Disc Brake

This is just a random photo, it’s funny to see a disc brake system on bicycles…

The Dirty Drive Train

Last night I twisted the 60mm macro on my old time Nikon body and got to work snapping my Kona Bike chain drive. The bike is actually super clean as I use the same polish on the entire bike as I do on my truck. But that chain and sprockets appear filthy as hell in these macros. Yeah, I was bored LOL!! 😂


Kona Ride

Yesterday I took the Kona out for a quick ride, only got these two iPhone ho hum photos. 😂😎🚴‍♀️

Kona Green

I plan on getting Kona on the streets of Las Vegas tomorrow – look out people! 😂🚴‍♂️


As the sun shone through the living room window making it’s slow descent this afternoon, I thought why not place the Kona in the way? Natural light is always good!