Among The Desert Beauty

Here are a few more photos from the desert floor the other day, I never tire of this beautiful place. The temperature was already at 90 degrees when I woke up at seven this morning, and a high of 109 degrees is on the way for today. I took a very short ride around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon on the Pedego, that little ride confirmed that I made the right choice to stand down from riding in the summer heat. Wow!

A Quick Shoot

This morning I headed west for a quick shoot west of the city, the usual places I visit of course. In spite of the 104-degree temperature out there, there were plenty of people on bicycles, motorcycles, and joggers along the road. These people are very much acclimated to the heat!

I snapped about 75 photos out there so here are the first photos. One of the photos shows a whole bunch of fuzzy little balls, some in focus, others not. They were hard to photograph in the light breeze as they jiggled about, this is a Creosote Bush.

More Pods

Yes indeed, more seed. It was 105 degrees while I was shooting these and the previous post photo too, wanna go shooting with me? I like to shoot under a bright sunny sky because it helps bring out the best colors in most things in my opinion. The Nikkor 18-140mm lens captured the previous post and these photos. I purchased this lens four or five months ago and it never fails to do a great job for me. Thank you, Nikon!