A Lotta Work And An Airliner

I have no new photography so how about sampling two of my videos? The leaf blower was in my backyard, the Southwest Jet Approaching McCarran International is an old video from about two years ago at the southeast corner of the airport on Eastern Avenue at Sunset Road. It’s cool to fly over this area when coming home from Michigan since I know it so well.

That Gosh Damn Wind!

I have lived in my home for four years now as of 2023 and so far, the wind has not ripped a frond off of either of my Mexican Fan Palms until today. These windstorms are much more frequent in the winter months and can kind of get on my nerves after it’s been blasting for three days. Gusts to 60mph have apparently taken the palm frond off. C’mon wind, give us a break!

It Continues…

Opening the door to the backyard this morning I was greeted by a soaking wet scene. It continues. The weather here has gone mad! I’ve never seen so much rain during the winter months but as I’ve said, the rain is badly needed. No complaint here, 55 for the high with rain. This view is at the end of my street.

An All-Day Soaker?

That’s what has happened so far and it’s a good thing too considering how low Lake Mead is. I complain about the rain and shouldn’t do that of course, have a look at the little lake on the side of my house. It floods like this whenever the rain is sustained long enough and it sounds so nice tapping on my skylight now.

Eat, Drink, Bathe

How nice is this setup for my hummingbirds? They have been drinking away on the nectar as the level in the bottle is dropping quickly. I have a refill ready for the bottle too. The bath is kept clean and filled with fresh water as needed which it needs a bit right now. And, not one damn pigeon has been seen around the feeder either! How is your Saturday going? I am Mr. Couch Potato today.