The Anatomy of A Joshua Tree

Up close and personal, these amazing yucca can live up to 700 years and are food for a few critters too. A high of 107 degrees is coming for Las Vegas today which means that summer is certainly not coming to a close here! How is your weather shaping up this Tuesday?

A Quick Desert Hike

Wow, man, it was really hot while shooting these photos this morning! Imagine doing this when it’s 112 degrees instead of 92! This is the first time I’ve taken the new Sony A7C body and the 28-60mm lens in the field. What do you think, did the new system do a good job?

If I were using the Nikon Z50, I’d probably have the zoom lens on but this camera works very well with a smaller lens for my type of photography. I saw two wild donkeys in that area but in this case, that 28-60mm lens was incapable of capturing them at that distance and the zoom lens was at home. Oh well!

On a different note, it seems rather odd to me to be uploading (posting) only twice per day, I am very accustomed to publishing much more content per day, so I need to post more photos per post, right? 🤪

Pulling Out The Old Stuff

Once again I am out of fresh material, so here are some random older photos for ya. It’s gray above me today which makes it the perfect day for full couch potato mode but I’d rather be on the bike somewhere in the city. Does a gray sky make you feel gray too?