The Electric Outboard Motor

Certainly an antique, I’d like to try powering up this little motor. As a kid growing up on the lake, I used the crap outta electric motors on the rowboats! So fun for cruising shallow waters and streams.

Window Flowers

I snapped this in Michigan recently, my mother always kept flowers in this spot. The tradition continues. ๐Ÿ˜

Nasty Bagworms

Over the decades of living in Michigan I’ve noticed that these destructive insects have good years and bad years. The number of bags is visibly less or greater from year to year. This summer looked like a seriously good year… Read More ›

In The Wood

These are iPhone photos from a few days ago in the Michigan wood where my friend was cutting up this 125 foot fallen Oak. The root ball is many feet taller than I am, what a big noise this tree… Read More ›

Salt Lick

This Lick is rather old, it’s had lots of lickin’!! It’s near that 125 foot Oak that fell recently in the wood. When I had a house in Michigan, I’d place a lick on a stump outside the kitchen window… Read More ›