Popped Again!

Dang Nabit! These fat tires are the weak link of this e-Bike, folks. Last year, the rear tire popped, at that time I had inserts put in between the tube and the tire to hopefully stop the tires from popping, but as you can see this thorn is really big and it’s super hard. I had to use pliers to extract the thorn after I got home. That was a solid decision to wait because as soon as that thorn came out, the hiss started. Well, I’m off the road once again, folks! It was a great 15-mile ride though.

X It

Isn’t it a funny name for an apartment complex? The place looks nicely kept though. Next is that Green Valley Ranch entrance at a bit wider angle. The crusty moon photo was taken late last night with the iPhone 12. I haven’t decided on taking a bike ride today… Happy weekend, friends!

An Airport View Of The Vegas Strip

This photo was snapped while on the way home from a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I was on Sunset Road heading west, the photo is looking north at the Strip, it even captured the Stratosphere tower. A damn lucky point-and-shoot photo, eh? And, wow, what a change in weather this morning! I awoke to an overcast sky and a high of just 74 degrees for today! Perfect weather for biking, right?