A Great Sunset!

Of course, I have altered the photos to augment the colors, but they look better than the dull colors the camera grabs at 200 millimeters or less. It’s a settings thing on my end… It’s currently 57 degrees and mostly cloudy in Las Vegas, what a major difference a few weeks can make in this desert.

Moon Via iPhone

The Nikon took worse photos than these late last night, I didn’t want to bother with setting the camera up in the Manual mode either. I guess these photos have their own unique look without using an app on the iPad. Welcome to hump day, what are your plans besides work?

Bird Feeder Experiment: Terminated

Thanks very little to those damned pigeons which I knew would come but didn’t know that they would try to feed from the tiny feeder and come in such numbers, the bird feeder is gone and won’t return.

I can hang something else on that pole. Pigeons are a real problem around Las Vegas, they are flying rats that can damage your property and cover it with copious quantities of shit too. Thanks for nothing, you airborne rats! They are already so fat, I’m not gonna add to their obesity. 😂

Bird Feeder Installed!

Today, I finally found a spot that I could dig out just enough to get the pole for the feeder installed. Almost a miracle considering how damn hard the ground is here in some places. Caliche’ is a factor too, but let’s see how long it takes a few birds to find the feeder which is about twenty feet from the birdbath and gets a fair amount of use. I drain and scrub the basin as needed and top it off daily, water evaporates fast here. Hopefully, I can get some photos. What is Caliche? Camera – Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm lens.