iPhone Photography

Black Cinnamon Coffee

My favorite coffee these days is the cinnamon flavoured coffee with Truvia sweetener added which to me makes the taste even better. Two cups in the morning lasts me all day! Straight up black coffee is good too. NEVADA LOVE!!

Shitty Drivers

This is an iPhone photo from my days working at U Haul. I think this truck was returned to my location but it was rented at another location. In any case, this is the net result of allowing people who… Read More ›

For Your Safety

Stay on the bloody trail! There are snakes and scorpions down there waiting to bite and sting you! In six years I’ve never had a problem walking around the desert floor…

Park View

Two more iPhone photos looking west toward Lone Mountain today, the Nikon does a better job overall…

A Day in The Life

I took a walk in a local park earlier today, saw this painted on a concrete seat. Well done, punks! Since it’s been so windy there weren’t too many people there. A woman pulled up in a Crew Cab pulling… Read More ›

My Omron Died…

The poor thing lasted three years but early today it moved on to where ever dead blood pressure monitors go after they expire. It’s replacement seen in the photo is identical except that it operates on batteries only which is… Read More ›

Thanks For The Views!

And the follows my friends, reaching 100,000 views on Las Vegas Photoblog is a bit of a milestone as I’ve never had a blog over the years that made it to these big numbers for various reasons. Going forward I… Read More ›

Straight Out the iPhone Ten

The Pro Camera app on the iPhone ten updated recently, I really like this update, the app just works better overall. Other than resizing, these photos are directly out of the phone. The color photo is super crispy with great… Read More ›