Take A Hike!

Today’s weather is so glorious that I just have to get the heck out of the house. I hopped in the truck and headed out of the city to you guessed it, Calico Basin!

I prefer hiking here because I know I can handle the terrain fairly easily. The air temperature was hovering around 65 degrees with very little humidity at around ten percent.

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2002, since then I’ve adapted and know my limits. Add to this, three herniated lower lumbar’s which cause a bit of pain after a bit.

But gosh dang I refuse to allow these medical conditions to shut me down, Man! Today, I used the 24/70mm lens which was a good choice over the zoom lens for today.

there were quite a few people out there, as a courtesy to others, I wore my mask when others were near and kindly stepped off of the trail a ways to let them pass.

It’s a beautiful day to be kind to other people on the trails! These photos are from the start of the short hike before I arrived to the beautifully pattered stone I will show next.

A Desert Family

This family was photographed about two years ago within the Scenic Drive Loop which includes a visit to Red Rock Canyon proper, definitely worth the hike!

The scenic loop is a fee area, I’m not sure what the fee is these days, or if there is a fee during these pandemic days. There are still plenty of people driving the loop.

Lovell Canyon Views

Lovely Lovell Canyon is west of Las Vegas Valley, beyond Red Rock Canyon and the fault line sometimes called an Escarpment. You will pass the road leading into the canyon on your way to Pahrump, Nevada.

Late yesterday, overnight and this morning, the wind has been constant with gusts up to fifty-five miles per hour. The seventies are forecast later this week, I’ll be grateful for this!

Yesterday’s Storms

Have given way to beautiful sunshine, yet it’s too bloody cold today! I’ll settle for the sunshine, thank you! Anyway, here are five more photos from yesterday’s excursion into the stormy desert. It was about ten degrees colder up there, and of course all of the snow and rain mix. It’s not high enough in that area for the snow to stay on the ground very long. I hope you like them. (Note: this is a post from October 2019)

Wild Donkeys

Some of you will remember these wonderful totally wild donkeys that roam the Mojave Desert not far outside of Las Vegas. I believe they are the descendants of donkeys brought here during the 1800s, perhaps having to do with the gold rush, or perhaps families moving westward.

In any case, they’ve been running wild and free for many generations. In one photo, a donkey seems to be preening the back of another donkey, so cute.

I’ve seen people feed them before, and that’s not only dangerous but completely illegal too. Should the BLM rangers catch you, you’ve just earned yourself a three hundred dollar fine!

And that’s how it should be in my opinion. The same fine applies to feeding the wild horses that roam freely here too. Wild horses also roam free high in the Spring Mountains.

Goodnight Sunset

Good morning! This was last night’s sunset as seen at the end of my street. I had the 24/70mm lens on and thought that the 24/200mm lens was attached. The photo came out pretty good anyway, aye? Today’s forecast is for 79 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow will be different with just 59 degrees for the high, too cold!

The Final Tivoli Photos

Are ya sad? I’m not haha! This means I now have to go on a new photo trip, do you any ideas or suggestions? Hoover Dam is open again, but with restrictions according to the website. I think a visit to the bridge walkway would be a much safer choice at this time.

I’ve photographed the dam from the bridge walkway before, but never with the Nikon Z6 and the Nikkor 24/200mm lens. Another great option is another ride up to Lee and Kyle canyons in the Spring Mountains.

Great Mojave Desert views from over 8000 feet above the desert floor, and lots of beautiful mountain scenery to photograph. What do you say? Have a dandy weekend, everyone.

Ditch Construction

More roadwork! Yay for living in a larger city, right? Back home, there was very occasional traffic congestion and having to be wary of Whitetail Deer leaping across the road in front of you.

Yeah, I hit one in 1998, a really crappy experience. Anyway, this stuff goes with the territory and is a tiny backup obviously. It’s sunny and 89 degrees just now by the way. Another perfect day!

Taco Monday

Here are six photos taken late this morning on the way to and from Roberto’s Taco Shop. It’s yet another beautiful day in the valley today, the 80s are coming later this week.

Still very nice weather but I’ll miss these perfect days over the winter months. My Michigan hometown will 50s and 40s this week, Las Vegas will see the 80s as mentioned, but cooling into the 70s soon.

The 70s will seem a bit too cool for this seasoned desert rat…