The FT-25

Here is the little VHF radio I purchased a few days ago, I unboxed this a couple days ago. I’ve been programming these radios for decades and I’ve gotta say that programming this radio was not an easy feat. The menu system is a bit difficult to navigate, and I have yet to enable the CTCSS feature. Without this enabled, you can’t access many repeaters. I am a loyal Yaesu radio customer, I have been for decades but come on, Yaesu! A great radio, sans the menu system.

Unboxing a New Radio

Two days ago, I received the second two-meter radio I ordered. I have two of them, one in the house, one in the truck. I used to have a bunch of dual-band radios that were 2 meters and 70cm, both amateur radio bands. They operate in the FM mode, not AM, and are nothing like a CB radio. You also need an FCC license to transmit with these radios.

I have been licensed since about 1982 when I gave CB Radio the boot, but do still own just one CB radio for that rare occasion I want to pop the radio in the truck and play around with it, breaker one-nine! Haha. CB isn’t as popular as it used to be back in the late 1970s, I think every kid in my high school had one. Today, it seems to be mostly for the truckers.

Today, the new 2 meter VHF hand-held radio will show up via Amazon Prime, one more radio to be programmed! They are so easy for me to program, having literally decades of experience with radios of many types. And feedlines. coaxial connections and radio tower installations too. As you can see, I have had a lifelong love for all things radio!