Desert People Party

I like to think of Joshua Trees as desert people. Look at this cluster of beautiful Joshua trees. Don’t they look like they are dancing and having fun under the desert sun? Partly cloudy and a heatwave of 58 degrees are forecast for today, what is your weather forecast for today?

Deciduous Trees And Joshua Trees

These trees live together nicely here on the desert floor. Sunshine and 58 degrees are on tap for today, and my truck has an appointment with the dealership today. The right-front tire pressure sensor has failed so it will be replaced. It’s silly to have to push the reset button on the dash panel every time I start the truck.

Among The Desert Beauty

Here are a few more photos from the desert floor the other day, I never tire of this beautiful place. The temperature was already at 90 degrees when I woke up at seven this morning, and a high of 109 degrees is on the way for today. I took a very short ride around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon on the Pedego, that little ride confirmed that I made the right choice to stand down from riding in the summer heat. Wow!