Las Vegas Strip

Tourist Buses

As I headed back into the city, I passed two big buses loaded with those pesky tourists. I’m kidding about that of course, I do hope these folks enjoy the visit in the desert. If they’ve never been in the… Read More ›

Digging Out the Oldies

Since I’m stuck at home (tough deal right?) waiting for the appliance repair guy, why not dig out some oldies? I use two forms of photo and video backup: Dropbox which is awesome and ten times better than that damned… Read More ›

Astro Jet

I posted a different photo of this aircraft yesterday I think, here is a different angle on the aircraft as it approached our McCarran International Airport. I did a bit of research on this aircraft this morning and found this… Read More ›

On the Fifteen

A couple photos from yesterday heading for the airport for some photos. I usually take the two fifteen as it’s less hectic and an easier drive but it does take a bit longer to get to the airport that way.


One for the haters. Too bad. I snapped this on Spring Mountain Road near the Strip, waiting for the light.

Seven Venues

At minimum there are seven different venues visible on the Vegas Strip in these images, taken from the 15 freeway. I do not recommend taking photos at speed!

Tower Marks the Spot

From my perspective, the Stratosphere Tower marks the very north end of the Las Vegas Strip. This photo was snapped a couple days ago I think from near the southern base or end of Lone Mountain using the Nikon and… Read More ›