Mojave Desert

Desert Travel

I’ve found travel around the Mojave Desert to be very easy over the last six years living here. Since it usually doesn’t snow on the desert floor, the roads are in pristine condition compared to up north. The sights and… Read More ›

Six On Top

Today at the park I pointed the zoom up the little mountain again, this time catching six humans that made the ascent. I can’t because of my heart condition. Note the little child to the right though. These rocks are… Read More ›

The North The South

The black and white image is of the south end, the colour is the north end of the Strip seen from Lake Mead Boulevard on the east side of Las Vegas Valley. This road crosses the entire valley east and… Read More ›

The Magical Mountains

Here is a reworked set of the Seven Magic Mountains taken probably a couple years ago. They were supposed to be taken down but I don’t know if they were. I say leave them alone! The photos are left darker… Read More ›

A Peaceful Lake

Some folks have small boats tied off but you never see them moving anywhere… No gas engines are allowed on this or the other lakes except for the licensed people who treat the lakes with chemicals.

Distant Frenchman Mountain

On the east side of Las Vegas Valley is Frenchman Mountain rising to 4,056 feet, seen here from many miles to it’s west. I used the Nikon and 70-300mm lens for the zoom photo.