Mojave Desert

The House on The Hill

I snapped this photo a few days ago in Calico Basin looking southeast. Note the successive mountains in the distance, and the many large towers which are in Henderson, NV. There are many TV and radio stations up there, you… Read More ›

The Crack

I snapped this image while walking back to the trailhead, the light coming through this small crack caught my peripheral vision. I think it makes a dandy black and white too. 😎🌵

Rock Climbing Lovers

This particular rock in Calico Basin gets plenty of attention from the myriad of rock climbers that come here from many states. There are other areas a good hike away from this location that I’ve seen on past hikes. This… Read More ›

Left or Right?

It’s kinda hard to go straight. Go left, you head south on the 215 freeway. Turn right and you head north on the freeway or a different road north. Are you good with knowing your directions without GPS?

Birds of The Basin

That is to say cute little birds in Calico Basin! There’s something so charming and adorable about little birds. As a child I enjoyed watching them flit about high in the trees. Perhaps this comes from those many years of… Read More ›

Waiting for The Green Flag

Las Vegas traffic lights and road markings are a bit different here than those back home up north. Black backgrounds too… On a personal note, the motoring public here is in my perspective more aggressive than drivers in other states,… Read More ›