A Backyard Spiff

After grilling those delicious sausages yesterday, I dragged the grill into the house, sans the pig, to give it a good cleaning. Months of desert dust needed to be wiped off. The cover was washed off too, you can see in the photo that all of the goobers are gone, including the damned bird poop. There are tons of birds over my home every day!

The rest of the area was spiffed up including the furniture. Better! Now all I need to spiff up is the inside of my house, the dust level is getting rather deep in here, haha! And a good mopping for the floors too. I have to hit the dentist this morning to have the temporary crown reglued to the tooth. I’m back later, here are some iPhone photos.

Grilled Sausages!

This is the first food that’s been grilled in several months, thanks very little to the extreme, extended heatwave that has pounded Las Vegas basically all summer long.

It’s still a bit warm at ninety-six degrees just now, but that’s almost a world of difference as compared to the one-hundred ten degrees and hotter this summer.

It’s so much simpler, easier to cook sausages on the grill than the greasy, spattering mess that is cooking in the kitchen. And the flavour?

Oh my gosh, the difference is so obvious between the two methods of cooking. Of course, I had to eat one of the sausages. It’s a tough deal but someone has got to try them!

It’s Taco Sunday!

This morning I headed out the door to the party store for some adult refreshments for later today. Of course, I had to remember that my favourite local taco shop is very near the store, so I caved in and headed there too.

This time, the tacos were a bit more stuffed with extra shredded beef and cheese too. Yum! Sorry Taco Hell, but your tacos just pale in comparison to the real thing. Some years ago, there was a rumor going around that Taco Hell (bell) was using horse meat in their food.

I still doubt that was true, but those tacos still suck regardless! I pay nine dollars for these three tacos, and I’ll guarantee you that it’s worth every red cent. Yum!

On a very different note here, on the way to the store, I came upon a really horrendous sight. Under a completely cloudless and sunny sky, and almost zero traffic on this particular four-lane road, two vehicles managed to have an unbelievably violent head-on crash.

Seriously? How the **** did this happen? Occasionally, I will snap a photo of an accident, but this one was sickening, and there were fire and police all around of course. No photo. My reaction was both one of dismay, and of anger as well.

One or both of these morons must have been seriously intoxicated in one form or another. All of this got me deep-thinking about my decision to remain in Las Vegas after divorce number three, the final divorce. I’ve drawn one very large conclusion from what I’ve seen today.

And that is that there is an inordinate number of assholes living in Las Vegas. That accident never should have occurred in the real world. There’s just no ******* excuse for this. And it’s not the first time that I’ve seriously questioned my decision to stay here. I stayed in Nevada for the wonderful year-round climate.

And not to be so close to the multitude of freaking morons that live here. I am sick to death of these people. I am tired of seeing so much ignorance on full public display, almost daily in so many different ways. I could easily write a full post, complete with photography on this subject.

All of this said, do I sincerely want to remain here in Las Vegas? The answer is yes, for now. I may reconsider this in time to come after the CORONA virus has run it’s course and is gone. Never thought I could say this actually as I really do like the city and the beautiful Mojave Desert. But these people will be the end of my life here.

The only place I would consider moving to is Michigan, my home state. Back to the friendly people I left behind seven years ago. To a life that I’m of course familiar with, it’s a big matter though, of readjusting to life under gray skies, snow, icy and salty roads, and a summer full of biting bugs and mosquitos. Another big decision in this life.