Las Vegas

Park View

Two more iPhone photos looking west toward Lone Mountain today, the Nikon does a better job overall…

Statues and Tracks

A couple shots from last year along the Vegas Strip. I’m dealing with some pain today in my right wrist and I’ve no idea what I did to cause this! Some things are a little difficult to do with pain… Read More ›

Thanks For The Views!

And the follows my friends, reaching 100,000 views on Las Vegas Photoblog is a bit of a milestone as I’ve never had a blog over the years that made it to these big numbers for various reasons. Going forward I… Read More ›

And They Came Running

Yesterday I pulled to the side for some bird photos. The birds had other ideas, they all came running up to me before I even opened the door! Apparently some dumbass people are feeding these wild birds, shame on them!… Read More ›

Morning Moon

The moon was rising high in the western sky early this morning, the best shot I got in my PJ’s! ๐Ÿ˜‚