Las Vegas Strip

iPhone Photos on The Trail Two

Here are seven more iPhone snaps from the other day, not very interesting really but you do see the Strip many miles away. Best guess is around eight or nine miles southeast of my location…

iPhone Photos on The Trail

I’ve been putting off processing these iPhone photos from a couple days ago. I started down the trail intending to walk the entire circumference of the little mountain but made it about one third of that distance. My heart just… Read More ›

It’s Not Too Jiffy

There are a few different companies around the city that perform the smog testing on most everything with an engine around here but I don’t believe that doing this really helps very much. In winter the layer of smog hanging… Read More ›

The Rio and The Linq

Two snaps from yesterday as I headed south to my doctor appointment. This is looking east on Flamingo Road. Have you rode the Linq? I haven’t. I don’t see how the pods can have no toilets!


After visiting Sunset Park, I drove across Sunset Road to my fav aircraft photography site. It’s a secret. I snapped loads of photos but kept about thirty of them. Here are three of them, the darker image was not cooperating… Read More ›

The Touchdown

After I left the park yesterday going crazy with bird photos, I headed across Sunset Road to my favourite place to photograph airliners as they approach I think it’s runway 8L for touchdown. I was successful in capturing the gradual… Read More ›

The Mandalay

This image is the result of a serious crop job. The hydro lines at the top and crap at the bottom had to go, this is the best result I could get. The sad memory of the shooting remembered.