The Color of Yellah

I haven’t uploaded any Lantana flower photos lately, they are still hanging on since it’s not been remotely chilly here yet. When the time comes, I’ll cut them back. They may not need repotting until next summer. My ex seemed annoyed with my pronunciation of some words like Yellow and Window.

I’m not the only one from up north that speaks this way, ok? Grr. It’s Windah, and Yellah, OK? A creek is a Crick, and so on and on. How about a little Aye, too? Not everyone is from California, thankfully! 😂

Backyard Beauty

Here are four Lantana photos and a sunset sky from a couple of days ago. The Lantana is hanging on very well into October, but at some point, I’ll have to prune them back.

Assorted Photos

Good morning from the valley where it’s seventy degrees and just fifteen percent humidity at my home. This morning I put together four new photos, all taken recently. The turkey kielbasa was really delicious when baked slowly in the Breville. That deep blue sky over Turtlehead Peak looks wonky due to reducing the file size to satisfy WordPress.

My little backyard and Wilson the faux tortoise you’ve likely seen before. And how about that sunset last night taken at the end of my street? At least there were a few clouds which without there is no photogenic sunset in my opinion. According to NOAA, our high-temperature today will be just ninety-two degrees which is for me, just perfect!

From the Desert to My Backyard

Here are two desert photos from early today, and two photos taken this afternoon in my backyard. You’ve never seen photos of my tiny backyard, have you? Haha! The weather today is just perfect!