Rogers Spring, Part Two

Here are the last photos of this unusual and beautiful natural spring in the desert which maintains a temperature of 80 degrees all year round. Lake Mead is easily in view when looking west. There are fish living in the pool below the dam, what kind they are I have no idea but they live on a thin line with a warm spring water source and a pool below the dam that is man-made from the rocks laying around. Living on the edge! Sunshine and 100 degrees are on tap for today, it’s nice that the daily high has not approached 110 or 115 yet.

Rogers Spring

Rogers Spring is one of many natural springs that emerge near Lake Mead. The link will tell you much more about the spring. The signs very directly tell you to NOT drink the water or let the water get into your nasal passages as there is an infectious organism in the water that enters the human body through the nose.

Scary stuff man! I recommend following the park’s advice. It’s amazing though to see so much water in one place in the middle of nowhere while it’s over 100 degrees which it was that day. The beautiful Mojave Desert never fails to amaze with its beauty and surprises! This post is part of my post Lake Mead Run.

Part two of Rogers Spring is coming up.