No bodies were seen anywhere near this pool or our other, yesterday. Too chilly and the pools are not heated which sucks but that costs too much money. I was on another walk and decided to let myself into the pool area (with my key) for a few iPhone photos. It looks so pretty and inviting doesn’t it! Of course we can’t see the fifty five degree air temperature! Sunshine and palms… Las Vegas Valley.

iPhone In The Park

I grabbed these photos a few days ago while walking a different area of my local park. That was such a sweet day, today is overcast and fifty eight degrees just now. Brr! That’s chilly for Las Vegas. So here I am on the couch this early afternoon with no gitty up and go whatsoever. Not my usual day around here but Couch Potato Mode has been assumed! Happy weekend friends!

At Firehouse Subs

This is not a paid advertisement for Firehouse Subs of course! This gorgeous painting is on the wall of my local Firehouse sub shop and is totally about Red Rock Canyon, very local! I used the iPhone, didn’t get the shot level hence the Ram running from the dog is chopped off a bit. What are your plans for this Saturday?  It’s overcast and fifty five degrees just now in Vegas. Brrr!!

Fast Cars

Inside the Stratosphere Hotel the other day I came across this really cool car. The one photo will give you the details for the car but after looking at the interior, this car just can’t be comfortable to drive! But I’ll bet she runs insanely good and sounds seriously awesome. I love the open exhaust and fully exposed power plant! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my WordPress friends here!

Tacos Mexico!

A nice perk of living in Las Vegas is the authentic Mexican food. This little restaurant was once a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, also called KFC for short. KFC is overpriced in my view, and the food never agrees with my system. Yum.

This little Taco joint is right near the base of the Stratosphere Tower and worth the short walk. It’s also next door to a Denny’s restaurant which serves some yummy omelets and taters. Next time I ascend the tower, I’m going to hit this Taco place again! Merry Christmas to you, and happy birthday Jesus!

This decal is on the side of a city-owned car.