Fun City

Las Vegas is indeed a fun city but the sign is more for the tourists than us locals in my view. Not that some of us don’t take advantage of the Strip and its very inflated prices geared to maximize corporate profits. My favorite photo in this little set is the Stratosphere Tower.

It has a nice glow to it, probably due to the sun being just out of frame. I hope that my American friends had a blessed Memorial Day and honored our fallen American soldiers. Our weather today will see a high of 89 degrees in the valley, a bike ride may happen today if I have time for it.

Random Downtown Photos

This is the next to last set of photos from downtown the other day, then it’s back to some leftover biking photos. Sunshine and 92 toasty degrees are forecast for the valley today, great! Yesterday the truck got a great spiff that it needed badly.

The engine compartment finally got washed down, the body waxed and the tires got the shine back on them. It looks damn good for an eight-year-old truck. I have never posted a full photo of it though, have I…

Happy and Sunny Memorial Day from Las Vegas!

I wish all of my American friends a happy and safe Memorial Day this coming Monday. Today, I drove east to the north end of the Las Vegas Strip to get some photos of the Stratosphere Tower and the area around it. Both the 28-60 and the 211mm lenses were used today, I have many more photos from today lined up. Today has been very beautiful with 90 degrees, a nice breeze, and 100% vitamin D falling from the sky!

If You Are A Tourist…

Do yourself a favor and get off of the Strip at some point during your visit here and see the beauty outside of the city. The photos give you a little taste of the beauty that awaits you! Sunshine and 92 degrees are up for today, stop on by, you won’t be disappointed. Was that a good sales pitch? See ya this afternoon.

Moody Clouds and Our Flag

The moody sky is a recent capture, the beautiful blue sky with our flag way up there is a bit older but still a beautiful view. Sunshine and 94 degrees are up for today, basically a repeat of yesterday’s weather. It’s Friyay again, have a dandy weekend, friends!

Where The Locals Live

This is where we locals live and it has nothing to do with that strip! I haven’t been on the strip for a long time now, it’s amazing that so many people save up their money to visit the strip while we locals completely ignore it! Sunny and 91 degrees are up for today, it seems that our summer scorch is on its way back.🔥🌞

Shots From Around Town

Today I took several photos with the new camera but these three survived the chopping block. I was going to go on a bike ride today, but suddenly I had the feeling that I had better not take that ride. It’s very much a gut feeling, has this happened to you too?

You are suddenly overcome by a feeling that something terrible will happen if you proceed to do that thing. This has happened to me many times in my 62 years on this planet and I have apparently always heeded the warnings.

Instead, I took a ride in the truck for new photos and got a call from my sister, we discussed my flying into Detroit at the end of June, and the first of July to stay with her instead of with my dad in the little guest house in my hometown.

Sounds great because her home is the same home I lived in when in high school. So many wonderful memories there!

iPhone Captures Strip

I took some photos of the strip with the Nikon yesterday, they all went to file 13. This iPhone photo was better, go figure. I’ve used that beer mug just once in the years I’ve owned it. A high of 79 degrees is up for today along with very strong winds, we are overdue. What’s up in your world this Tuesday?