Welcome to my dad’s Man Cave! There are decades worth of auto parts and much more here. Family love!

Old Barns in Michigan

While not these barns, many old barns in Michigan are slowly crumbling and eventually collapsing which is so sad. Of course the money involved in keeping our old structures alive isn’t available. Slowly, one by one our Michigan heritage and… Read More ›

Too Damaged to Repair

Here is another iPhone image from 2017 on the lake in Michigan. It’s a great shot except for being captured with an iPhone. Again, why the hell did I choose to leave my Nikon at home!! I don’t care if… Read More ›

Michigan Memories 2017

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada. Today I dug deep into my archives this morning for these iPhone photos from 2017 on the lake I grew up on in Michigan. I still so wish that I would… Read More ›

iPhone Sunset

This was a missed opportunity. A couple years ago I went to Michigan for my daughter’s wedding reception on the lake where I grew up. My sister and her husband now own the home we lived in for many years…. Read More ›