It’s Wet!

This is not the usual view around my place, but it’s much better than that white stuff! I hope to get some great photos of the surrounding mountains wearing a fresh coat of that white stuff after these low-pressure systems move out and away.

The Gray Foothills

The distant foothills west of my home are almost completely enveloped in gray clouds as this current low-pressure system works its way through the area. Another low-pressure center will follow on its heels, according to the National Weather Service.

Taking a very short walk this morning, the cold, damp air smelled reminiscent of my Michigan heritage.

It reminds me of standing alone in the wood both as a child and an adult listening to and watching the tall trees sway in unison high above me as though performing a beautiful ballet of nature. I will never escape who I am, nor my northern roots.

The Nikon Z6 Sensor Dust Issue

Some of you regular visitors will recall my cranky attitude about the sensor on my newer Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera. I did some deep digging into this issue on the internet today, and have apparently found a viable solution for this aggravating problem. These test photos I shot in the backyard this afternoon were one hundred percent better than previous photos.

Photos like these really augment the dust on the sensor. My research shows that my suspicions were true, many people who are using this newer mirrorless body are having the same dust intrusion problem too. I hope to keep the sensor much cleaner going forward. Being an amateur photographer, I guess the image quality may not be as important to others as it is to me…

Click a pic to see zero boogers in the photos!