Do You Remember Charles’ Chips?

I remember eating these yummy chips at our family gatherings back home in Michigan in the early 1970s! I stumbled across them online several days ago and ordered a tin of them. The tin looks exactly like it did when I was just ten years old! Those years growing up on that lake were easily the best years of my life. Charles has been making chips since the 1940s, thank you, for the memories, Charles!

I Survived!

I don’t always wear a helmet while on my bike rides but know that I really should. That said, how many of us survived our childhoods without helmets and the other things mentioned in that image which I grabbed from Instagram.

I recall going over the handlebars of my bike and landing on my back circa 1970 at ten years of age with no helmet! At 62, I am much more careful of how and where I point that eBike. It’s the unknown factor with people driving cars, you must stay ultra aware of everything happening around you.

There is no way that I will ride a motorcycle in this town! The not-so-good flower photos were taken this afternoon, and you know where!

More Purple Flowers, A Golf Course And A Michigan Swamp

That’s a funny title, isn’t it? I wanted to add an extra image to this post. That swamp photo was taken in 2019. How is your weekend going? All is well here, I just spent $250 bucks at the grocery store, and food prices have skyrocketed!

The Green Grass Of Home

These are old photos from a few years ago, Michigan is incredibly green compared to Las Vegas. Sunshine and a slight chance of a passing shower are up for today with the mid-90s coming. My old internet equipment is officially dead now, The cable companies’ local customer service location hooked me up with new equipment so I have to install that today, Wish me luck. I’m using my iPhone’s Hot Spot to get on the internet this morning. It’s so slow compared to a router!