Las Vegas

Joy Ride

Just a few Nikon snaps from an early ride this morning, it’s so beautiful today! Sunshine keeps my mood high. Las Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine which is something this Michigan native loves very much. Sunshine doesn’t… Read More ›

The Lee Canyon Ski Area

The Lee Canyon Ski Area is on Public land and is granted authority to use the area for skiing by a branch of the federal government. The area is open Friday, Saturday and  Sunday during the summer months and offers… Read More ›


Some like it hot. Some love it hot! I love the hot weather here in Las Vegas, I also love really hot and spicy chili. The more it makes your nose run, the better the chili! Can you handle it… Read More ›

Mountain Communications

As you can imagine, a solid cell signal can be difficult to find in the mountains, add to that the fact that the mountains will attenuate that weak signal with ease. This array (not all antennas shown) is just below… Read More ›

Heading Up the Mountain

A few shots from the other day heading westbound on Kyle Canyon Road toward Mount Charleston. The drive from where you leave highway Ninety Five from Las Vegas to where you begin climbing higher is roughly twenty miles or so,… Read More ›