Good Chicken Soup

Yesterday afternoon I put together a big pot of chicken soup which was delicious this morning! I tend to make the pot too large but it will stay good in the fridgy for a long time, looks delicious, right? 90 degrees is forecast for today, time to fire up the air conditioning again! happy weekend.

Super Hot Chili!

I wasn’t intending to make this fresh pot so damn hot but boy is it! I use Rotel in every pot I make, but I purchased one can of Chipotle, and one can of Habanero. Oops, there’s the temperature difference. Add that to the usual pack of Hot chili spices I add. Will you stop by my place and have your mouth scorched!

It’s such a beautiful day today, I have the windows open to let the fresh air flow through the entire home. It’s that rare and short time each autumn and spring when I can do this and it’s so nice. It reminds me of a Michigan spring but you can’t leave the screens out or the doors open because of the nasty mosquitos!

The Midnight Snack

I was burning the midnight oil last night, or should I say this morning so I popped my favorite frozen pizza in the countertop oven for sixteen minutes at 400 degrees for a quick fix of deliciousness. Today will heat up nicely in the valley with 88 warm degrees and full sunshine, I love the Mojave Desert!

The Chili King Slow-Cooks Again

There was a tiny bit of the previous pot of chile leftover so I dumped it down that hole where the scorpion was this morning and flushed it. For this pot of chili, I used one can of Pinto beans and two cans of Bush’s spicy chili beans, and one whole white onion.

Also, two cans of Rotel and two cans of diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning. Oh, and a pack of Knorr spicy chili seasoning along with adding Watkins chili powder to the chili directly, and to the ground turkey meat while it was cooking in the pan in coconut oil. And, one small can of tomato sauce with seasonings.

The taste tests with the teaspoon tell me that this slight variation of my own main recipe is delicious, and one that I wish I could share with you! Round about 8PM it will be ready!

Pinto Beans!

I love Pinto Beans but have never made my chili with three cans, it’s usually one can and two cans of dark red kidney beans. I used a yellow onion this time, I usually use white onions. And, I picked up a new container of chili powder from a manufacturer I’ve never tried so I hope the chili is still good.

Oh, I also added ground turkey this time and omitted the tomato paste as a thickening agent, I’ll report the outcome haha! But it has six hours in the crockpot to go.

Beauty Before The Rain

This morning I met a friend at the store where I purchased my Pedego bike as she is interested in getting into the eBike scene. We plan on riding tomorrow which will be fun, so nice to have a biking buddy! The photo was taken around 9:30 this morning, about 45 minutes before a windy and rainy front blew through the area. No ride today, riding in high wind sucks. I made the new pot of chili yesterday morning, it’s pretty darn good even with lower sodium content. Yum!

A bit Less Fire This Time

The last pot of chili I built a few days ago had three Serrano peppers added to it, I didn’t think that they would add so much fire to the chili and I actually had a bit of difficulty eating it! My tongue and lips would sizzle like a burger on the grille. Taste tests after this pot had one hour of six hours of slow cooking behind it proves that this pot won’t light my fire this time. Always keep some milk around to help tame the flames!

Freshly Made!

This beautiful new pot of chili was built by yours truly early this morning. For this pot of chili, I used two cans of Ro-Tel, two cans of seasoned diced tomatoes, three cans of kidney beans with spicy sauce, one small can of tomato sauce and 2/3 can of tomato paste to thicken the chili up. Also in the mix are three Serrano peppers and one white onion. This is strictly my own recipe that I occasionally change just a bit which this time is using the Serrano peppers. Oh, I also add one packet of powdered HOT chili mix. This pot of chili should keep the bedsheets floating over the bed all night!

Making Chili And Chicken Soup

While at the grocery store this morning, I opted to grab the goodies for soup and chili this time as my refrigerator and cupboards were getting barren again. All the store had was unsalted broth so I had to add some salt to it but it’s still pretty decent. Since the pandemic, the store(s) don’t have some of the items I like, or they have much less of them but I’m grateful for what I can get. I added two Serrano peppers and some red pepper to the chili this time as well as an extra can of Bush’s Chili kidney beans, they are so good in my chili! This forever bachelor dude will not starve!

Chicken Noodle Soup and Dancing Fronds

This video was recorded yesterday afternoon, I goofed and got it upside down. Can you tell that the aircraft is moving around five hundred miles per hour? I’m still working on that pot of chicken noodle soup I whipped up a couple of days ago, it’s so delicious! It needs more veggies though. Would you like to try a big bowl? The price is right!

The video quality sucks, something happened during the upload I guess.