Another Fried Sandwich

I’m having fun with this, should I try making the sandwich like you would make a grilled cheese sandwich next time? But this time I added more meat and cooked it slower then added shredded cheese as that’s all I have. I love the homemade taste, it’s different flavors than you get at a sandwich shop. The photos are not in any specific order. Well, time to go clean up the backyard after this latest round of rain and wind.

Do you Fry Lunch Meat?

I posted about this a while back but want to show you again. This is Peppered Turkey Breast which is delicious as-is but frying adds a new dimension to the flavor of this meat, and I recommend toasting the bread just before the meat is done. Adding coconut oil to the pan helps brown the meat nicely. The sunshine will actually make an appearance today but with a high temperature only in the low 50s. It was just 36F early this morning. Yuck. Holy smokes, can we have the desert heat back now? Here’s the meat. 😂

It’s Damn Good…

I really dig this brand-new pot of fire! The flavor is rich and robust. Maybe it’s the two entire onions in there? Or, the well-seasoned very lean ground beef? I really wish that I could share the flavor with you guys! The lighter-colored chili was photographed just as the pot was starting to heat. The second photo is four hours into a six-hour slow cook. I really love onions and chili…

Fence Lines

This photo shows aluminum fence lines on the concrete at the park yesterday using the iPhone 12. It is triple-processed with the Aurora HDR app and Photoscape X. A bit overprocessed? I have a fresh pot of chili slow-cooking, would you like to stop by for a bowl with me later?

Chili With Ground Turkey

Since stopping eating red meat, I rarely put any meat in my chili but this time I seasoned the turkey very nicely while in the frying pan. This plus adding other herbs to the pot itself brought out some very delicious flavors in this new pot which was made yesterday. It got the same six-hour slow cook that all of my chili pots get. I love how good my home smells when walking in the door from outside!