A Serious Lack of Colour

Each of these old photos have been processed via the Aurora HDR application, and one other on the MacBook. They’ve each passed through them several times actually, layered up I suppose. The mailboxes were photographed along Blue Diamond Road in the southwest corner of Las Vegas Valley. This road heading west will take you over the mountain pass and into the Pahrump Valley area and of course Pahrump, Nevada.

The locks were photographed with the iPhone in 2016 when I was locking a customer out of their locker due to the non-payment of rent. Dirtbags!

The restaurant photo with the huge antlers is an iPhone photo from maybe three years ago, taken in a Claim Jumpers restaurant. That location has now been torn down, another stinking fast food joint is being built on the property. Now this is a real step backward, isn’t it?

The Las Vegas sign is not the main, big sign located on the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip. This one is located well north of the main venues along Las Vegas Boulevard where there are small hotels and businesses, including that world-famous pawn store you’ve seen on TV for years where Pawn Stars is recorded.

The row of slot machines, or one-armed bandits, are found in many fuel stations around Las Vegas. I strongly dislike them being located inside these places. They tend to draw some very suspicious or questionable clientele. Also, it really grinds my gears that they are freely tossing what money they may have, into other’s pockets. Give me that money, I will put it directly into my bank where it belongs.

Last but not least, is a random image that has had Symmetry added. I’ve no idea where or when it was taken, but it was taken here someplace. Thanks for reading this!!

My Kitchen, My Sky

Here is a little more of the ‘painted’ effect on my photos, I hope you like these. Of course I have to mention our weather forecast, are you tired of hearing it? Today, 110 is forecast, with 113 degrees each day for a few days this weekend and week.

Holy cow, I hope my old air conditioning system can handle the duty as the replacement cost is huge. If you’re a homeowner, then you know exactly what I mean. Stay cool, stay safe people.

Magic Mountains can Change Color!

Here are some older photos from at least two years ago. The Seven Magic Mountains are located well south of Las Vegas, on the east side of Interstate Fifteen. The website states that the art display will remain in place until the end of 2021, and highly recommends wearing a mask of course. Why wouldn’t you? The color images are original, I created the grayscale and black and white versions. They offer a radically different perception or feeling when viewed.

Setting Up The Nikon For The Stars

The other afternoon, I had set the Nikon up on the tripod intending to head to the backyard after dark for star photos. I never went out there. Doink! Maybe tonight, eh?

No plans are planned around here today, just more couch potato time, what about you? Today’s weather will see 107 degrees, beginning Friday through Monday, we have yet another extreme heat event with temperatures reaching 113 to 114 degrees.

As I’ve said in this space recently, this is easily the hottest summer I’ve seen in seven years in Las Vegas. No wonder my Ash tree had to be cut down, the heat probably killed it this summer. Be safe, be well my friends, and please do wear your face masks out there.

Mountains and Lakes

Two views for you, one of four man-made lakes, and a view of the Summerlin Peaks. Powerboats are not allowed on the man-made lakes as the lakes are slender, and I suspect the risk of wave damage to the shorelines is in play. That’s too bad as there are fish planted in the lakes, and the water quality seems to be very high too.

As far as I am aware, only the locals refer to the peaks, or foothills as the Summerlin Peaks. Many miles northwest of what you see in the photo are Fletcher Peak and Mount Charleston, both at just under twelve thousand feet. I think one of these mountains is visible from the far east area of the valley, but not at my place!