A Sign of The Times

My truck was due for another oil change since another three thousand miles has been added to the odometer. Since it was new, the engine oil has been changed almost exactly every three thousand miles, some say higher than this is OK but I don’t buy that. Think of what happens inside your engine. There is plenty of heat and friction that can quickly break down your oil’s viscosity which translates to engine wear and repair bills sooner than they should be needed. So, go change your engine oil!

While waiting for the crew to finish the truck ahead of me, I noticed this face mask kiosk. A true sign of the times in which we live today, would any one of us even believe that this situation would exist in a few month’s time? And that a kiosk would be selling face masks in the parking area of a party store, oil change place, and the car wash? Oh, and Roberto’s Tacos?

Equine Riders

In the early afternoon today, I had a short ride around the area and found some folks riding at the horse arena. Of course, I had the Nikon at arm’s length and walked to the arena.

Such beautiful, powerful animals and they scare me but are so wonderfully photogenic. Permission was given for these photos, I used the Nikkor 200mm lens here, and lots of processing to pull up the very dark areas. Fun!

Slow Ride

Today is a repeat of yesterday except that the sun didn’t come out to play as much. About these photos, the Coyote chasing the Hare is a common theme as these critters roam free here. I love the long ears, and very large, piercing eyes of the Desert Hare.

The road stretching beyond the traffic light is Lone Mountain Road, westbound where it deadends at the foothills. The last photo is the same thing except looking west on Cheyenne Avenue.

Little bits of Las Vegas that the average Las Vegas tourists will likely never see while visiting the city. If you visit here in the future, do yourself a favor and get away from the Strip as there is much more to Las Vegas!