The Full Strip

Today has been very beautiful with a temperature just below 90 and a perfect breeze. I stopped at my favorite spot to see the distant Strip and snapped this photo as there appears to be zero smog over the city. This is the full length of the Strip which is I think around five miles north-to-south.

I know that you have seen this before but this image is sharper than usual. Moving along, I purchased this CB Radio a few days ago from President Electronics. This is the first legal CB Radio with FM in this country.

There have been illegally imported radios with the FM mode in this country for years now but this one is the first to be sold here legally. It’s a great little radio, its received signal sensitivity is great. I tried to make a few contacts but nobody came back to me, better luck next time!

I had a more advanced radio until last night that has SSB, or Single Side Band capability but the damn thing up and died last night! This morning, I opened the casing of the radio and had a look for burnt resistors, transistors, or pots (tech stuff) that were obviously cooked but found nothing.

Next, I checked the power cord and the socket where the radio gets its power from the truck. No problems there. There were no blown fuses in the truck either, so, the radio just died and I used it maybe three times since last year when I purchased it. Note to me – do not buy Galaxy CB Radios!

I have more fun with CB Radios that I began my radio hobby with in the early 1980s than I do with my ham radios!

Colours and Gray Scales, 2018

Here are a few more photos from 2018 for ya. In my travels around WordPress today, I have found that way too many people here on WordPress are also dealing with the current meltdown that WordPress is having. Let us hope that those “happiness engineers” figure this damn mess out very soon.

I have been a total couch potato today, went to the grocer for a couple of items I missed when shopping the other day and bought some new test strips to test my blood glucose. Have you seen the TV commercials that talk about the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor that sticks on your skin?

You can get your numbers from your phone. Nah. People complain about the “pain” they feel when the lancet does its poking thing and boy do I bleed! That tiny 81 mg of baby aspirin every day makes your blood very thin which is the idea. It’s not painful, but more like a small sting.

Stop being so wimpy, people! And, take some money out of the pockets of the companies that made the Libre and other similar devices. It’s currently 102 degrees at my place, but 73 degrees indoor, so nice!

The Las Vegas Strip With Distant Thunderstorm

Taking a quick ride to the store this afternoon, I stopped by my favorite place to photograph the strip. The thunderstorm beyond was causing flash flooding in Searchlight which is well south of Las Vegas on the 95 freeway. The storm was moving north, I haven’t had a flash flood warning for my area of the valley yet. I used the Nikkor 200mm lens on the NikonZ50 body.