Las Vegas


This is the last set from a couple days ago in the desert. Tomorrow I plan to hit the Strip for some different photos if I can get motivated! I’ve been wanting to but the Strip is such a madhouse… Read More ›

Turtlehead Peak Solo

Here is Turtlehead Peak by itself which I photographed from the highest point along the BLM twelve mile drive yesterday. This peak is visible from pretty much everywhere including my home. I tried to hike the trail to the top… Read More ›

A Grand View

I haven’t seen most of the photos I took yesterday until this morning. I was surprised with these photos! Such a cool view. I was at the highest point along the BLM area of Red Rock Canyon at a nice… Read More ›

The Actual Canyon 2

These photos are mostly rock, look for the tiny people in the photos. Isn’t the rock beautiful though? This place was once a giant sand dune. And also underwater in a shallow sea around 180 million years ago.

The Actual Canyon

One thing that confounds me about photography is the way that the camera just can’t get that same depth-of-field that the human eye does, and does this so quickly too. I visited the U.S. Fee area portion of Red Rock… Read More ›