Mojave Desert

Ride Me!

I know nothing about horses really but do feel sorry for them. They are always penned up here when I pass by, does anyone ever saddle them up or walk them? I’ve said for years that horses are just big… Read More ›

Nasty Nestled Nest

In Michigan I would call this Tent Worms or Bag Worms. I really don’t know what it is, perhaps an invasive insect? It’s nestled deep inside a healthy looking Creosote Bush. Poor bush! Tent Worms do damage to the plant… Read More ›

Fort Apache Road Northbound

Here’s a random photo from yesterday looking north with Gass Peak many miles away. Gass Peak is 6953 foot tall and is the highest point in the Las Vegas Range which forms the northern boundary of Las Vegas Valley. Behind… Read More ›