Last Of The Desert Photos

I put another seven miles on the new bike this afternoon before calling it quits because of the cool weather and not having gloves. My hands get far too cold so I ordered a nice pair of biking gloves from Amazon. I tried Target but the place was a freaking madhouse, no thanks!

Frozen Pizza and Joshua Trees

Such a tasty juxtaposition isn’t it! I buy just one brand of frozen pizza called Wise Pies but I received no compensation for this! The Joshua Tree photos were taken a couple of days ago with the Nikon Z50. Sunshine and 52 too cold degrees are forecast for Las Vegas today, I want the hot summer weather back! Cold weather just doesn’t cut the mustard…

More Desert Photos

Are you guys tired of my repetitive desert photos? I hope not, as usual, I took way too many photos out there the other day. I hope that you enjoy the beauty of the Mojave Desert as much as I do. Today would be a fabulous day for a hike at Calico Basin, but my damn lower back just won’t permit this, it’s painful to walk and it was painful having to stand for the time it took to make another fresh pot of guess what? You guessed it! I wish that I could share a bowl with you.

Photos From The Desert Floor

Good Friday morning, people! I hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend filled with fun and love. Well, here is the next set of photos from yesterday trying the new Nikon Z50 camera out. The photos look pretty good, eh? Today Las Vegas will see a scorching temperature of fifty degrees, way too chilly for my liking but I may try to get a bike ride in after twelve O’clock. After restocking my shelves with another trip to the grocery store. Already? Do I eat too much?