Las Vegas

Replacement Cap

Well, almost. During my recent trip up north to Michigan for the family Christmas, I left my cap on the aircraft between Las Vegas and Chicago. Damn! So today I stopped by The Arsenal to purchase a replacement cap. Unfortunately,… Read More ›

Today’s Travel

Here are four iPhone photos from today in the Spring Mountains, or The Springs as I call them. ❤️ Beautiful Mojave Desert views ahead! Heading west on Lee Canyon Road Heading south on the 95 freeway toward Las Vegas Upbound!


We humans, possibly not the dominant specie on this planet are always on the move like colonies of ants.

A Grand Entrance

This is one of several great looking entrances at the Sun Coast Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas. The doors are below of course!

Stylish Carpet?

This is the carpet inside the Sun Coast Casino here in Las Vegas. OK, it’s odd to take a photo of carpet! Is it stylish or shit? 😎

Cell Comms

Here’s a goofy photo for ya, being a licensed Ham Radio guy for decades, I still have interest in all manner of radio communication. In a basic sense, your little device functions much the same as VHF and UHF two-way… Read More ›

Return of the Chili Pot

I’ve been thinking about whipping up another pot of John’s World Famous Chili lately, so I hit the grocer this morning for the ingredients. I’m still figuring out where things are in my new local grocery store. The only thing… Read More ›

Top of Summerlin

The Top of Summerlin as I call it can be seen a good way around the area, especially if you are passing by on the 215 freeway.