What It Looks Like

In case you’ve wondered what Las Vegas looks like heading north on the 15 freeway, here you go. Be super careful driving anywhere in Vegas, the 15 freeway has plenty of accidents which sucks. I jumped off the 15 and picked up the 215 westbound which becomes the 215 northbound after a few miles. If you want to head up to Utah and further north, just stay on the 15. Honestly, I despise driving here with all of the dipshits who should surrender their driver’s license at the DMV and take the bus. Just being honest! My driving record is clean…

The NFL Draft in Las Vegas, 2022

I rarely view any television news but did so this afternoon to get the scoop on the goings-on on the Las Vegas Strip. I watched two TV stations’ coverage as the big day approaches tomorrow. It’s true what they said on the TV, no city in the world can host big events like Las Vegas can!

There’s even a large stage that’s temporarily I’m sure built over a portion of the water of the famous Bellagio Hotel Fountain. The announcer said that as many as 600,000 out-of-state people may show up for this huge event. Now, as a local, I very rarely visit the Strip because it’s always chaotic enough.

Imagine adding 600,000 more bodies into an already crowded area that is getting busier now because of the coronavirus apparently fading away which is fantastic of course. As for yours truly, I live here so nothing changes! There’s no bloody way I would go anywhere near that mega crowd! Image source.

Unfortunately for these people, the wind tomorrow will be gusting over forty miles per hour!

Beautiful Rock and Creepy Clowns

I think that most of us liked clowns when we were children, but as you have grown older, do you find them to be very creepy? The clown in the photo is for the Circus Circus venue along Las Vegas Boulevard. They have a new TV commercial now that shows two new rides on the property. Those rides make me puke!

I have never been to that venue partly because of the clowns, but mostly because the place caters to families. Too noisy for me, haha! The rock photo was taken along a trail in Calico Basin a while back, I really should go back and take a slow, easy hike, it offers so many lovely photo opportunities. Maybe tomorrow?

Sin City Strip

Good Saturday morning, friends! I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are today. Sunny and 73 degrees are the forecasts for Las Vegas today. This set is from 2020 using the Nikon Z6 that I’ve now sold. That camera always had a dust intrusion issue, it was a pain to use. Hence, the Nikon Z50 body is smaller, lighter, and has zero dust intrusion issues. Happy Saturday.

Dark City

A dark take on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, processed with Nik software I picked up recently. Sunny and 88 degrees will fill the valley with warmth today which sounds great! My teeth get a good cleaning this morning, every three months instead of six because of previous trouble in there. Happy Tuesday!

The Vegas Strip From The iPhone 12

I snapped this shot yesterday to send to family members, I think it looks damn good considering the focal length of the iPhone. Nothing compared to the 18-140mm Nikkor lens! I wish that I could bring myself to just go down there for something different for this website.

The first roadblock for me is the lack of easily accessible and free parking. A few years ago, we Locals had to show ID to get free parking. Today, and before the pandemic, the greedy corporations that own these venues on the Strip began charging everyone for parking. Seriously?

They are worth billions I’m sure, yet human greed reigns supreme here in Sin City. Then, of course, we have the remnants of covid still hiding, lying in wait for another victim. That’s just too scary for me man… Call me paranoid or a chicken shit, but I want to live as long as I can!

A Ride to Nevada Brew Works

I’ve been following these guys for a while now on Instagram and thought I’d have a ride down there. It’s a bit of a ride too since it’s just off of the Vegas Strip near the Stratosphere Tower. It’s run by a husband and wife team, I did find the husband and had a nice chat with him.

If you are familiar with the Bar Rescue show on the Paramount Network, Jon Taffer who does the show did a show recently at this location. I have to believe that they took Jon’s advice because the place is packed with patrons and the beers on tap were flowing!

It’s nicely decorated, I did buy a T-shirt with their logo on it and a Western BBQ burger which I brought home to eat later. Jon Taffer lives here in Las Vegas as do many TV personalities and other stars.

Las Vegas Boulevard, 2018

Here are a few old photos that I took along the Vegas Strip before the terrible virus hit the world. The Strip is back in full swing now but I wonder if it will still draw the 40 million tourists a year that it used to? The image quality is not so good in these photos, I hope that my current photography looks better than this! And, isn’t it kind of funny that I live fifteen minutes from the Strip but I never venture there these days? Crazy tourists!