Chili With Ground Turkey

Since stopping eating red meat, I rarely put any meat in my chili but this time I seasoned the turkey very nicely while in the frying pan. This plus adding other herbs to the pot itself brought out some very delicious flavors in this new pot which was made yesterday. It got the same six-hour slow cook that all of my chili pots get. I love how good my home smells when walking in the door from outside!


Yum! the taste tests indicate that this pot will be better than the last because I added far more fire to it while it was being built. Slow-cooking on the lowest setting for six hours will help those flavors to mingle and increase their deliciousness factor. Would you like to try a bowl this afternoon with me?

Recently In My Kitchen

That tasty eggs and toast plate was made this morning and it was delicious! I love them over easy so that the toast can soak up the runny eggs. The chili was made early this afternoon and is a bit different. I used two items that I liked from reading a blog I frequent. Her mother’s recipe for chili is much more complicated but I chose to try two items from the list which I have stored in a folder. Those are mushrooms and ziti. Let’s see how yummy this pot is, taste-tests indicate that it will be different and still delicious!

Recent Eats at My Place

I made the chili yesterday afternoon and man is it delicious! I put two entire yellow onions in this pot along with plenty of seasonings. Yum! The turkey burger is a half-pounder I made for lunch today, the one pound of turkey was simply cut in half and rolled into a burger.

I should have put that pound in a mixing bowl and given the meat a proper seasoning before making the patties. Next time! The wind has really kicked up here just as the weather folks said it would as a large low-pressure system moves south into Nevada from the northwest. Gusts of sixty miles per hour are possible.

New Chili, New Crockpot

A few days ago, I tossed the six-year-old crockpot and replaced it with this new, larger unit. Works great, and it’s actually too big for the normal-size pot I make so no more overflowing when the chili is cooking.

For this pot, I left out the usual spicy package of powder I use and replaced it with a super hot can of sauce with habanero peppers and other spices. Yum! It is super hot and burns your tongue nicely too.

I also added as an experiment, dashes of Oregano, Thyme, garlic powder, and onion powder even though there are two whole small yellow onions in there already. Delicious! Call me Chef John, right?

Chicken Soup Mash

Or, mashed-up chicken soup, doesn’t look particularly enticing but it’s actually very delicious sans the wrong noodles which lay flat and really should have been left out of the soup. The store didn’t have the regular noodles I use. Did I mention that this was a delicious breakfast this morning? Sunshine and 113 degrees are up for the city today, and supposedly 115 degrees will roll into the valley tomorrow. Wow!! Vegas had two or three days of 115-degree heat last summer. I thank God above for the new heating and cooling system my home has had since last summer, it works incredibly well. Are you getting scorched too?

It tastes much better than it looks!