It Reminds Me of Easter Island…

I’m sure that you know about Easter Island and its Maoi statues. Standing among these concrete pilings automatically had me thinking about that mysterious island located thousands of miles from anything. The county always does a fine job of painting over the damn graffiti that the young punks leave behind, note that can of spray paint.

Why do that? What kind of jollies do these punks get from defacing the concrete? And, yes, that is a pair of girl’s underwear. I don’t want to know how they were left behind or what happened…

I used the Nikkor 140mm lens for this quick shoot which was really hot because of the 90-degree heat and the concrete reflecting so much sunlight on me, making me a sweaty mess by the time I got back in the truck. Thank God for air conditioning!

Getting Closer

Late this afternoon, I heard the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police chopper getting closer, then going around and around a specific area. I have seen this many times before which makes you think that there is something going down within the flight path of the chopper. I have taken photos of these great men and women before and posted them on this site somewhere in 7000+ posts. Go ahead, have a search!

Nikon Z50 with Nikkor 200mm lens.