Las Vegas

Centennial at Tropical

Here are two more shots from today, I went to the dealer who sold me my truck to pick up a replacement ashtray. The other day I drilled three holes in the original ashtray to mount a small VHF/UHF radio… Read More ›

Left To Rot

Here’s a lovely abandoned home I passed by today. So attractive! It’s been like this ever since I’ve lived in Vegas… Land is basically indestructible so the land is likely worth more than the structure.

Reaching The Top

Behind me is a wide open view to the east side of the valley, ahead are the foothills. Gotta go north or south from here!

Skin Heat

Yesterday’s high was 108 degrees. My garage door is left open about one foot for ventilation, the door to the backyard wide open. The truck has not been in the direct sun for a few hours, so, this is the… Read More ›

Summer in Las Vegas

You know damn well it’s full-on summer in Las Vegas when the temperatures climb this high! I hope my old AC unit hangs on for the rest of the summer. Come bake in the Mojave heat with me!