Saturday Morning Aliens

The Sy Fy channel hosts the old reruns of The Twilight Zone every Saturday which I really like. I watched the episodes years ago as a kid, it’s fun to see them again. The alien suit with two aliens in it is hilarious! And that little round antenna atop one’s head that spins around. So classic! The other photo was taken a few days ago during the late afternoon. How is your Saturday going?

Sweet Memories

I stumbled across this iPhone photo from last year while looking for something else in my cloud storage this morning. Isn’t it great that photos are sometimes dropped into the wrong folder? I can’t begin to tell you of the multiple sweet memories I have of this lake. Fun, family, and friends.

As Time Passes…

As time passes, we collect memories and trinkets. Bits and pieces of a life well lived! There are so many wonderful memories in this photo and I thank God for my family and those beautiful memories. Many family members have passed but those of us still here stay in contact pretty well thanks to phones, texting, and email. Our technology today is a blessing, isn’t it?

In My Hometown, 2017

This town is still relatively small today, but more populated than it was in the 1990s which sucks. The population increase cuts deep into the small town feel of this town amongst the corn and bean fields. Nothing stays the same does it… I came from the farm fields to Las Vegas ten years ago.

Photos were shot with the iPhone and are poor quality…

America Has The Solution…

Yet America chooses to not take action. Here is the full version of the red bike at Tivoli Village. How about that bottle of vape? Did your mother rub this wonderful-smelling goo on your chest too when you were sick?

And, the last photo was taken sitting in one of those very comfortable chairs the village has in the courtyard. Well, I better get outside and kill more weeds, prune the bushes, and cut the unwanted berries off of the Mediterranean fan palm!

Missing My Beautiful Mother

It has been eleven years since my beautiful mother left us to be with the Lord. We miss you each day in some way, Mother. I choose to believe that Mother is with our Lord Jesus Christ alive and well with Him for eternity. My hope is to be with you again someday, Mother. She is of the Catholic faith. 🙏🏻

The Lady and Her Dog

I’m still out of fresh media so this photo is from several years ago and was taken at my folks’ place back home in Michigan. She is located on a corner stand in a spare bathroom. I’ve chosen to not ride the bike today since it never warmed up enough to my liking considering I’ve been sick lately. Take no chances.

Where My Home Used To Be

These photos are from 2019 in west central Florida where I lived in the early 1990s. The huge house you see was not there until 2016 or so. The home I had was far smaller and was destroyed in the flood of 1993. We lost a ton of stuff including a brand-new Pontiac Bonneville.

Someone built a freaking mansion on that tiny lot which seems ridiculous but hey, it’s not my money. Spring forward until very recently when my sister sold her home in Fort Myers because of that damn hurricane. There you have it, a brother and sister who both got screwed by severe weather in that state.

Today I ask myself why the hell people are still moving down there? Apologies, I don’t intend to come across as crass. 🤭