Las Vegas

The Biker Gang

On the way home from the unplanned visit to the dentist office this morning, I saw this big gang of bikers out for a morning ride. And a beautiful day for a ride it is too with sunshine and 76… Read More ›

Tiny Little Bugs

After snapping those bug photos earlier I snapped these flower photos, note those teeny tiny little bugs enjoying their teeny tiny little day and life. What do bugs think about? Do bugs even have a brain? Sadly, I must say… Read More ›

The Director

This woman was waiting for the green to cross the zebra stripes but was waving her hands about as though she were shushing the traffic along or out of the way. Soory lady, you have to wait like the rest… Read More ›

Horse Prep

Standing in horse poop as the human gets us ready to ride. Humans owned by horses… πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

The Young Rider

This young lady was not sure of herself about galloping. The parent was wonderful in encouraging her to keep trying. After a couple rides around the arena, she did gallop half of the space, then next try she rode a… Read More ›

Flight of The Officers

While at the horse arena earlier today, once again one of the Metro police choppers showed up doing it’s big circle around the bad guy action below. I could hear the police car sirens blasting not far away as the… Read More ›