This Morning In The Backyard

It was such a beautiful morning with sunshine and 79 degrees. The Sago Palm needs its old fronds clipped off since new fronds are shooting up, a project for later today.

The Hummingbird feeder was refilled yesterday. I like a very simple, clean design for the backyard, perhaps a Minimalist design. That blue sky is incredible!

There Be Rain Over The Valley!

I have seen a few rain shafts earlier this afternoon, and some sprinkles are tapping my skylight. Well, the bike is back home but the guy that worked on the bike completely screwed up the gear system. I called the shop and told them what happened.

I told the guy that I will be taking the bike to a different Pedego store next week since I would never allow this guy to touch the bike again. Then about twenty minutes later I get a call from the guy that worked on the bike! I told him in no uncertain way that he will not work on my bike again.

He tried to get me to bring the bike back to that shop but I refused, and also reminded him of what he said today while I was there. I asked if he has had any formal training to work on electric bikes. No, he has not and he stated that he was learning as he goes. Boom!

I reminded him of his words. After being adamant about him not working on the bike again, he gave up. Thank you. Such drama, eh?

After The Storm Passed…

After the storm passed, my tiny lake reappeared on the backside of the garage which was expected. The lake never makes it into the house since it sits on a concrete slab which is high enough to prevent entry. The sky photo is looking southwest and the sky still looks very angry yet beautiful. At his moment, the sunshine has returned and it’s 81 degrees. Perfect! Too bad my bike is in the shop, but it should be coming home tomorrow. Rain is so rare here that I always find it to be a real treat! How is your weather today?