On A Pharmacy Run

Today I had to venture out and south to my pharmacy for for some drugs that keep me going. I saw the ambulance first, got that shot then crossing the street into the big parking lot I snapped the other two. It’s a really beautiful day today. And I wonder why anyone would create such an evil thing.

The Spires of Excalibur

This is a really different photo, I love the colors and architecture of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. When I first moved to Las Vegas, the now Ex and I attended that really fun show they have very often where it’s Jousting and other fun things in the program to watch while you are served the most unusual foods. Foods that were made back in the day. The waitresses wear period correct costumes too, I recommend a visit when the world restarts. I’m not sure where I was exactly when I took the shot but it was taken with the old Nikon D3300 body.

The Valley Floor

If you look to the left side of this photo about two thirds the way down you can barely see Las Vegas Valley which from this location is several miles to the east. I’m inside the twelve mile loop scenic drive which is run by the BLM and is a US Fee area. It sucks that we have to pay to enter, haven’t we already paid for entrance via our state, local and federal taxes?

Tree Bites

I just finished pruning the little berries off that this Mediterranean Fan Palm grows this time of year. They have to be removed as they can possibly attract mice and rats. Yuck! I snapped an iPhone photo of a few of the bites the tree successfully landed on my skin, damn things!

Those thorns are deadly sharp! There are a few more bites on the underside of my right arm too. Soon the two Mexican Fan Palms in the backyard will need a pruning up top.

What happens is there is one stalk the tree puts out that has little flowers on it but that same stalk has a huge number of palm tree seeds that will all drop to the ground around the parent tree which is a serious pain in the ass to get rid of if you fail to have them removed.

This is something I just can’t do as I can’t possibly climb up there because of health limitations. I hope the tree companies are still able to operate as many business that are non essential have been shut down by Clark County government and probably Carson City too.

Carson City is the capital of Nevada which I still don’t understand why…

The tree is much fuller and thicker now!

After Picking Up My Drugs

I snapped a few shots on the way home. There weren’t many birds to photograph at the lakes which sucks. I did use the mask I made yesterday, it’s kind of funny how people thought is was a decent mask even after I told them how it was made! I asked about gloves and masks at a couple places I was at, nada, zip, zilch. They can’t be found anywhere!

Light and Dark, Angles and Curves

This snap is from yesterday in the backyard sitting in my favorite chair soaking up that beautiful, warm vitamin D. I was bored. I need to get out to the pharmacy for some refills but I’ll wait until tomorrow. Today’s forecast? Sunny and 73 today! At least our weather is normal…

Photography is about the relationship between light and dark

The Face of Bellagio

The Bellagio is so far my favorite place along the Strip, when this virus has run it’s course I should head back down there for some photography, but I best ask first about using a full size, real camera inside rather than an iPhone ten. I’ve been told before that my Nikon isn’t welcome, especially in the casinos which I understand why.

Some time last year I did a shoot at the Neon Museum which has a huge collection of signs which once lit up the Strip long ago. It as really fascinating! I brought the old Nikon D3300 with me but was told I couldn’t use it there.

I was pretty well shocked. The reason given was that in the past, a foreign company or photographer had brought a full size camera in, taken several high quality photos and took them back to Europe. Thanks, asswipe. He screwed everyone over, going forward. So my Nikon stayed at the front desk. Grrr! Visit the Neon Museum.

Circus Circus and The Stratosphere Tower

Here are some oldies from about three years ago taken on the Las Vegas Strip with the old Nikon D3300 body. I have never been inside the Circus Circus casino or hotel before but have been in the Stratosphere casino and to the top of the tower a few times. Honestly… That tower creeps me out big time because on a windy enough day it has a very perceptible sway to it!

Boulder City, Nevada

These photos are from about two years ago on one of my visits to beautiful Hoover Dam. No dam photos but I crossed the big bridge in Arizona and turned around. Digging deep into my archives, I meant to get back out there for more photos but not now. Photos via Nikon D3300.

The Threat

The weather has threatened rain all day but can’t bring forth rain in my area. Those dark clouds over the foothills look threatening but they are so far dry. 😎

The Resort

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino is located on Charleston Blvd at the 215 freeway which is a long way from the Las Vegas Strip. More of a locals casino, it has all of the usual things inside including some really good dining places. If your in the area, stop by!

Another Street View

This photo was taken on a different street in my neighborhood but still looking west. Those clouds are looking more and more ominous this afternoon! Yet no rain? I can always hear the rain beginning via my skylight over the dining room… Wait, I hear raindrops now! 😂🌴

A Quick Trip

I made a very quick trip the the Seven Eleven this morning, grabbed these admittedly redundant photos along my path. The streets weren’t completely deserted but certainly had much less traffic. The dark clouds are beautiful aren’t they? I hope you are safe and well!

Stormy Sunny Morning

Good morning from the valley. I walked to the end of the driveway to dump some recyclable items in the recycle bin and noticed this very attractive photo opportunity so in the house quickly for the Nikon! Above 6500 foot there are weather alerts for heavy snowfall in both the Spring Mountains and the Sheep Range. Down here all we get is rain but there hasn’t been too much rain overnight which is a good thing. My home is at 2800 feet above sea level. I hope it doesn’t rain hard here since I have minor flooding on the side of the house!

The peak is shrouded in the clouds

People Are Out and About

Las Vegas is a city of about two million people, many of them are still out and about doing their daily things. My drug store and pharmacy now has signs taped to the floor with blue tape forming a line with a six foot spacing. Why six foot? Overall things seem very much normal around my area of the city which I’m grateful for but let’s keep things in perspective, be safe.

Today is sunny with 82 degrees. 🌴🌞😎

More of My Backyard

Are ya sick of seeing my simple, basic backyard yet? Honestly I’m quite bored as are so many I’m sure. I even scuffle hoed the few weeds I found both front and back today. It’s almost as though I’m thankful for the stupid weeds that give me something to do! Pathetic eh?

I have far more than enough photography from long ago to keep this blog going but I don’t wanna bore people either with old photos or the same old shit either… I’m wanting to take a couple photo trips too, one is the Hoover Dam, the other is driving all the way down to Laughlin, Nevada along the Colorado River. Actual, real photo opportunities!

Faux  Green Grass
Mr. Tortoise
Exciting photo of my chimney!


Or flaccid if you prefer. No high winds in the valley today which is nice, I snapped this photo after leaving the bank this morning. I tried setting up the online transfer thing Saturday with a bank employee, it didn’t work so I’ll di it the old fashioned way. That blue sky is beautiful!