Antique and Aged

For this set I’ve enhanced the original image then made a black and white version (bottom) and then finally a very aged look. What say you?!

Once A Country Boy…

Mutated into a city boy six years ago that today cruises these city streets looking for trouble! Just kidding, but I do miss the wood… The smells and sounds. But never the cold weather and yard work!


People can be a champion in many ways, for my dad it was being the best at boat racing in the 1950’s through the 1960’s racing outboard hydroplanes and runabout hulls. I grabbed photos of these records he set way… Read More ›

At Anclote River Park

Here are four 35mm images from recently in Pasco County, Florida at the Anclote River Park. I was on the docks at the boat ramp just before walking over to this beach. One photo shows an older woman in neck… Read More ›

The Deer Hunter

This is another 35mm photo of an old photo. This is my dad’s dad circa 1965, I have his same name!! The hunting camp behind him had a large potbelly stove for both heating and cooking. The cabin had at… Read More ›

M 14

This is a color conversion from an old black and white taken in 1967, this is my dad racing his F Hydro in which he briefly held a world speed record at over one hundred miles per hour. Not bad… Read More ›

The Mitsubishi MU-2

I actually do remember this trip I took with my dad, his dad and mother! We flew from Oakland County International Airport to Quebec City to drop off my dad and grandpa for an extended hunt deep in the Canadian… Read More ›

Outboard Thrust

Yours truly grew up around outboard racing engines and boat racing as well as boating on the big lake sister and I grew up on during the 1960’s and 1970’s hence my continued love for boats and boat racing. This… Read More ›

Deep Contrasts

I’m still not fully on board with this blurred image from last week back north in Michigan. I tried several variations yet kept the blur with the highest contrasts. It happened…

San Jose Park

This tiny park is near the home that myself and my children’s mother rented in 1993. What you see here was under several foot of water when the storm of the century flooded west central Florida. I used to wander… Read More ›