Thank You For 200K

I want to say a warm thank you to each of my followers for this wonderful milestone for this simple photoblog, run by an amateur photographer who loves his photographic journey one day at a time. Thank you! I found the potatoes and chili iPhone photos on the phone, so why not add them in? Have a delicious day my friends.

Cubed Beef, Mac Noodles and Alfredo Sauce

Oh, and one can of dark red kidney beans too, one more can would be just right. This is another idea I came up with the other day for lunch or dinner. Is this an actual recipe? Hey, I’m just a bachelor, right? That’s my excuse haha. But man is this too delicious and too salty for me but what are blood pressure medications for? Men like a real meal!

Recent Kitchen Adventures

Here are a few iPhone photos of recent meals I whipped up. This is true bachelor cooking at its finest, my friends. Those fries are just frozen fries, the chili is my own concoction  The noodles with cubed meat and alfredo sauce are so delicious and very simple to make, yummy! I have to work around my blood pressure issue to eat these foods, how wonderful is this! It’s all in the genes I guess. High blood pressure is a family trait.

In other non-essential news this cold morning in Las Vegas, I was actually able to recover my Instagram account last night. Yay! I won’t say how this was done, it’s just nice to have checked back in. I am still amazed at how many of my followers were actually asking if I am OK which is so very sweet of them. I’ve been with Instagram for over three years and have some really sweet followers, thank you, friends!

I tossed the mask photo in to show how dumb some folks are. 🤬

Super Simple Noodles With Soup

Here is another late-night munchie session I came up with last night. I used a can of Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom soup as a sauce which works great! The meat is very lean beef, cubed. Super simple, delicious munchies!

Baked or Fried, Always Delicious!

I got down to some serious cooking yesterday with thin-sliced chicken breasts that needed to be cooked. The three baked pieces were gobbled up right away, so good! I should try dropping a small piece in the new ‘Frydaddy’ deep frier next time. Yum! 😋😋

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Fry Daddy Returns

At the grocery store yesterday I walked down the aisle with the small appliances and saw this little fry daddy. I had one like this many years ago and made an impulse purchase. I had a larger unit that I didn’t really like, it’s now in the bin at the road this morning. This tiny thing deep-fries potatoes way faster than the big unit did, thank you, Mr. Fry Daddy! Yep, a new food post.

For The Health of It!

Here’s a tasty snack I started making a few weeks ago. It’s so simple as you can see in the photo, it’s just these totally delicious pumpkin seeds and unsalted Planter’s Peanuts. Tip, don’t use those cheap peanut brands of peanuts such as our store brand at my local grocer, the difference in taste is obvious to me, anyway. Planter’s peanuts have a richer, bolder flavor to me.

I purchased these pumpkin seeds and unsalted peanuts from Amazon since not one store around here carries either. How do I measure the quantity of peanuts and pumpkin seeds? Simple, I don’t! Just grab roughly one handful of either and plop them in the bowl, then mix them up fully. Next, I add my favorite salt substitute and just a wee bit of black pepper.

Finally, I add just one little teaspoon of Bertolli Extra-Virgin olive oil. Go ahead, stick your hand right down in there, and once again give the seeds and peanuts a really good massage to mix them up nicely. I then allow the mix to sit for a while, about an hour so that the seeds and peanuts have plenty of time to absorb the tasty olive oil. Wash your hands and enjoy!

What Did You Have For Lunch?

There was a package full of my favorite thin-sliced chicken in the fridge that needed to be cooked soon, so here it is. Some were baked, the rest fried on the range, and man it’s so good! This makes a dandy quick meal after a couple of brewskis later tonight. I hope you’ve had a great weekend, regardless of the nasty virus interrupting plans.


The amazing cuke, cold and delicious as-is like in the photos or with a salad or… Use your imagination! Add a tiny bit of ground black pepper, and some faux salt substitute. Yum! The other photos are from last night. What? Captured with Lenka.