Mojave Desert

Looking Through the Trees

From the boardwalk I snapped these shots looking up the rocks from which the natural spring water comes from. I have photos of the flowing spring water yet to process…

Native American Rock Art

Photographed at Red Spring the other day, this ancient Indian rock art is almost right against the new boardwalk, so easy to get nice clean photos of it. This site has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years because… Read More ›

The Yellow Road

This stretch of Cimarron Road was recently repaved, the yellow concrete islands repainted a screaming yellow. Such strong  contrasts against the fresh bituminous pavement. That’s a 7000 foot mountain in the distance which is part of the Las Vegas Range,… Read More ›

Those Blue Eyes

They seem to be looking directly into the camera’s lens don’t they? I’m surprised the photo didn’t pixelate to death under such heavy cropping…

Beautiful Rocks

The rocks in Calico Basin have such wonderful colors and designs that were created over millions of years of erosion. A photographer and hiker’s dream really!

The Canyon

A goofy title right? I forgot the name of this canyon located right behind the stables for the Horseback rides, couldn’t find it in a search either. I’ve hiked it before, it was a tough one the further in you… Read More ›


This lone Damselfly fluttered in my face a bit then landed on an ancient seafloor boulder near me. Of course I had to go for the shot! I remember these little beauties landing on me as a boy in Michigan… Read More ›

In The Basin Today

Good afternoon from Las Vegas Valley! Today I got the heck outta the house for a ride into the desert and hit one of my favorite local places, Calico Basin. It was wonderful today with the temperature at or below… Read More ›