I Am A Michigander

And will always be one! American by birth, Michigander by luck. No, I’m not considering moving home to Michigan but when I take these trips back up north it brings back so many fond memories and some bad ones too…. Read More ›

Taking A Break

I will be taking a break from uploading any new photography until August 16th. This blog needs some serious attention in the Back End. In order to recover storage space, I will be deleting at couple thousand posts at minimum,… Read More ›

The Loneliest Seat

From my post-divorce apartment days, the lonely life continues today. A very direct lifestyle choice. I can’t take the drama and strife of relationships anymore…

Lonely Road North

This not so exciting image began life as a black and white image. I kept it only because it seems to evoke a sense of loneliness, or a lonely traveler. This fits with my life rather well today. I came… Read More ›

A Kiddie Party in The Kingdom

OK, I’m attempting to be very enthusiastic with my titles lately! A bit ago I stepped outside for some sunshine and eighty one degree love. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear the party going on behind my home! Obviously this is a… Read More ›

Tattoo Photos

Yesterday when the weather was bright and sunny I stepped outside for some new photos of my tat since it’s not freshly re-inked now. looks great! I wanted to change the rose from blue (my favourite colour) to red, but… Read More ›

This Is My Life Today

After many years of failed marriages, years of losing money and being frequently angry and feeling trapped, this is my life today. Running smoothly down the road, in the clear with zero restrictions. If I’m honest with myself, I was… Read More ›