Light Smog

If you’ve seen these photos before then you’ll recognise that the smog is almost non-existent, yay!

Cabin Fever Cure

Today was one of those days that I’m damn well getting out of this house for at least a couple hours. Sometimes it feels as though I’ve voluntarily placed myself in a damn jail cell.

It’s cool and sunny today though with zero clouds in the sky, and about fifty-eight degrees. Too chilly, but I did manage a few photos which I hope you might find interesting.

One photo shows yet another stick-built pimple-popping quickly up, how are people paying for these places these days? Next, why did someone deposit a huge bin along this lightly traveled road? Looks nasty…

The little mountain is Lone Mountain seen from about two miles northwest of it. I’ve mentioned before about my inability to ascend this little mountain thanks to my aging ticker.

Lastly, the antique Ford was a real treat to see rolling north on Durango Drive, the driver tooted the Ooga horn! I am very familiar with these old-timer cars, thanks to my daddy!