Mojave Desert

Laughlin, Nevada

Here are three older photos from a day trip last year. The jet ski is on the Colorado River with Arizona on the other bank. Laughlin is a nice little town, complete with casinos. A bit like a miniature Vegas… Read More ›

Today’s City Travels

I’ve been running around town a bit today with a doctor appointment and other things, here are some random photos from along my way. At least the sun has managed to make an appearance for most of the day! It’s… Read More ›

Home in Calico Basin

This place has been unoccupied for six years now, I’ve never once seen a human on the property. I bet the scorpions and other desert critters love the home though. A small portion of the roof blew off last summer,… Read More ›

Black and White Rays

I forgot about this photo today as it was accidentally dropped in a wrong folder. The clouds remind me of paintings of the return of Jesus Christ, coming through the clouds for his faithful believers. ❤️

Rainy Desert Drive

I don’t have too much going on today aside of some medication refills, so I saddled up for a short ride into the stormy looking desert this morning. I did run into a bit of rain which means my vehicle… Read More ›