On The Way To The Doctor’s Appointment

These photos aren’t anything to get excited about but you do get to see places around Las Vegas that the tourists will never see. I think of it as the Real Las Vegas. The day began sunny as you can see as I was getting on the two-fifteen freeway southbound. The bus photo shows how the clouds moved in from the south, it’s now spitting rain on my roof.

Today I used the Nikkor 24/70mm lens

Color, No Color

Four old photos for this upload, the four-point building is the church I attended before the divorce. It’s the chapel the church added not too many years ago. The other color photo is looking westward at the Red Rock Escarpment, or fault line many miles away. The grayscale photo with the palm tree is in my backyard, the other is somewhere in the city.

Fuel Ripoff: The Price Of Travel

My truck was about 1/3 down from full. Check out that ludicrous fuel price! $29.00 for 7.5 gallons of 87 octane. Back in the day, the cost for 7.5 gallons would have been $7 dollars or less. So who to thank? Your idiots in WashinKton, and those wonderful tree hugger groups. We are subject to OPEC oil prices today. Fuel is also more costly in Las Vegas too.

Blue Sky Love

Well, guess what? Las Vegas has a blue sky today! Are you surprised? I had a couple of missions this morning so these photos are all that I could capture along the way. It’s cooler today with just ninety-five degrees and it feels wonderful for a change. Soon our summer heat will go away until next May but our winters are very mild thank God.