A Moon, Workbench and Pet Burials

A few more photos from a few years back for you. Today I hit a different grocer as my last time there this place had lots of water and pretty much everything else except bunwad of course. So ridiculous! Apparently people believe food is less important.

Did they ever consider using paper towel’s other uses? It was nice to see a local store so well stocked which I am very grateful for. So much so that I thanked employees for staying at work considering the circumstances.

Treasured Memories

Feeling a bit nostalgic this morning I pulled these old photos from 2015 from my archives. These were likely taken in 2015 which was three years after my mother passed. The corner decor is her design in one of the bathrooms in the home.

The barn is at minimum sixty years old and used to be a part of a Thoroughbred farm. The lawn photo looking downhill toward the crick is what I call the North Lawn, I mowed this place for two decades. It takes practice to cut nice, straight lines like this on a lawn!

My Homeland

An old buddy of mine sent me this photo of his front yard in Michigan this morning. Brr! It was twelve degrees overnight there a couple days ago. Brr!! This location is very close to where I lived and man does it look odd to me after living in the Mojave Desert for seven years now. I do miss riding a snowmobile though… I grew up with one under my ass!! 😂🥰

The Lone Cormorant

These photos were taken early today, I love the feathers of the Cormorant. Great color and so shiny! The water even looks inviting doesn’t it? It reminds me of the warm summer days of my youth in Michigan living on the lake. Memories always cherished. ❤️

Crankshaft and Piston

These photos are very old, I used to tear down small engines and repair them several years ago. This piston, rod and crankshaft came out of a five horse Briggs and Stratton.

Rolling Northward

I was out and about today, headed for the pharmacy for some refills on my pills. Got there then realised I forgot to bring the bottles that need the refills. Dammit. That’s the sort of day I’ve had. Went to the bank, that was an odd experience, no details on that. Sorry. Things just seem a bit off today, could it be last night when my shitty neighbours really pissed me off?

Or is it the shitty drivers that almost smashed into my truck yesterday? I feel as though I’ve had my fill of this city and it’s people at times, the last two or three days have made this more so apparent. People here are mean, not so friendly as in my home state. I feel as though I will one day return to my snowy, frozen home state some day. Life is off several degrees…

A Nice View of The Las Vegas Strip

I recorded this video with the iPhone one or two years ago departing Las Vegas for Michigan. The aircraft used a different runway this time that has a fine view of our very expensive Las Vegas Strip. Welcome to Sin City. We then gradually roll right for the northeast hop toward Michigan. This aircraft sounds like an Airbus A319 or A320, beautiful aircraft. I kinda love to fly!

An Old Photo in A Rough Looking Frame

This photo is not mine, but I am 100% sure it was taken 1978 in Columbiaville, Michigan. In those days the APBA had a sanctioned drag strip course on this part of the Flint River a long way from Flint, Michigan.

The driver was a good friend of my dad in those days. We were also friends with the driver in the boat beyond which was a Blown Fuel boat. Ours was Blown Alcohol engine. Lots of power at 1500+ horsepower! I was still in High School. High Skrewl.

Made With Impresso

This is a photo of a portion of a living room back home in Michigan. Not too interesting so I processed it with the Impresso application on my iPad. It now blends with the painting seen on the left side of the image. Still not so interesting? 😎

Blondie in The Star Shine

This is an iPhone photo from summer 2019 in Michigan. Blondie is a gorgeous dog, I have threatened my dad that I’m taking her home to Las Vegas with me, he really wasn’t too keen on that idea! I miss that dog so much. I have a pet free home though because of the damage pets can do. It’s a tough decision but my investment in this home is very important to me.