Las Vegas Valley

North to Tonopah

For this photo I was heading east to visit a church I am thinking about attending. I’ve never been to Tonopah, have you?

In The Summer, In The City

Las Vegas Valley is just starting to warm up toward our summer temperatures as the forecast calls for temps rising into eighties the next several days and pushing ninety degrees and it’s right on time. It’s been summer weather here… Read More ›

The Valley of Palms

Driving around Las Vegas you will see jillions of beautiful palm trees in several varieties and in various states of growth. Some are not well maintained or not maintained at all in some areas which is a crime in my… Read More ›

Tranquil Lake

A man-made lake at that but very nice. I wouldn’t purchase a home on this lake as no powerboats are allowed. Only electric motors can be used which is so boring!

Tourist Buses

As I headed back into the city, I passed two big buses loaded with those pesky tourists. I’m kidding about that of course, I do hope these folks enjoy the visit in the desert. If they’ve never been in the… Read More ›