Las Vegas

Snow Seen From 4000 Feet

As the Boeing approached Las Vegas, several snow squalls were visible to the south which I captured with the iPhone. They sure look different and beautiful from one mile or so above the desert floor!

In The Valley, Above The Valley

It’s iPhone photography time in this post. The terminal photo was taken in Terminal Three at our beautiful McCarran International Airport. How many airports have you seen “slot” machines in? Not many I’ll bet. The photos taken aboard the Airbus… Read More ›

The Edison Glow

I love those Edison light bulbs yet don’t use them in my home but they look great used with this fun looking wall mounted lamp! This is an iPhone photo taken at a local pub on Charleston Boulevard.

Red Flowers

This is an old photo taken at the apartment complex I lived in via an older phone. It can’t beat my Nikon!

The Construction Zone

It doesn’t matter where you go in this city, you’ll always come across another construction zone! At this one three men were in the trench along the sidewalk. Now just what is so important down there that they have to… Read More ›

Me With Nikon

This image of me is at the top of the site’s sidebar and was taken at least a couple years ago in Downtown Summerlin. It’s a reflection of course, taken near the huge vertical waterfall. If you visit this place,… Read More ›

Last Summer

Warm soft breezes, baking sunshine and palm trees gently swaying in the moonlight. Las Vegas Summer.