The Indian Blankets are still managing to grow in my backyard, I had to prune away several dead flowers again then gave the plant it’s every other day watering. This little bug was hanging around the plant today so I… Read More ›


The sun shone on mother’s photo the other day, I captured the moment. I miss you mom so much. ❤️

The Beautiful Western View

Oh those beautiful Spring Mountains! I’ve become quite fond of the mountains that surround Las Vegas Valley and recognise them instantly when nearing Las Vegas from outside of the valley. Perhaps I appreciate them a bit more as I come… Read More ›

My Ideal Car

Having grown up in the auto industry and around the Pontiac Motor Division specifically, this model and model year car have long been my absolute favorite car to own. They were being built when I was in Junior High School… Read More ›


A few days ago I noticed the sun shining across this photo of my dad racing his boat circa 1967. Good memories for me as a seven year old kid. Thanks dad for my love of boat racing and boats!

Flipped Runabout

This photo is not my work, I’ve no copyright. This is basically what happened to my father in 1968 but driving a larger, faster boat. This is a Runabout, his boat was a Hydroplane, there’s a big difference in the… Read More ›


This New York Central car has been parked here for as long as I can remember in Lapeer, Michigan. I helped repaint it during the 1990’s, obviously this and the other cars out of frame haven’t been repainted since. A… Read More ›