremely dry air and high winds, which have now gone. Gladly, no fires occurred. When I’ve returned home to Michigan, the amount of humidity always gets to me, the air seems so thick!

Just 9% humidity!

The Patio

These photos follow the previous post where I was waiting for my food to be delivered outside to take home. I was obviously bored, my brain runs too fast to be idled for very long!

I could do much more with my photos, everyone talks about how great Photoshop is. I find that software far too confusing for me to use, unfortunately.

If I could just sit down with someone who really understands Photoshop, then I’m sure I could pick it up pretty quickly.

Youtube videos don’t cut the mustard with me for a couple of reasons, one of which is my sincere disdain for anything Google. And that by the way is the one reason I will never use the Blogger platform again.

I swore off Google over one year ago. I guess you’ll have to deal with the way I create my photos! I’m mostly happy with them anyway.

Oh So Good!

The other morning, I whipped up a fresh pot of chili as I often do. It’s a staple food in my home apparently! I used mostly the same ingredients in this batch but did use organic kidney beans, drained of course, and added a packet of Knorr seasoning that I usually never use. I stopped using the packets a while back.

I think that this pack of seasoning, different from that I used to use, is what made the big change in the taste of the pot. I think that the next pot will also have this same seasoning, perhaps just a bit less of it, and add just a tad more chili powder and cayenne red pepper. Basically turn up the flame just a bit. Yum!

An iPhone photo of the first delicious bowl!

The Early Pot

Last night was a rough sleep, I tossed and turned and kept waking up. Why? I dunno, but it sucks so I hopped out of bed at 5:30 with a bit of a headache. The headache wasn’t from booze, I get them once or twice per month because of my damned CPAP machine regardless of the water tank having enough water for the entire night. This wonderful experience goes back to 2011 too…

This sucks, but a warm and yummy cuppa java via the trusty old Mr. Coffee usually takes care of the headache, yay for coffee, right! Why this works I don’t know but thanks very much, Mr. Coffee. I gave up on those damned Keurig coffee machines last year, or early this year because they just stop working.

Descaling doesn’t help, they just die and land in my big blue recycle bin in the garage. Meanwhile, trusty old Mr. Coffee just keeps on rockin’ and rollin’. Anyway, since I was up at the ass crack of dawn, I enjoyed that cuppa and got to work building the next pot of deliciousness. I used a different seasoning in this pot.

The seasoning is from the Knorr company and states that it’s intended for use in slow-cookers. I’ve never made my chili in any other way than slow cooking but I remember a gal I dated years ago made her chili in a frying pan. Really? That’s just plain old wrong in my bachelor book of cooking! Slow down, baby!

This pot should be hot and ready for a noon lunch bowl of deliciousness!

Sausage and Kielbasa

Last eve I decided to cook these delicious sausages and kielbasa before they become too old to eat. That would be a shame, eh?

I popped them into the aluminum tray and heated the Breville countertop oven up to 400 degrees and backed them for thirty to thirty-five minutes or so, or until they split open like this.

I ate a bit of both then put them in the fridge for a breakfast bite. Yummy!

Taco Time Strikes Again!

It wasn’t Taco Tuesday, but Taco Wednesday works too! These are just plain old Taco Bell Supreme tacos, edible but they just can’t compare to a Robertoo’s taco and I’m sure many other taco joints around Las Vegas. I’ve never been a fan of Sour Cream, but in these tacos, it’s actually very good. Way to go, Taco Hell! 😂👍🏻

A Simple Breakfast

Good morning! I woke up at six AM and thought about whipping up some eggs and toast. The eggs needed to be used up anyway so here it is, so simple and delicious! You’ll notice that I’ve stopped making them over-easy. Wrecking them is much faster anyway. There are four eggs on the plate, my toaster only makes two slices at a time or I’d have four slices! Today promises sunshine and ninety degrees, not bad for October!