Good Morning, Sunshine!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning in Las Vegas Valley! I love waking up to this view. Today will bring sunshine and seventy beautiful degrees, a slight cooling trend comes in the new week with temps in the sixties. Sweet, and not a flake of snow in sight. 🌴🌵😎

Can you tell in the photo that I have been reducing the file size of my photos? The storage space fiasco for this site has been solved by reducing file size which is something I never wanted to do. I reduced the size before, but not this much.

This image is around 200kb hence you can see some Banding in the blue sky portion. Not good but the rest of the photo is not affected.

Views Around The House

I apologise for not having something better to upload today but by gosh I just don’t feel like going anywhere today. One of the perks of retired life eh? So I grabbed the Nikon and grabbed some images from the front and back yards. This set is the front yard plus another look toward the end of the street at those beautiful foothills just west of me about four miles. The photo of the distant foothills is highly cropped to protect the privacy of my neighbours… 😎

Rainy Morning

As promised by the NWS, the rains arrived early today and are apparently going to hang around Las Vegas for the next several days. Any rain is a great blessing here as the desert southwest has been in a terrible drought for too many years now. What I don’t like is the rain messing up my clean truck! It stays clean for two weeks at a time under ‘normal’ circumstances, I’m happy the rains have come..

A New Nikon

Today I purchased a new Nikon, the Z6 series. After getting the battery fully topped off, I headed to a local park for some photos but did take several photos in my backyard first before the sun got too low. These photos are straight out of the camera, I did nothing to them except add the watermark and downsize them. At this point I am very happy with the results, there will be a learning curve getting all of the settings where I want them. I have another set coming up later.


Around The House This Morning

This is all I have this morning as I’m busy with phone calls and discussing taxes with my tax man. Honestly, I so despise this time of year, the time to Feed The Beast as I say every year on this blog.

The damned TV commercials make it worse for people by using Christmas music that says tax time is the best time of the year. Seriously? Who the hell came up with that bullshit?

And using wonderful old time holiday music, stolen to promote the feeding the federal beast. Piss off.