iPhone Photography

Traffic Jam Hell

On the way to Florida last week, I got snarled in likely the longest damn traffic jam I’ve ever been in. About 2.5 wasted hours on the Interstate 75 southbound around Cinci Ohio continuing into Kentucky on the other side… Read More ›

On The Ground and Aloft

One of these iPhone photos shows the beautiful rolling mountains below us as we approached Las Vegas last week from the east. In the other photo, the plastic inner window the outer or both created a weird but nice bokeh… Read More ›

Lake Mead

Say hello to our beautiful Lake Mead as I passed over it heading home to Las Vegas last week. If your a Vegas Local then you already know how dire the situation is with the lake level. Lake Mead has… Read More ›

Crossing Lines

On this trip I elected to not take many photos of the drive from Michigan to Florida to be less distracted. The few that I did snap were all iPhone photos with the Nikon tucked in the suitcase behind me…. Read More ›

Takeoff and Aloft

Some iPhone photos from several days ago heading both east and west on the Airbus A320 and a much smaller RJ, or Regional Jet taken from Chicago into Flint, Michigan or FNT. Aloft again The western coast of beautiful Lake… Read More ›

Dunedin Causeway

This causeway and I have some history going back to circa 1993. I won’t bore ya with that stuff but it’s still nice to have a slow roll down this causeway… The good and the bad and the now all… Read More ›

The Airbus Engine and Wing

Very similar to the previous post, I zoomed the iPhone in on the engine for a better look. Notice the features on the ground far beyond the wing and engine, it’s such a beautiful landscape isn’t it?

Chocolate the Moose

That’s the name the crew gave the moose on the winglet! I noticed other Frontier aircraft with different animals on their winglets, such a fun idea. Learn more about what a winglet does! This is an Airbus A320.