Inside The Joshua Tree

And other views. Please excuse the redundancy of the photos, I took too many of the same scenes, eh? I have finished all the jobs around the house except cleaning the nasty dust off of the relatively new ceiling fans.

Yucky dust just has to cling to the leading and trailing edges of the blades which are shaped very much like blades you would see on a Cessna general aviation aircraft. When cleaning the truck windscreen, I noticed that the right wiper blade was literally coming apart.

Strong sunshine and desert heat finally got to these original, six-year-old blades, which I replaced right away, thanks, Auto Zone! The funny thing is, in those six years, the wiper system has had very little use as it basically never rains here. Almost never. Some older cars and trucks have had the paint literally burnt off of them!

Pulling Out Some Oldies

Well, since I’ve not been out of the house today, I have nothing new for this space so here ya go. I pulled these photos down from the cloud. On a different thought, after using this site for a full day now I will say that the ‘upgrade’ I made yesterday for the WordPress Business plan has this site loading much faster both the site and the Admin pages just pop right up. Nice!

It does help though, that I have a super-fast cable service too. It was worth? the too-high price they want for one year but no regrets yet. And yes, I was totally against this plan, however, the damned block editor will come, the works perfectly well classic editor will go away next year. That’s no longer an issue, nor is storage space. Still, the price is too damn high, Matt!

A Few of My Best Photos

Since I have nothing new to work with today, out came the trusty external SSD backup disc. Why not dig through the folder labeled Best Photos for a change?

Once in a while, this amateur photographer gets the shot just right both in taking the photo and in processing. Not the best photos ever captured, but I am damn proud of them!

There are many more than these ten photos that I feel are some of my best photography in that folder.

They Better Notta!

They better not have! I came across this terrible sight the other day while getting some recent photos of the Joshua trees. Why? Why the hell do this? If they were actually ignited in this location, it’s a miracle that the desert wasn’t set afire! It’s still true, folks, some folk have zero gray matter inside that skull… I added another sunset photo, and a couple of photos taken the other day when I came upon that box of spent fireworks.