Joshua Trees

Lost and Found

This afternoon I was reinstalling my two-way amateur (ham) radio back into my truck and began digging through the centre console/armrest. It’s kind of amazing what sort of stuff you can find in these places as they aren’t used much…. Read More ›

After The Blood Draw

I headed out toward the desert, not ready to head home yet after that delish Subway Sub and Fasting for basically almost twelve hours! Would you like to live in my sunny state?

Nevada Beauty

Hey. On the way back to the lot after flying the drone today which was freaking great as always by the way, I swung the Nikon around from it’s usual right-side position on my walks and grabbed these photos. I… Read More ›

Nothing Spills Here…

Due to the continuing drought here in the American southwest. This spillway has been high and dry since the 1980’s. I would love to see Lake Mead at it’s fullest point! In other big news (haha), it was a very… Read More ›

A Three Mile Hike

Yes! For me, a three mile hike is a solid accomplishment considering a weak heart and three blown Lower Lumbar discs. Never let health issues like this stop you from living life! I met a few really nice folks out… Read More ›


This photo was taken with the Nikon, processed with iColorama and PhotoScape X. Cool but over processed. Click it, looks better bigger…