Las Vegas

Posing or Stuck Up?

After I pulled the SD card from the Nikon and transferred this and other photos to my MacBook, I noticed that this gal seemed to be striking a pose. Or not? Maybe it was just the way she was standing,… Read More ›

Big Sky, Spiky Mountain

A slightly moist day up there but still plenty of sunshine. This is the west side of Las Vegas Valley up against the mountains. Beyond these foothills are our huge Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peak!

One Rainy Day

One rainy day in January 2019 it rained and…. I’ve never seen so much rain in Las Vegas in the six years I’ve lived here. I hope next winter will bring much less rain even though we need it so… Read More ›

South on Fort Apache

Just two photos from yesterday morning heading south on Fort Apache Road for my appointment with the Oral Surgeon for a checkup on my recently removed #30 tooth. It’s healing well, the Bone Graft will be done in two weeks…. Read More ›

A Giraffe in The City

A metallic giraffe stands watch at a local McDeath restaurant. What does McDeath junk food have to do with a giraffe? Do they kill and cook the animal? OK, a bad joke!

The Encore Wynn

Look up along the Boulevard, you’ll see this pleasant sight high above you. I’ve been in the Wynn, not the Encore… The bokeh was not added by me, a nice touch for the photo.


That’s not an actual word, I just made it up! Good morning from Sin City. A bit ago I grabbed the 60mm and snapped this photo of my Kona’s drive sprockets. I plan to take the bike out for a… Read More ›