Las Vegas

Palm Tree Man

Here’s a goofy creation from last night, the palm tree looks like a bit like a human figure… Maybe? ๐Ÿ˜‚

The Six Bladers

OK, Bladers isn’t a word apparently but whatever. Here is the last set of aircraft I spotted yesterday. I looked up the name on the side of these beautiful Chinook aircraft and found that they had traveled all the way… Read More ›

The Two Blade Chopper

These are of course not very sharp photos but I enjoyed the challenge of trying for the best image possible. Just two blades on this tiny chopper, privately owned I suppose.

The Speedy Two-Seater

Yesterday I photographed three different aircraft whilst parked in one spot. Apparently I unknowingly picked the perfect spot for aviation photos, and I didn’t even drive to my favorite photo spot near McCarran International Airport either. Both of these photos… Read More ›

Horse Face

Today I grabbed a few photos of this horse (and one other) at the local equine arena. There were a few women riding but I didn’t want to bother them for their photos on horseback, so I grabbed a few… Read More ›

Seven Days of Weather

Here is the forecast for Las Vegas Valley over the next several days. It’s a damn good forecast but last night and today have seen a powerful low pressure centre moving south through the valley. The winds have been howling… Read More ›

Changing Roads

With Charleston Boulevard directly behind me, I change roads to the SR 160 westbound which begins my trip to Pahrump via the Mountain Springs Pass. Beyond Pahrump many miles is the termination of SR 160 at the ninety five freeway.