Two Breakfasts

I admit it. I’m a guy who takes photos of his food in restaurants for which I’ve received several funny looks. Too bad my fellow diner, I’m addicted to photography! Deal with it… It helps keeps me sane, more so in today’s environment! These two photos were taken here in my home whilst in full couch potato mode, obviously I forget about photos I take with the iPhone. Yummy!


Welcome to my pharmacy. Daily I take several blood pressure pills along with other medications for other things, this pile of pills is mostly for blood pressure but as you can see here I haven’t always needed my evening or late night pills much of late. Thank God for this! The less you need, all the better for the body I say. I hope you’ll never need any of these pills!

Walla Skulls

Here’s an iPhone photo from 2014 taken inside a restaurant. It’s worked over with iColorama. One wall in the dining area was literally covered with these faux skulls, I still recall saying to myself – get the photo! Too bad the people I was with are long gone… The big D.

Tropical Parkway

Tropical Parkway is an east-west road in the northwest area of Las Vegas Valley. If you’ve followed my blog long enough then you might remember the shredded car at the very far west end of this road which I strongly suspect was stolen. Bastards.

Heading east when you pass Durango Road, you will find some great shopping areas and wonderful restaurants. I purchased my leather Lazy Boy couches at the Lazy Boy store there. The area is easily accessible via the 95 freeway too.

The Spray Bombed Van

Some dolt painted space creatures on this van at the local grocer. Nice work, asswipes! Anyway, I went to the grocer for a few items and came out with much more which is usually what happens. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of those very hot items including water and bun wad are returning to ‘normal’ levels.

Translation: people are stopping the freaking out. The one thing that honestly speaking pisses me off is how many people were not wearing masks! Why the hell would a mother with four to six-year-old children take her babies in this store with zero masks on them, or herself! She’s a very stupid woman, I’m not sorry for saying this either.

As I have said in this space so many times – Common Sense took a permanent holiday from America a long time ago.


A fine memory from my days working at a U Haul location. This jerk rented two units next to each other and proceeded to alter the electric wiring and make other alterations to the units, in total breach of his signed contract. Some people should never breed.

The Huge U.S. Map

As you can see I didn’t get the entire map in the frame with the iPhone, I may not have had enough room to back up for the entire map which is located inside the Harley Davidson sales and service place on the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s almost directly across from our world famous Las Vegas sign where the tourists stand in line for what seems an inordinate amount of time for a few seconds of photos. Silly tourists!

The Skull

This very handsome devil was photographed with the iPhone a local liquor store at halloween!

He is pure evil! 💀

Unwanted Company

Directly after hanging up the phone with my sister and other family before her, I noticed this little piece of crap! I took this crappy iPhone photo of it, and this house was sprayed for these and other critters about 14 days ago. I called the company I use and left a message to call me Monday. I suppose scorpions here find humans to be unwanted company too!


Why The Difference?

My Michigan buddy stated a day or two ago that fuel prices are around $1.09 or so there, so why the heck are our prices the same as before this terrible thing happened? Human Greed.

Eggs, Toast and Coffee

Yum… I just love this kind of breakfast, I don’t have hash browns in the freezer but do have some crinkle cut fries which really isn’t the same. Those hash browns I get at a couple local restaurants are so delicious with all that butter they are drowning in! Not healthy but mm good!

The Summer Heat Returns

And I am a happy camper! I captured the forecast for the valley with the iPhone a bit ago, next week is going to be a scorcher! Like I said recently, if you can’t handle the heat, Las Vegas summers are not for you.

iPad In The Backyard

This morning I put the cushions back on the couch out back and opened the umbrella which hasn’t been open for many months. I had a seat for a bit checking out IG and the blog. I think the iPad did a darn good job taking photos, something I just never do.


These are iPhone images from my travels in the last couple years or so. I’ve got plenty of video of landings and liftoffs too but video doesn’t seem to capture the interest of many of you here.

Video isn’t so easy to work with either since I use Vimeo now as WordPress is greedy with storage. My photos are now uploaded at 150kb’s or so too so they may appear just a bit crusty.

That sucks but thanks again, WordPress for diminishing the quality of my photography.