Tropicana at Swenson St

Or there about is where I snapped these photos this morning. I’d have had more photos but my Nikon wasn’t in the mood saying my SD card was full which it was nowhere close to it. Dammit. I reformatted the SD card, all was well. In the mean time I snapped away with the iPhone and got some weird photos from the HDR application on it. I’ll process those and post later. In one of these photos you can see a mountain peak with snow on top. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not sure if this is Mount Charleston or Fletcher Peak which is almost as high as Mount Charleston. Well, we know that it’s damn cold and snowy up there anyway…

During My Travels…

I snapped these photos while on the way back home this morning on the two fifteen freeway. A pesky low pressure centre has been stubbornly hanging around the last couple days with it’s angry looking clouds touching the peaks surrounding Red Rock Canyon. These beautiful moody views of the mountain ranges surrounding Las Vegas Valley are a huge reason why I continue call Las Vegas my home.

Hiking Calico Basin

Or perhaps walking is a more fitting description. Regardless, I’ve been wanting to test myself with a walk around Calico Basin for a bit now, today was the day. Since I have CHF, or Congestive Heart Failure diagnosed in 2002, I have to take the up-bound portion of the walk very slowly, making frequent stops. Meanwhile others walk past at a nice pace. Showoffs. Just kidding! But I do miss being able to do more athletic stuff.

The other reason for the walk was to get some new wonderful rock photos. More rocks! Got rocks? We have em’ here! Turns out I snapped exactly one gig’s worth of photos today so I’ll have to search through them for the best ones, here’s a start. If you visit Las Vegas in the future or are returning for another visit, get away from the Vegas Strip, there is so much more to the Las Vegas area than the glitz and craziness of the Strip!

Skulls Watch You Eat!

Hi all! Going back to the Linq walk the other day, on the back wall of Chayo Mexican Kitchen you’ll see all these crazy-eyed skulls staring you down whilst you eat! Each skull is unique as far as I could tell, and you know I had to go for the shots after eating my yummy lunch. I asked permission of course as usual and the place was almost empty anyway. The full colour version is the original. Click a pic, looks better bigger. 💀

Around The Linq

I parked in the Back Lot as The Linq Hotel calls it, and walked west toward the Strip which takes you directly under the big wheel. Fascinating! The sheer size will awe you.  A few photos from under the wheel, and heading toward Las Vegas Boulevard, passing by several great restaurants and pubs as well as a delicatessen and of course two different casinos. My stay was over an hour I’m sure but the parking was just seven dollars which seems to be pretty standard around the Strip. But Locals should park free! Greedy casinos…

The Linq Spindle

Or Hub if you prefer. I’m fascinated with the abstractness of this design! Simple and elegant to behold yet it looks so incredibly fragile. Well, I can assure you this structure is safe for the obvious reason that it’s in use, but beyond that consider the extreme wind storms that Las Vegas Valley is pounded with at times. They occur more frequently during the cooler months of the year. Gusts to 60+ mph are common with them!

The Linq Wheel

Much more to come from this shoot today. The Linq Wheel is incredibly huge! Seeing it from a mile away or more as I always do simply doesn’t give you a true idea of how large this mechanical beasty really is. And I can pretty much guarantee you I’ll not be riding the thing because honestly, going up the Stratosphere Tower scares the chit outta me!

Vegas Strip East

Thanks for visiting today! These photos will be a lead-in to the photos I shot today of The Linq and it’s surroundings, lots of photos to come in this set! I had a totally delicious Mexican lunch while there, the real thing. No Taco Bell here. And talk about perfect weather? At the time it was full sunshine and 73 comfortable degrees. Perfect! More to come.