In-Flight Photography

The iPhone took these photos as the Nikon was stuffed in the suitcase in the overhead bin. Not super good photos but you do get a lovely view of one of our beautiful Great Lakes! It’s always nice to see these big beautiful freshwater lakes again, if not the largest on Earth they are very massive and beautiful.

I totally enjoy flying and have no fear of it. These aircraft are constructed to take the punishment of powerful turbulence and very hard landings, both of which were experienced traveling to and from Michigan this time.

I’m Back

Not me, you! It’s nice to be back home in the valley even though I came back to the usual windstorm and can’t even see my beautiful mountains this morning. This was such a fun trip home to see my family! It rained all day one day but it was still a wonderful trip.

I took 1.63Gig of photos, probably split between the iPhone and the Nikon, this set isn’t so good but it’s all from the Nikon. I am not used to so much humidity in the air or the damn skeeters flying around everywhere which I was stung by. Much more to come so I hope that you will stick around, friends!

Hover over each photo, it should have a brief description.

Pig Lovers

Happy Sunday folks, I hope your weekend has been great. The pigs are my mothers, I brought them home to Las Vegas a couple of years ago, we miss you, momma. 99 degrees today, 100 degrees tomorrow. It’s safe to say that the summer heat is almost back!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

You have been gone ten years, my heart still cries for you, mother. We love you so much! This photo of mom is in my living room, I see my mom every day and so wish that I could give her a big hug and kiss her little head. And, listen to her sweet voice. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms from Las Vegas Photoblog.

Line Up Three Burgers

Get it right and Stephie the Car Hop will bring you your food! This old pinball machine is owned by my folks back home. I don’t know what happened to the photos of the playing surface. oops. The other photo speaks the truth, buckles and zippers can destroy a beautiful paint job on any car, more so on an expensive antique car!

Old Memories

Old memories, sweet memories. I treated myself to a pedicure and manicure as well as a proper haircut today. All are long overdue because of the pandemic. I do okay doing these things but not nearly as good as the Korean ladies at the spa. She got a great tip! As projected by the weather service, it’s currently 81 degrees with winds gusting to around 40 miles per hour. Las Vegas should be called the Windy City, not Chicago!

Rails And Cars

These photos are from 2019 back home in my Michigan hometown. During the 1990s, I spent a whole lot of time at this depot and other places along these rails doing a whole bunch of train spotting. Unfortunately, there are no good train spotting areas around Las Vegas that I am aware of.

These cars have all been repainted in the last three years or so, as you can see, they look terrible. They were painted by professionals and looked great the last time I saw them. Inside the cars, you’ll find nothing but junk, old floor and wallboards and such.

It’s sunny and 81 degrees currently and I am still on the couch being as lazy as possible, but it’s time for a joyride in the truck soon.

Do You Remember Dial-up?

I sure do when I was living in the sticks in Michigan a few years ago. The cable company would not run the cable out of town beyond a certain mileage. I can still hear the awful noise the computer made, and the excruciatingly slow speeds. Today, I have a 30mbps upload, and a 300mbps download speed, so wonderful!

Did your mother or grandmother teach you about having good manners while away at other places and people’s homes? Mine sure did and for this, I am still grateful. And for the two times, my mother slapped the snot out of me when I was a teen. I deserved it, thank you mother for caring!

Where It All Began

Ground was broken in 1969 and the business opened in late 1970 or so but I can’t be sure as I was just nine years young. I worked here during my high school years which was actually very fun, I mostly worked in the parts department and drove the parts truck for deliveries to body shops and parts pick-ups at other dealers.

This is where I got my acute sense of direction at an early age. I could add much more to this story but I don’t think many of you would enjoy it, it’s just about my other jobs at the next store we owned.

There are days that I seriously wish I could go back to this period of time in my life to start over, with the life experience I have now, things would be very different in some ways such as never letting go of the one that got away. I have regretted this until this moment right here on my MacBook…

Another dealer purchased the property, after they left you can see what has happened to the property. These photos are from 2019. It looks so sad today and I could tell you some stories about things that happened here!


As a child, my sister and I always sat around the kitchen table and had dinner together with mom and dad. This iPhone photo was taken several weeks ago, seeing it again instantly reminded me of how our devices and social media along with other sites have taken our attention to others away to some degree. Kinda sad…

Country Road, Take Me Home!

Today is my father’s birthday, I just got off the phone with him to say happy 94th birthday, dad! This got me thinking about my roots way back up north. I dug into my very extensive archives and pulled this photo down from my cloud storage. This photo isn’t near where I lived but it is the same bumpy ass road, complete with those ridiculous plops of asphalt the road crews throw in those craters. Snow, rain, ice. Freezing and thawing all work together to destroy our Michigan roads! Happy birthday, Dad, I love you!