Fire Up That Grille!

This morning I had some thin-sliced chicken in the fridge that needed cooking before it expires so I fired up the Weber gas grille in the backyard and got to work. I just couldn’t resist eating some of it, now there’s about half of what I cooked left on the plate, so juicy and delicious! I hope your Easter has been wonderful. I’m watching a local church here online as I type this post up and process the photos. He is love, He is Jesus, my saviour.

My Moonshine

Nope, not the 200-grain alcohol moonshine, just my Nikon pointing toward the heavens last night. It’s nice to have an evening without the wind blasting at 40 miles per hour. The seasonal temperature change is moving along nicely as shown on The Weather Channel this morning. Today’s high will be 80 with temperatures in the 70s following this coming week which makes me happy. Meanwhile back east, those folks are being flooded out of their homes and being hit with tornadoes which is very sad. Please send your floodwaters here to the desert, we need it badly.

Windy Blues

Another day of wind is upon Las Vegas Valley, a big surprise, right? If you follow this blog, then you know how many of these windstorms blast through here during the cooler months of the year. The wind makes a sound that comes down the fireplace chimney, and the front door occasionally creeks too under the changing air pressure outside. The sky is blue though, with the occasional puffy white cotton cloud passing overhead while the jet aircraft occasionally pass over the house after departing North Las Vegas Airport. I hope your area is much calmer today.

A Rainy Night In Las Vegas

The sky dropped rain on the city yesterday on-and-off through the day. It was raining when I hit the sack last night and it was still raining when I awoke at 5:45 this morning. And it’s still raining as I type these words, the rain tapping on my dining room skylight is a pleasant sound. A sound I rarely heard here in the Mojave Desert.

A reminder of where I come from where rain is a frequent visitor. I captured the icy scene in my backyard yesterday afternoon as small hailstones tapped on the skylight which makes a very different sound than does the rain.

I feel a bit lonely this morning. Living by yourself isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, usually, I am fine yet the rain also can augment that feeling of being cut off from the family. This feeling never stays around long, the day is young.

Photo Fun with iPhone Photo Applications

Man oh man have I been bored all day! A short joyride broke it up a bit but not enough. I thought why not grab the iPhone and take some random photos around the home and drop them in my photo apps on the MacBook. What apps are on the phone? Pro Camera, the stock camera app for the device, and Lenka for strictly black and white photos. Just for fun on a gray, dark, and cool day. I hope you have some happy sunshine where you are!

At a McDeath drive-thru this morning (i eat that shit very rarely), both lanes were very busy as it was not too far from noon. A woman in the car ahead of me was obviously deeply involved in something on – you guessed it, her phone. She should just glue the damn thing to her face! I noticed that the cars ahead of here were more than a car length at least, yet she couldn’t pull herself from that phone.

I didn’t want to blast her with the real horn that my truck has, not a squeaker like in those foreign cars, so I shouted out the window saying “can you move up!” She had the Gaul to give me a shitty look. Back at ya, wench. So rude. People in this city can be so terribly rude and arrogant at times and I’m frankly sick to death of people like her.

Younger folk today were not taught by their parents to have manners, so it seems. It’s not nearly enough to have me decide to move back up north to the crappy Michigan weather though. I really like this place, sans the asswipes!

In other very interesting news today haha, I received yet another spam call today. They are becoming more frequent recently, hello, Block List! The calls are usually about an expired warranty on my vehicle, but this time I was told by a robotic voice that my Social Security is soon to be canceled! What? The government simply does not make calls like this and how sad is it that some people actually fall for this scam.

I received an actual call from my dad down in Florida a bit ago, we had a nice chat, talked about his heading home to Michigan next month and about the vaccine. His shots were two weeks ago and he feels fine, yay! I’m still waiting… I mentioned the spam call about Social Security, and guess what? He received the very same call today!

I mentioned that if the damn government wants to do something good for we the people for a change, how about tracking some of these turds down and stomping them out? My sister has also received this same call. One thing is for damn sure, the freaking viral pandemic has not put one tiny dent in the evil things that some human beings do.

High Wind Warning

This video is from last summer actually, during an extreme wind warning. These storms are more common in winter but man do they pack a punch! I think this storm had some 60+ mph gusts. I can’t make out what I was saying. 🌴

Tuning The Nikon Settings

A bit ago I pulled the Nikon off the shelf after using the Sony camera for a couple days or so. I thought why not dig into the menu and alter some of the settings? Before this, I found a great video on the Nikon website specifically for my Z6 model. A professional photographer had a very informative thirty-minute video about how he sets up his Zed6 Nikon. This is, of course, not my first time digging around the menu system and altering its settings.

After viewing the video, I went into my Z6 and changed four of the settings to those that the professional photographer uses. I was already shooting in the camera’s P Mode which he uses. I changed the ISO mode a bit as well as the focus method and autofocus settings too. I shot some indoor photos, deleted them, and went to the backyard for these photos. The natural light is so nice to shoot in which I prefer. Howdy do, Wilson!

The weather today has been so freaking beautiful!

Testing A New Camera

Before I get into the new camera, are you also having connectivity issues with WordPress this morning? All of my pages either won’t load or are super slow to load. Other pages like Dropbox and my email load as usual. It’s gotta be WordPress having another brain fart.

Moving along, I needed a break from the blog yesterday so I took care of some stuff around the house, then set off to my favorite camera shop on Sahara Avenue. I’ve found that the Nikon has actually been sort of getting on my nerves with the terrible dust intrusion problem which has reared its ugly head again.

I mentioned this to the dude at the shop, he seemed surprised to hear this. Oh yeah, it’s terrible, no matter what I do, dust just gets into the camera in a big bad way. This pisses me off and I’ve had enough!

Did I mention that the weight and bulk of the Nikon is sometimes a pain in the ass too? So I picked up my little Sony RX100 camera and took some random photos with it and thought, why not look into a smaller camera that won’t have dust intrusion issues?

I searched online for different options including Olympus cameras and other brands, making some comparisons.

And what did I arrive at? I came across the Sony RX100 series and found that Sony had released a nice upgrade or update to the RX100 series which was first released in 2012. This newer version is the RX100 vii or Mark 7.

What’s new? A very nice tilt-screen, a newer menu system, and a 200mm zoom capability which has been great so far in the short time I’ve had with it yesterday and early today. I searched online for a video tutorial on this newer version and found a really good one that is about 40 minutes in length, I learned quite a bit in a short time.

Have a gander at these photos from very early this morning as the sun was rising. As far as I am concerned at this point, these photos are every bit as good as the Nikon Z6 can produce, but this camera fits in my pocket. I also read more about cameras in this class and how they compare to phone cameras.

Sorry phones, but they still can’t compete with this camera. Oh, WordPress seems to be back up so I best hurry and finish before it craps out again!! I would like your thoughts on these photos, and did you miss me yesterday, haha!!!