Las Vegas Strip

A Way Out

Here’s your chance to bail off the Strip! Take Tropicana west, hurry! Too many nutters!! 🤪😎

Southbound on The 95

On the way home from the big box store I took the 95 south home instead, much faster and easier driving. Even here, but then it’s Sunday. As you can see there is ongoing road construction which I recall going… Read More ›

The Bombardier Challenger 604

Here is a privately owned jet I photographed a couple days ago departing from our McCarran International Airport. I love these small private jets too, aircraft for me are like poetry in motion! You can read more on this aircraft… Read More ›

The Line Never Ends…

Each time I happen to drive by this famous sign, there is always a line to a greater or lesser degree. Tour buses tend to block the boulevard as they attempt to enter the meager parking area for them and… Read More ›

From The East Side

Today I got the heck outta the house and headed east all the way across the valley to where Lake Mead Boulevard leaves the valley and continues into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I didn’t continue into the Rec… Read More ›