Food Shopping Flowers

Once again I snapped a few photos of the lovely flower arrangements at my local grocery store. And as usual, I gave a nice comment to the lady behind the counter who was putting the bundles of flowers together. Some of the bundles have a Happy Valentines Day attached to them which makes me think about the reasons I still live by myself, and still have no desire to date a woman again. It’s like starting all over again which doesn’t sound too appetising but life today is much better! 😎👍🏻

The Beauty of Apartment Life

Once in a while, I drive by this complex where I lived for two or so rotten years after the big D. It’s stupid I admit, but sometimes I will flip this place off as I pass by.

Ridiculous rent increases, barking dogs, dogs not on a leash that at one point almost had me calling the police as the dog was charging at me.

A young woman was raped behind one of those trash bins enclosed inside a small enclosure… Nope. I hope to never land in an apartment again. The damned barking dog problem came with me when I left that hell hole.

Sorry for the negative rant…

The Last Landscapes

This is the final set of photos from a couple days ago just outside the city. I’ve seen this landscape many times of course, yet never tire of this beautiful view. Or, the beauty of the Mojave Desert I’ve seen far away from Las Vegas north to south. As you’ve read here today in another upload, I miss my family so much, yet I’ve never regretted my decision to remain in Nevada and Las Vegas after the third and final divorce which was in 2016. Single is better!


Welcome to my pharmacy. Daily I take several blood pressure pills along with other medications for other things, this pile of pills is mostly for blood pressure but as you can see here I haven’t always needed my evening or late night pills much of late. Thank God for this! The less you need, all the better for the body I say. I hope you’ll never need any of these pills!

Living Alone

Watching TV last night I came across the program called Life Below Zero again which I’ve been watching since it began some years ago. Sue Aikens said something that grabbed my ear as I feel the same. She said:

“If there weren’t the explorers in the world, it would still be flat. There has always been those of us who call ourselves from the herd and march to a different tune. Being creative to me is a good thing, but the extreme isolation is just something that works for me, I know it doesn’t work for everyone but it works for me and is my happy place.”

So what do I mean? I have lived alone a significant portion of my life both by choice as is the case today, and in years past due to divorce which is also the case today if you follow me. I’ve made a very conscious decision to never remarry. I am not marriage material because I always feel so trapped when that ring is on my finger. This is my happy place.

Antique Things

Digging ever deeper into my archives, I extracted another fun set of images from 2015, this time from when my father and I were on an antique auto tour covering a small area either side of the Florida/Georgia state line. I was likely the youngest guy there but hey it was a fun trip. And a bit scary too as well since these old timer antiques are a bit wobbly! I added the effects.

Refilling The Pharmacy

As you can see in this photo I have to take too many drugs daily. I’m just 59 years young so this seems way wrong but then consider that isn’t it all about the genes we are born with? Heart issues run in my family which brought about diabetes and high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in 2002 and am still alive and kicking ass! It could be worse. The bottles are turned around so that you can’t see any information on them. 😬

Dining Room Design

My little dining room has been in this space previously, but not via the new Nikon Z6 camera. The difference in image clarity and colour depth is obvious to me, I hope you like my totally bachelor design. Speaking of my bachelor life, it’s been four years now since the third and final divorce. In those four years, I have not had a date nor am I even interested in dating or meeting women. I consider that part of my life closed until further notice. There’s too much internal damage…

Another Form of Pain

Today has been painful because of the kidney stones on my right side, and an apparently strained or spasm-ing muscle in my middle back. So far, 2020 hasn’t been that great a year for me. I hope to have the Lithotripsy soon to pulverise those damn stones, hopefully get my life back on track here! Things could be worse though, your always in the middle. There’s always someone better or worse off than yourself. In the midst of trials, we need to be as positive as possible! Fingers crossed…

A Note On This Blog

Two or three weeks ago I was super frustrated with the storage space issue with I’ve had to remove far too many posts in the past which I’ve realised I am at least partially responsible for this nonsense. For a brief time I hosted a few photos externally which worked OK until I received a comment about some form of ads rendering instead of my photos. Enough. I have begun shrinking my photos way down which is exactly what I didn’t want to do. Dammit.

For a good long while I was uploading images at about one megabyte. That right there should tell you pretty much how badly I screwed up! Not ashamed to admit it. I’ve become fairly proficient at shrinking my photos down to the point where they just begin to pixelate which has been right around 200kb’s. That’s a damn small file size but it does create a much faster page load time and is basically web-friendly everywhere including my email images to friends or family.

Bleeding Out

There are two needle pokes in this photo. One poke created the blood under the skin that traveled, this was for a blood draw. The other, located very near the bottom edge of the photo is where the IV needle was inserted. After being discharged, the nurse dude told me to keep pressure on the gauze that was over it for a few minutes.

Well, dummy me forgot that bit of information and bent over to pick up my bag of goodies I brought with me to the hospital in case I had to stay overnight or longer. Planning ahead. I was almost out the ER entrance when the nurse dude stopped me as I was dripping blood profusely from the IV insertion point. OM Gosh it was gross!

There was a trail of blood on the floor behind me and why the hell I didn’t notice this is beyond me. I got a new chunk of gauze to replace the totally blood soaked gauze. Nurse dude was sopping up my blood off the ER floor as I walked out. Being sick can be a bloody mess even if it’s not a surgery…