Going Way Back

These iPhone photos are many years old and show where I used to work when I did commercial lawn work for 20 years. The old Ransomes mower was the first mower, then came a new John Deere 60-inch front-mounted mower deck and zero-radius turning. A great machine. I miss the hard work, it’s good for you!

Michigan Blue

Michigan State Police vehicles have always been this specific color for as long as I can remember as well as the one big gumball on the roof and the word Stop on the hood. Nevada State Police cars look nothing at all like our cars do. Nevada cop cars are white and black which is boring!

I photographed this car in August of 22 while on the Woodward Dream Cruise with my dad, my son, and a buddy of my dad’s. Partly sunny and just 53 degrees today, still too damn cold to ride my bike.

Southwest Jet and Blondie

Good Monday morning, friends, are you ready for the new week? Sunny, windy, and 55 degrees are on tap for the valley today. A bit more heat, please, so that biking will be more comfortable. Here are two old photos, the aircraft was photographed while on approach to McCarren International, and Blondie is still as cute as ever today!


My mother created this arrangement not long before she passed in 2012. Sadly, I no longer have it. Ex number three took it when we divorced in 2016. That was a really shitty thing to do. Take, take, and take. Marriage? Ha! I made mistakes too…

The Crick, 2017

This is an old iPhone photo from 2017 in Michigan, the image has lots of pixel degradation but it’s still worth a repost. I did 18 miles on the bike today, it was a great ride at 66 degrees. I enjoy chatting with random strangers on my rides which is something ex-number three could never understand.

I say it’s a Michigan thing, a state where the people are much more friendly than those here in Nevada or California. New biking photos are up later today.

The 1966 Guest House

Years ago, I climbed around the attic of this old guest house and found newspapers from 1966 up there, it was stinky up there too. Many improvements have been made to the interior making it a great pad for me to stay in while I visit my family. It is a three-bedroom house and there is one bedroom that I never stay in because my ex and I slept in there. All three photos are from the Nikon D3300 body I had in 2019.

That old John Deere manure spreader looks great with flowers!


I am old enough to remember riding this same snowmobile, it had a single-cylinder two-cycle engine and all bogy wheels in the track, no sliders. A good basic sled for the family and lots of fun to ride. When you grow up snowmobiling, you just can’t forget stuff like this! Are you a snowmobiler?