A Beautiful View

Today’s joy ride netted these nice photos looking west at the small mountains on the west side of the valley. I’m surprised they look this good (to me anyway) since I had to twist myself hard left to get the photos. Sunshine and 52 degrees just now, not too bad.

More Photos From That Fossil Place

This little series is almost over so hang on! I want to go back there and walk more and see what I can find. Sunshine and 55 very sunny degrees are in store for the valley today, it’s so nice to have the sunshine back! This Atmospheric River as the weather channel calls it is responsible for dumping so much rain and snow on the entire west coast it seems. It’s caused a lot of damage to coastal communities which sucks.


Looking at the forecast this morning for the next few days, it looked like two days of rain were coming my way. Well, now it’s not. Does any weathercast get it right? I did some grocery shopping in anticipation of spending a couple of days at home too, oh well! Call me a serious homebody, it’s okay. Look at the overcast up there! How is your weather this week?

Mountains and Wires

As a photographer in Las Vegas, you can get really tired real quick of the wires everywhere you look. Large, thick wires that carry hundreds of thousands of volts while the smaller wires carry lesser voltages. I am not always successful in removing them from my photos which is frustrating too. Try to imagine that they aren’t there, okay! It’s been a beautiful, sunny day today but just 53 degrees for the high. These mountains are on the west side of the valley and I will guess their altitude to be around 5000 feet.

On The North End Of Town

This afternoon I headed to Floyd Lamb Park since I hadn’t been there in several weeks but ended up taking a joyride elsewhere after visiting the park. These photos were taken with the Nikon using its grayscale setting. They are fuzzy or hazy which to me adds a little moody effect to them. Much more to come.

Big City Driving

These photos are from this afternoon, the Stratosphere Tower is seen several miles east of my location on Sahara Avenue. You have got to be on your defensive when driving here, there are so many nutter drivers man, stay alert! The flag at this gas station needs to be replaced because it is tattered which I think is wrong. The other photo is driving north on Buffalo Avenue with a bit of a mountain seen in the extreme distance. It was 66 today so I squeezed in a quick bike ride. Nikon Z50 with Nikkor 140mm lens.