Joshua Trees


Heading down from Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountains, you’ll pass through different life zones from Alpine to Desert zones. The bottom photo is misleading because there is a small mountain closer to you, yet in the far distance, the… Read More ›

Hiking the First Creek Trail

The First Creek Trail is a wonderful hike where you park along Charleston Boulevard and proceed West toward the Red Rock Escarpment. When you reach the escarpment, you will see at least one spring, welling up very beautiful, cold and… Read More ›

In The Desert Today

Well, it’s the same mountains you may have seen before but they are still gorgeous! These photos are via the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens on the Nikon 3300 body, not a new camera but she still does a fine… Read More ›

Rocky Wall

This rocky wall is faaaar larger than the photo renders. A portion of the Red Rock Escarpment.

Older Donkey

I tried for the 1800’s or 1900’s look for this set of my wild donkey friends. Looks OK I guess…