The Sixties

I remember the sixties regardless of being very young. The clothes and the neighborhood parties and more. And unfortunately, the 68′ riots in Detroit that are about 70 miles south of where we lived. Good times and bad times, the sixties was an amazing decade. And then came the 70s and 80s!! Oh yeah! The image is not mine for legal disclosure.


I am old enough to remember riding this same snowmobile, it had a single-cylinder two-cycle engine and all bogy wheels in the track, no sliders. A good basic sled for the family and lots of fun to ride. When you grow up snowmobiling, you just can’t forget stuff like this! Are you a snowmobiler?

C Modified Hydro

This boat just won’t climb on plane as you will notice after the engine finally fires. On plane means that the center of the propeller at the shaft becomes equal with the water’s surface which allows for much more speed. It’s a matter of getting enough forward speed to allow the propeller to “bite” enough to gain speed.

You can tell when the engine and boat are on plane when you hear the engine RPM slow way down suddenly. Then, the engine can push the boat far faster allowing for much more speed. Does that make sense? This is what I grew up with and I love it! Disclaimer: This is not my video.

The 1910 Ford

America doesn’t build them like this anymore which is to me both good and bad. A 2023 expensive American or European car still can’t match the style and class that these old beauties still have. The same goes for what Hollywood used to be as opposed to the trash that inhabits that place today.

Different Subjects

Here are ten photos from deep in my archives that span several years, only two are from Las Vegas, and the rest are from Michigan trips. Pepper the German Shepard passed two years ago, leaving Blondie all by herself but she has been just fine. Fifty degrees and overcast are the forecast for today which sucks.

Welcome To 2023

Welcome to the first post of 2023 for this blog, I would love to hear from you about what you would like to see here this year. Fewer posts, more posts, more content in the form of writing, and fewer photos? Please let me know. These nine photos are from last year and all the way back to 2015, looking back on the history of Las Vegas Photoblog. Happy New Year to my friends!


I found these old photos buried deep in my archive this morning and decided to upload them this morning. 2012 is a sad year for our family since it was the year my mother passed. This is the south branch of the Flint River with a nice little dam. Overcast and 52 degrees are up for today with a windstorm forecast for this entire weekend with gusts to 55 miles per hour. Welcome to the Mojave Desert!

The Old Cars

Cars built in the teens, twenties, and thirties had so much class and style compared to today’s cookie-cutter cars. This photo is from 2019 back home in good old Michigan. It’s tough to beat a Michigan summer but those winters can take a hike. I thought the car would look nice in some different colored photos.

The Mitsubishi MU 2

This aircraft has a poor safety rating according to this website. I was very surprised to read this! The photo is of the MU 2 taken in 1971 at the Oakland County International Airport in Oakland County, Michigan.

Michigan Aviation is still there today on the corner of M-59 and Airport Road in Waterford, Michigan which is incidentally where I went to high school and lived for many years.

My only flight in this aircraft was in 1971, from this airport from which my dad, his dad, and mom and I flew to an airfield in Quebec, Canada to drop dad and grandpa off for a big hunting trip.  My sister has more photos of this trip in her family photos collection back home in Michigan.

Not digital photos, but the actual, original photos that were apparently taken with the then-popular Kodak camera that spits the photo out so you can watch it develop. Some things we can never forget, it’s the persistence of memory.