Desert Photos With The iPhone

I spent a couple of hours outside of the city getting some new photos then suddenly the Nikon said it was “full”. Okay, what does that mean? The SD card is absolutely not full so I need to investigate. So, out comes the trusty iPhone 12! Always there, always ready.

I think it did a fair job, there are 25 total photos taken with the phone so I’ll have some colorful desert photos for a couple of days or so. The area I was in is roughly five miles west of the city and at a higher elevation which is around 3000 feet ASL, a bit higher than my home so it was a wee bit colder up there.

Some Old Hoover Dam Photos

I dug these old photos out of my archive last night, they are I don’t know how many years old, and are at the old, smaller image size I used to use instead of the current 1500×844 for iPhone, or 1500×1000 for the Nikon photos. I should take a ride back out there! I removed the improper watermark and just left them off. 57 degrees and sunshine for the valley today, still too chilly for my bike ride.

The View Beyond My Neighborhood

Heading home from the store this morning I stopped to grab this photo with the 200mm lens of the range on the north end of the valley. This cold weather and rain have dropped some snow up there, probably above 5000 feet, my best guess. I can’t see the range from my backyard though which sucks. It’s so cold and damp today that it reminds me of a blustery January day back in Michigan. The cold chases me!

Lake and Sky

Good Saturday morning, people! These are iPhone photos from yesterday’s short bike ride. Other than being a bit chilly, it was a nice five-mile ride. Glorious sunshine and 56 degrees are up for today, maybe it’s time for another bike ride! The back end of this site has had one glitch for the last two weeks which has had me in contact with those lovely WordPress Engineers frequently.

So much so that we have been in contact via email as (they) dig into the issue. This morning, the problem seems to have been rectified. So, what’s the problem? If you have followed this site for a while then you may know that I do not allow spam blogs or businesses. I have not been able to remove those businesses or spam blogs for a while for whatever reason. They are now gone until the next time.

In the process, I have a new follower who is one of the WordPress Engineers. You can stay, Engineer!

iPhone Photos From Today’s Ride

It was a short ride today at just five miles which are because of the 55-degree air temperature. Add to that a small windchill factor and you have a chilly bike ride. Man have I softened up! Back home in Michigan, this would have been T-shirt weather when we were children. I now understand why older folks always went south in the winter. I may return home someday though, only time will tell.

Pretty Palms

These photos are from the Nikon, I got a short 5-mile bike ride in today and have some iPhone photos coming up later. At only 55 degrees, I had a sweater under the usual jacket, and a thin hat on my head under the helmet to keep my brain warm. Happy Friday!

Calico Basin Via iPhone 12

I took this photo a day or two ago to send to my dad. Pulling it from the phone it looked so good I thought why not post it? It is very clean and clear looking, maybe the same as or better than the Nikon? I saw my GP this morning for a follow-up from a blood test. To my surprise, everything is in fine working order in there!